How does the enterprise choose personal computer platform three-dimensional CAD software

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One, technology of CAD/CAM of our country enterprise applies current situation   70 time end, application of our country computer still is in budding phase, design of blueprint of 2 dimension CAD is the CAD technology that our country uses the earliest, from 80 time first, CAD technology application experienced 65 " of " to explore, "75 " technology tackles key problem, "85 " popularize promotion, "95 " deepen application 4 phase. CAD technology applies in our country mechanical industry earlier, get developing quickly, obtain positive result of a batch of fundamental application. But, in light of the overall standard that applies from technology of CAD of our country enterprise, application still stays on level of 2 dimension plot. How does the enterprise produce oneself advantage, increase innovation capacity, besides solve good capital problem beyond, should solve good technology to innovate a problem more. Well-known, CAD/CAM technology improves design efficiency and product quality substantially not only, improve labor condition, more important is it already made the indispensable main technique instrument in modern industry. A lot of large companies are engaged in the software of three-dimensional design be being given priority to with large-scale software running on workstation, wait like Pro/E, Catia, I-deas, Euclid and UGII, these software construction of system are giant and complex, use special inconvenience, increase soft hardware price costly, gain ground very hard in the enterprise with promotion. As personal computer of three-dimensional CAD/CAM system perfect those who reach Window to operate platform to gain ground with each passing day with personal computer performance/price ratio rise ceaselessly, it is already mature that the enterprise uses opportunity of three-dimensional CAD technology. As the arrival of information age and process of global economic integration, the enterprise of our country must face this one grim fact, the enterprise must have new product development, development and innovation capacity, ability lives in intense market competition come down, otherwise if, be faced with go bankrupt and fall into disuse. Carry out a proof, three-dimensional CAD/CAM technology is new to quickening product development, improve product quality, reduce cost to having crucial effect, it is to support an enterprise to enhance innovation design, raise the strong step of market competition ability. 2, the characteristic of three-dimensional CAD software is aimed at personal computer platform the technical current situation of medium and small businesses and technology of medium and small businesses prop up poorer characteristic, three-dimensional CAD software must have personal computer platform practical strong, operation is simple the characteristic that moderate of clear, price, technology has supported, just be accepted by broad medium and small businesses easily. Does at present three-dimensional CAD software have personal computer platform following characteristic: ? ?1) system operation is concise and practical, adopt Window NT/95/98 platform, interface of man-machine of mode of operation accords with Window interface style and operation standard, use object-oriented method, make software operation more convenient, be aimed at different object (the) such as feature, dimension, public errand, click mouse Zun Jian, play a corresponding object to operate menu, convenient and quick, need not seek bill of fare painfully. A series of operations of software, if the file is operated, delete operation, window operation, answer the icon that removes an operation and mode of operation and Window style to agree completely, in the meantime, use OLE technology, make CAD software and other Window component cooperate to use. (The feature of the project application that 2) uses place of broad design personnel to be familiar with (like aperture, chamfer, whorl, round horn, pour horn to wait) the main unit that serves as tectonic spare parts, change traditional system to devise the way that give priority to with geometry, improve design efficiency. Diagnostic adduction reflected design intent directly, design personnel can use more energy on creativity conception. (3) uses 2 dimension / three-dimensional correlation designs a technology, efficient make the project blueprint that accords with GB. Pursue with project of traditional pattern scale (it is manual scale no matter, still use) of scale of 2 dimension CAD, design personnel must have conceived the three-dimensional structure of the product, reoccupy line scale is conveyed, add all sorts of dimension public errand to tag, big and workload is trival, revise, tracing is take time more. After using three-dimensional CAD software, design personnel needs to have the choice of all sorts of view layout means, type interactively only, can complete design of whole project blueprint convenient and quickly. (Intelligence of 2 dimension draft moves 4) voice guides bring a technology, can conclude automatically design intent of the architect. Drive of three-dimensional feature parameter, revise convenient, three-dimensional substance can pull the spare parts arbitrarily move, below chromatic condition trends shows three-dimensional substance reflects the direct result of products plan process, more easily the user is used. Three-dimensional design technology is the foundation of fictitious design, provide complete and unified product data for follow-up analysis, production process. (5) assembles a design to make undertake on personal computer platform complex part design becomes a possibility. Through bringing to bear on tie and coordinate a relation, use procrastinate put means operation, make the spare parts is assembled convenient like building building blocks, to assembling, child assemble, spare parts, assemble feature, tie and auxiliary view to undertake in order to record tree form administrative, can finish assembly parts explosion, analyse to cut, interference examination, motion is emulated, the activity such as list of computation of sex of the least space, content, spare parts. (6) machinery products plan cannot leave the use of all sorts of standard component. Three-dimensional CAD system provides substantial level library, include profile of bearing of bolt, bolt, nut, gasket, rivet, pin, key, scroll, stretch weather strip, steel to wait, provide all sorts of standards at the same time inquiry, search and add with preview a function, went to the lavatory greatly products plan process. If arrive again to plot of 2 dimension CAD from manual plot,three-dimensional CAD makes project plan automatically, make " of design personnel implementation swings dream of drawing board " , so, standard component and assemble a function to introduce again complementary product documentation management, can achieve " to swing drawing board " , " to use the end of manual " further, realize the design do not have paper of real significance, raise an enterprise to design efficiency greatly, enhance innovation ability. (7) advanced curved surface designs module to provide strong measure for the hardware design of complex exterior. Coastal economy developeds the small and medium sized business that the area pursues course of study of mould course of study, small-sized home appliance and toy industry develops quite, these product exterior modelling (wait like clipper-built, beautiful effect) the demand is higher, be out of shape in curved surface design modelling technology, Law technology, transfer the technology was offerred for complex exterior design convenient. (8) realizes three-dimensional CAD software on personal computer platform advanced apply colours to a drawing function, generation has the product effect plan of photograph class sense of reality, can add fascinating effect for the product, facilitate introduce a product to leader, client and supplier, can process expensive product type actually in order to discharge, shorten design cycle and new product appear on the market time. 3, what three-dimensional CAD technology offers decisive technology to support tool industry to apply reason of difficulty of three-dimensional CAD technology to depend on a technology for design of innovation of product of medium and small businesses is complex, investment of early days soft hardware is large, the element of this two respects is getting settlement gradually now. Three-dimensional CAD technology perfects personal computer platform with each passing day, software man-machine interface is very concise, the devoted cost of software is low, the performance/price ratio of personal computer rises substantially reach Window platform to gain ground, "Engineer hand one? The target of Quot; is expected to come true. Technology of 2 dimension CAD is used at scale project blueprint merely, of support be not products plan. Products plan depended on new product representing industry economy to rise new main point to the meaning of the enterprise. The main content of products plan is the new product form that the market, client accepts easily and connotation. Three-dimensional design enhanced latter intuitionistic sex greatly, provided unified three-dimensional product data to design development to be tasted newly at the same time. Current business especially medium and small businesses is faced with in product development respect the following and special grim reality. How to offer the product that the market or client can accept quickly, shorten the product development, time that appear on the market, strive for the active advantageous position that the market competes. With mould manufacturing industry for, mould design is the crucial part in product development process, design a pattern likewise, need 4 months time before New Year, allow 3 months only now (shorter even) design time, lose competition in the market otherwise. Most enterprise designs a branch to use blueprint of 2 dimension project to express products plan intention, production branch (if open modular plant) the blueprint paper that provides design branch reproduces space model, work of this process repeatability is very much, wasted much labor power and time. Current business faces competition of globalization big market, any enterprise makes his impossibly all the person that business becomes outstanding, if all businesses are assumed completely by him enterprise, so the competitor that it wants to face all and relevant domain necessarily. Accordingly, to get used to much business collaboration issues a product to develop pattern, combine this trade only other on, downstream enterprise, establish a business relation the much business Co-operative Alliance that interest of close together, economy is linked together, ability implementation advantage is complementary, enhance actual strength of market competition whole. The enterprise must have descriptive product complete information tool, get used to an enterprise the product supplies all link on catenary between in-house, enterprise (like order, purchase, inventory, plan, production is made, quality control, carry, cent is sold, service and safeguard etc) need. Three-dimensional CAD technology can help an enterprise solve afore-mentioned problems, basically reflect in, three-dimensional CAD system can provide complete and three-dimensional product model data, in order to get used to the demand of different application, be like 2 dimension / three-dimensional and associated plot, can generate project blueprint; to use data of three-dimensional product geometry to be able to produce picture of high sense of reality according to needing data of will three-dimensional product, offer section of the market, client, supplier to use; to be able to be on Internet (Internet) previews a product (data of Viewer); three-dimensional product can deliver 3d  to undertake to production branch; of CNC Machining process designing can offer special program to undertake directly finite yuan of analysis, three-dimensional product data can be outputted come to shape quickly equipment, the sample that make is waited a moment. Accordingly, data of three-dimensional product model can satisfy a product to supply all link need on catenary, switch of implementation product data and share. Three-dimensional CAD system has a spare parts to design a function not only, and have assemble design, blueprint design function and be like standard component to reach libraries of all sorts of special spare parts partly related to the design. Computer of have the aid of completes products plan and production relevant analysis, if structural sex is analysed, can assemble sexual analysis, interference to examine, content sex computation is waited a moment, make executive feasibility in order to assure, use three-dimensional CAD/CAM technology, can reduce a product to develop a venture, raise products plan to be led successfully. Cooperate to use with Internet technology at the same time, undertake those who design a process cooperate with. Our country medium and small businesses uses a mechanism agile, burden the dominant position with light, good industry, undertake CAD/CAM technical reformation energetically, do well the company on foundation of industrial division of labor cooperates, build get used to product of much breed, small lot to develop pattern, the innovation that enhances a product designs ability, it is necessarily in intense market competition, retain exuberant vigor. 4, conclusion looks from long-term development viewpoint, three-dimensional CAD technology can replace plot of 2 dimension CAD necessarily. Rise ceaselessly as personal computer performance/price ratio, of CAD/CAM technology mature with each passing day, three-dimensional CAD software presents personal computer platform the situation of swift and violent development. Company of Guangzhou red land loses no time roll out commercialization of platform of personal computer of our country own copyright three-dimensional CAD software - system of " honeysuckle "MDA, especially the development trend that MDA2000 edition accords with software of CAD of platform of current personal computer, innovate in technical reformation of our country enterprise, product necessarily main effect is produced in the design. CNC Milling