Lenze drive case

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Lenze product is used at winding drive consecutive stock is put on reel first normally, convey to be in to treatment next, put finally roll. Mix in open a book to read put coil an installation linear drive. Representative application is as follows: The production of textile, lame, paper and plate, printing machine fetterses, package machine, successive treatment and material of fine process winding with uniform motion of speed of product line drive. To avoid to machine the other interference in the process, the tension that holds stock with float roller control and tensional control is constant. Change ceaselessly in open a book to read and meeting of the radius in putting lick Cheng, actuating device needs to have bigger speed set range and torsion set range. In putting lick Cheng, controller is dynamo mode, can reduce stock deferent speed, release energy subsequently. In a lot of application example, coil through tower type paper machine uses sequence control and drive of other round screw die to make round screw die alternates automatically. We use electric machinery of decelerate electric machinery or three-phase communication here. In tension normally constant circumstance falls, career is sufferring to reduce and increase of the diameter, and torsion criterion as the diameter reduce and reduce, because this uses weak magnetism to undertake equipment type selecting, the weak magnetic conform to of electric machinery of this and three-phase communication. Accordingly, connect regular meeting to choose lesser actuating device. To average applied system, use Lun Ci 8200 vector transducer or 8200 Motecr transducer are enough, float roller controller controls winding process. To the application of higher demand the system should use Lun Ci 9300 servo transducer and driver of L-force 9400 servo, combine decelerate electric machinery and measure part / speed senser is used together. Apply series of 9300 servo PLC and winding software package to be able to realize complete winding to control a system, the rotational moment of force that the system includes winding processor and the compression ratio that the basis scrollreels to be able to achieve a requirement and speed are controlled. Putting in bypassing a process, can use dc generatrix to have power supply to product line drive. Also can use wave of behead of apply the brake at the same time implement with resistor of apply the brake or module of energy second birth. 8200 vector transducer or 8200 Motec transducer apply to the · of electric machinery of product · decelerate that applies to low demand intermediate the electric machinery of product · decelerate of the requirement, measure part / 9300 servo transducer and driver of L-force 9400 servo apply to Lun Ci of speed senser · the electric machinery of product · decelerate of high demand, measure part / series of 9300 servo PLC and winding software technology wrap speed senser · 2.

Lenze product uses what drive and drive of product line of drive of printing machine instrument use at consecutive stock at product line to make, taste like gauze of paper, lame, spin, fiber, plate and lead. Representative application is as follows: Convolute / drawing / coating device, the consecutive stock that transmit and ranks (be like coil plate) , calendar, single drive printing machine fetterses. Product line drive is to seem stable state drive, speed, moment of force or angle are important payoff. Start in machine equipment, when stopping to produce change with deferent stock, drive speed can produce change. Move smoothly can ensure safety of whole production process is stable, what because produce quality however,measure is important assure. The physical type selecting of actuating device depends on process parameter, if tension, speed, moment of inertia is mixed,stop what the operation falls urgently to add / reduce rate. The systematic program of product line drive and drive of printing machine instrument: Here, use electric machinery of decelerate electric machinery or three-phase communication. In a few simple application systems, do not take point of view / the vector that speed measures a function controller is already enough used, but measure part normally / the speed controller of speed senser is applied some oftener. 9300 servo series applies to Lun Ci a variety of functions on this kind of product line, be like: Designation of electronic reducer casing, reading detects and control, float roller control and tensional control, torsion is controlled beforehand, circuit breakdown is controlled (synchronism of whole exercise process stops gradually turn) . The installation of dc generatrix is used at product line the energy between each actuating device is delivered. Sometimes force of apply the brake can pass module of energy second birth (Lun Ci 9340 series) feedback arrives in power source. Use dc generatrix to be able to reduce an input force, reduce specific power consumption, reduce the part inside control ark. The safe project of product line drive comes true through function of safety of the buy inside driver, can reduce a component to use cost and installation cost. Electric machinery of product · decelerate is mixed related Lun Ci three-phase communication electric machinery, coder or rotate transformer uses as measure part / speed senser uses · Lun Ci 9300 servo series or series of drive of L-force 9400 servo, inside buy electron reducer casing 3.

Lenze product is used at stock to transmit systematic stock to transmit a system is machine stock the dot to move to be nodded to another treatment from through deferent device, or it is to move into / move the system that gives storage bin library. In deferent process, bulk stock is normally convey continuously, and carry stock to needing to undertake those who keep apart processing, the deferent plant that needs to use independence is made open stop control. Representative application is as follows: Roller path transmission machine, chain transmission machine, leather belt transmits transmission engine of type of machine, worm. Transmission system normally with constant rate moves, quickly / be in to preventive makings since decelerate brae initiate the action that when stopping, skid or flips through. Whole transmission process, use frequency control when gearshift especially. If output stock to need sudden shift to appoint the position to some (the circumstance) such as the delivery of cargo from storage that is like stock or sorting, use controller of high accuracy servo to undertake controlling operating. Stock transmits systematic program: The driving force size of stock transmission system communicates electric machinery to decide by reducer casing and three-phase. Can get as a result of deferent device dimensional limitation, we use reducer casing of bevel gear tine (reducer casing of gear of series of Lun Ci GKR/GKS) or reducer casing of axis of small backlash parallel () of reducer casing of series of Lun Ci GFL. The input axis of the empty arbor that reducer casing output carries and deferent device joins directly. If conveyer belt rate is constant, dominate electric machinery by contactor or electric machinery starter. To ensure electric machinery is started smoothly, we use starter of electric machinery of Lun Ci Starttec, make stock is quickened through voltage brae. To gearshift, quickly, decelerate reachs those who secure the position to open the transmission position that park, use transducer to regard motion as controller. Use a system to high accuracy, lun Ci recommends you to use servo controller. Servo electric machinery can cooperate to use with reducer of all human relations Ci, can satisfy the requirement of all sorts of transform device completely. The product applies to the series of electric machinery of product · decelerate of low demand related Lun Ci, the series of electric machinery of product · decelerate that take brake or does not take starter of electric machinery of Starttec of brake · distributed electron to apply to moderate demand, take brake or do not take transducer of series of brake · Smd, transducer of closed circuit of 8200 Vector vector, 9300 series of the product · MCS that transducer of 8200 Motec series applies to high demand and · of electric machinery of MCA series servo servo transducer CNC Milling