Ensure fan is safe, environmental protection, efficient move

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The development of industry of our country wind energy is in by firm change of flying Xiang Ping. As outfit fan goes out in succession first protect, front of wind field supervisor is facing such as fan the more and more arduous operation such as oil change and defend test. Dust gram Sen Meifu took the lead in introducing service of fan oil change Chinese market 2012, the car of engineering of service of fan oil change of its high-tech initiated the innovatory agitation that domestic wind report serves. Beautiful 2013 inspire confidence in sb adds car of 3 services engineering newly to keep abreast of again on original basis course of study of three-year institution of higher learning of one pace enlarge serves a group, in order to satisfy the requirement of fan oil change that Chinese market raises ceaselessly. Gear case is group of wind electric machinery most one of components of core. To ensure fan is efficient stability moves, must assure the lubricant function of gear case. Accordingly, the lubricant management of gear case especially the main task that the consummate of oil change labour of gear case cannot ignore for business of wind cable operation. The lubricating oil that the gear case of oil change program with executive rigorous science uses is comprised by the base oil that makes a variety of differring and additive. Typical oily fluid may be mineral oil or synthetic oil, they may each other are allowed. Accordingly, the consistence of lube must decide before oil change. If be allowed, attribute low risk oil change, undertake commonly " discharge " and " add note " can, but if the system is odd old oil exceeds 3% , proposal of inspire confidence in sb joins Aikesenmei " rinse " flow; If antipathic, attribute high risk oil change, dust gram Sen Meifu suggests to rinse gear case first, from old oil of gear case eduction, reduce its to be opposite the pollution of new oil, realize the outstanding performance of new oil and long life thereby, ensure of fan efficient move. While the loop rinses oil, still require special attention oil purifier jams problem, in order to make sure oil change process goes on wheels. The oil change program of fan gear case includes commonly " discharge " , " rinse " and " add note " . Use talent of suitable oil change program to ensure of lubricant function and equipment itself run normally, optimize gear lubricant function, lengthen oil change cycle and oil purifier to change the productivity of the periodic, life that improves gear case and fan. In sufficient practice procedure, report of wind of beautiful inspire confidence in sb serves a group people summary gives the following order: 1.

Decide the consistence of new oil and previous lube; 2.

Discharge oil to gear case system, discharge as far as possible clean; 3.

Low speed orders electric machinery of pump of the loop that use oil, till all oily fluid in each pipeline already pump goes out, hear the secure when pump cavitation sound in first time; 4.

Disconnect from oil pump all and exterior pipeline undertakes discharging to pipeline, the rest in discharging oily condenser any oily fluid; 5.

All deposit of crust of clean oil purifier and drossy, change all dismountable oil purifier, new link is all and exterior pipeline; 6.

Open gear case to check a lid and find the hangover that adds the lubricating oil that pour before. Be like conditional, film photograph in order to record condition; 7.

If look look is regarded as in the lube in the first pace, and observe in the 6th pace cleanness is spent can accept, jump to last pace directly please; 8.

Add oiling loop place to require lowermost juice to gear case rinse oil (add finally pour new oil) . Scale is the 60 % that add full oil normally; 9.

The high speed course that chooses many fast pump rinses oil circularly. Let turbine is operated or allow needle annulus operation. Circular 2~4h, or till oil is lukewarm,achieve 60 ℃ / 140 ° F; 10.

Whether does surveillant oil purifier jam in the process here. If observe oil purifier jams, change according to need oil purifier, and clean oil purifier crust every time. Continue to circulate lube till oil purifier jams no longer. Next, shut oil pump and stop rotor; 11.

The platoon is oily. Open gear case to check a lid and check oily remain to measure, the size that gives with middle finger of the 6th pace is compared; 12.

Repeat measure 8 ~11 according to need in order to reach acceptable clean level; 13.

Fill to the system pour new oil, use the filter oily device that already installed to spend grade in order to realize the cleanness of target oily fluid. The service of phone of wind of beautiful inspire confidence in sb of oil change equipment that uses a technology to precede is relied on mix at technology of banner mechanization fan oil change sufficient practice experience, business of operation of the cable that it is wind solves the following difficult problem in oil change process: Safe -- replace artificial back oil with petroleum pipeline, taste oil carry the gear case that is located in headroom, finish discharge, clean, rinse and add note wait for a program, reduce maintain personnel safety hidden danger; Environmental protection -- keep clear of effectively old oil and contaminant are clean gear case, improve the use efficiency of lube, reduce oil effectively to taste waste, optimize lube dosage and reduce the effect to the environment; Efficient -- the half that the time that place of oil change of mechanization of car of project of fan oil change spends is less than time of traditional oil change, can make fan resumes the work more quickly, decrease stop engine loss. CNC Milling