Establish numerical control to change curved machine brand, development machinery uses the market

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Establish numerical control to change curved machine brand, development machinery uses the market. Normally for, the equipment technology level of a country and the level that modern degree is deciding whole countryman economy and modern degree, and the level of numerical control technology that regards manufacturing industry as the foundation is development of industry of burgeoning and new and high technology and most advanced industry make can technology and the basiccest equipment. From ancient up to now, the technical standard that produces a material forever the level of means of prep above production, this also is those who distinguish each economic timeses is important measure a level. The basiccest production material that production technology and equipment are human production activity, and the technology of numerical control automation that loses curved machine to be a delegate with numerical control is current and advanced production technology and equipment most the technology of core. The numerical control that we speak of here loses technology of curved machine automation is to use digital information to have pilot technology to mechanical movement and working process; It is automation of manufacturing industry implementation, flexible change, compositive the foundation that turns production; It is to improve product quality, raise the corporeal step with necessary labor productivity; It is the main strategy material of national defence modernization; It is to matter to national strategy position and the industry of main base sex that reflect level of national comprehensive national power. Manufacturing industry of current world each country uses numerical control technology extensively, in order to raise engineering capability and level, the suiting that improves changeful to trends market ability and competitive ability. The advanced production technology that develops to be core with numerical control technology energetically already became world each developed country to quicken the economic progress, important way that improves comprehensive national power and national position. In addition each industry developed country returns the strategic goods and materials that rates numerical control technology and numerical control equipment the state on the world, adopt major step to develop his numerical control technology and its property not only, and in " high-grade " technology of numerical control key and equipment respect implement block and limitative policy to our country. The development that domestic numerical control changes curved machine to use a technology only then to 90 time initial stage, in recent years the demand of machining industry increases benefit from benefit from, hydraulic pressure folds curved machine, numerical control to folded the relevant technology such as curved machine to get rapid development, develop trend gold through mature stability of nearly 10 years. Change the ceaseless maturity of industry of curved machine technology, manufacturer home also is passed ceaseless conformity and fall into disuse to change mode to develop to industrial dimensions, and we are one of window in tide of this industry development. Have the technology of own innovation ability production company as, what Mi Kesi machinery insists to will regard an enterprise as development technical innovation is essential, the company comes hold water up to now, the field of the machine that fold a turn that already owned multinomial and complete own intellectual property is patent, its numerical control folds curved machine to arrive greatly numerical control operating system, small run fittings unit to clip, 90% above fittings all is company own research and development, its higher gender price compares the general reception that gets market user, for better service company, we leave factory to every numerical control folds curved machine to control qualitative check process strictly, its product leaves factory percent of pass is achieved 99.

9% . For better understanding at the same time equipment uses a case, it is better to be do fine installation to leave factory after service, company carry out is hind still offer overhaul card for every equipment, use door can personnel of the technology after contacting a product make work for a short while gets answer. CNC Milling