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Author: Does Ke Erbai Si Laifu face machinery (Shanghai) toward what direction will limited company production develop? Now, also used a robot in high accuracy is machined and measuring flow. Treatment still is the main job of the machine tool, meanwhile, they brought rate to the treatment of spare parts of camshaft and so on. Associated grinding group (each are big below banner of UNITED GRINDING Group) brand together, tell you the solution of foremost edge. "Ask everything what you imagine what to produce at the back of glazing: Synthetic oil is pounding glass with fast rhythm, one layer upon layer go to indelicacy, obscured the line of sight. Machine interior has what case, by on makings engine computer room can undertake examining well. Steeliness " help with farm work " the spare parts that keeps will been machine from the debus in gate, it is the wool blank with manipulator new mount at the same time, manipulator moves indefatigably back and forth between ministry of inside and outside. " -- new fund CamGrind L compares stannic SCHAUDT company in Lai perfect explanatory note had to grinding technology and automation in producing grinding first. Had a test to a kind of emergency here -- the car engine camshaft that fast grinding is in installation condition. "Machine tool of older than its money improved the manufacturing efficiency appearance that introduces this model one times " , schaudtMikrosa GmbH engineering technology member Paul Roser feels very glad to this. In manufacturer of machine tool of this Sa Ke Sen demonstrate type to go up, a brand-new characteristic is integrated in the machine tool a flank is portable go up makings machine, it puts wool blank into fixed device with highest precision, after finishing grinding, roll out it afresh to " drawer " in. Steely and mechanical arm is the example of dependability and precision respect not only, and the redundant movement that does not have one millimeter absolutely. Capture can finish finished product take and need to process new rod put an operation, although go up in what SCHAUDT company produces,glassware equiped two " mechanical claw " when euqally such also. One equiped to forging the hollow canal of cam is the good program that is used at machining camshaft. The goal is consistent: The glassware on the robot of Dieter Höckh of technician of WALTER company application and WALTER company HELICHECK PRO is in in view of automobile industry weigh every 1KG to decrease ceaselessly and try hard, this spare parts also must lighter, in order to achieve the managing goal that fuel and harmful material discharge a respect, used hollow pipe so. Clip will be held in to camshaft grinding undertakes below the circumstance, synchronism of two emery wheel will be used to machine journal place and cam outline to the greastest extent during. This makes the handling time of whole camshaft needs 90 seconds only. This is not mere rely on is agile absolutely go up makings machine comes true, mainer reason is grinding flow had very great progress. Slow-motion shot made very good explanation to this, it shows not only on makings machine and grinder managed high accuracy club, and the massive active force that when still revealing grinding, uses up: Grind ream from cam quickly inside several seconds most 1.

When the material of 5 millimeter, although last fuel injection, still scintilla 4 splash. The quality inspection of the spare parts also was gone to by direct conformity in technological process: Measure control system to undertake to workpiece during grinding corrective, additional, undertake be metricaled 100 percent checking to all and relevant position even after the course is dry -- this measure also is finished by the robot, this also makes it can develop its ability to the greastest extent. CamGrind machine tool showed the new fund of SCHAUDT company the machine tool is made and automation now is really in close cooperation. Without doubt, this kind of trend will continue. Creating a field, cost pressure is in promotion, although be produced to medium-sized batch,also be such, this brings about the hand with very high cost to move fluctuation makings to be replaced by increasing ground. So, operation of much machine tool, unmanned treatment and automation of much machine tool are online it is development trend. As a result of this reason, STUDER is the closest the client consign to respect of technology of a dentistry S11 of round grinder of inside and outside of a special type of production. "We move S11 phase of unit of supply of the blank that change hair to join with one each, wool blank is sent collet, with grinding medical broach, it is manual up to now insert wool blank on core axis " , the J ü Rg Bill of branch of automation of STUDER company project explains. These spare partses can wear away, must undertake changing regularly. STUDER is exhibited in EMO 2013 sensation was caused when S11 is being rolled out on the meeting, it is the most compact machine tool in all this company products, it is length to measure a body in the workpiece of 200 millimeter less than only custom-built. The circumstance falls to fall in 3, have the aid of is full automatic fluctuation makings device, this " energetically dwarf " a day of treatment that can complete 1300 parts at most. STUDER can offer program of aircraft of the makings on high quality standardization for all machine tools almost, and still can according to the client special requirement undertakes adjustment to this machine. Very welcome is EcoLoad of system of the makings on the slippery shuttle that STUDER S22 place uses, apply to high speed grinding especially. To deploying the rotary table accumulator, EcoLoad that includes circumgyrate type manipulator and Hua Suolian of form of V of feed a machine to be the same as V form manipulator, the circumjacent workpiece clamping apparatus that two kinds differ can be offerred use. Be worth what carry is, makings machine also can be in directly on wet treatment computer room has the job, carry device to satisfy the applied limits requirement of S22, apply to all cooling lubricating fluid. STUDER company begins to try grinder to machine division of labor by right of this kind of solution: Next treatment are assisted in handiwork by day special spare parts; Nightly, the grinding below the case that the machine tool defends in unmanned value is simple spare parts. Have the aid of go up automatically makings system, a HELICHECK PRO can be measured automatically at most hand-in-hand travel records 7500 cutting tool to go up automatically the standard that expects to expect the system also is WALTER and EWAG machine tool on managing man-hour equips. For instance, be in as WALTER company the tool grinding machine with best-selling whole world -- HELITRonIC POWER has numerous automation option: Machine of the makings on Eco offers 20 knives at most (enhance chance of the makings on edition Eco: 165) , among them, compositive on wheelhead manipulator. "Machine of the makings on these uses linear axis to undertake fluctuating expecting, shortened auxiliary time " , WALTER machine tool makes Torsten Wörner of manager of product of limited company grinding explain. Machine of the makings on disk type is had 40, 56, 90 or 120 knives, these knives be decorated to be on a disc. This solution also applies to sheet especially or lot of moderate size. Use " mix outfit " the law lades all sorts of different cutting tool will make the efficiency of grinding flow gets rising substantially. WALTER still developed the glassware on a kind of robot to measure machine HELICHECK PRO and HELICHECK PLUS, thereby very can agile ground is in cutting tool is ultimate nobody come true to measure in detecting. Measure through equiping automatically machine, most but full automatic measure 7500 cutting tool and try to record. The cutting tool that every classics measures tastes qualification be reachinged by automatic classify or undesirable article. Mix through machine of the makings on detached robot measure machine make vibration is transmitted cannot happen, achieve highest precision thereby. When using claw of double energy of life, the weight of the biggest cutting tool of every workpiece is two kilograms, the biggest length is 280 millimeter. Because the geometrical form of turbine lamina is very complex,innovation changes a solution with individual character, not only the grinding of turbine lamina is an enormous challenge. It is produced to economy and automation also is a special challenge. Come several years, mÄGERLE company accepted this one challenge. The automation solution that this company employs innovation replaced those to still be based on the traditional flow of manual work, these automation program are a basis client (global turbine manufacturer) hope and requirement quantity body are custom-built. Jumping-off place is all sorts of layout of MFP50 grinding center, this grinding center has different position, for be being used at the center of of mobile lamina robot, measure machine and grinder, fluctuation blank of makings workstation, wool and finished product store material labor and filter cloth cleaning device is used. "We measure clamping apparatus and part before grinding, undertake checking to whether holding clip correctly already, finish in grinding after cleaning, undertake metrical again " , mÄGERLE company sale and Rcher of ü of market director Stefan Z explain. Driving what automation of this one top level develops is the fluctuation makings of turbine lamina machine tool not only, also included to undertake persistent ameliorative to flow itself. Measure income data to be transmitted to come continuously grinder, will undertake adjustment to grinding measure when necessary. Grinding center MFP 50 found a place for use at grinding to mix measure, go up to expect and issue the workstation of makings " the flow that from this one has study capacity can be offerred use, it makes the oriented lamina with dynamo turbine makes the plane be close to groove more and more " , say of Z ü Rcher. So, the demand of this respect is very high, because whether oriented lamina has optimal geometry position,be the important level of turbine function. So, when convection Cheng undertakes arranging, grinder undertook predefine to the cycle of component of all and other system, be like: Part memory, measure or clean. Because grinding device is the highest share in flow, accordingly, all and other child flow moves with its synchronism. Additional, grinder passes those who control a system to use emery wheel to place to change undertake controlling, emery wheel changes to be finished by the robot. In interior of grinding center MFP 50, central robot assumed each to machine the China of workpiece allocation job between measure to needed automation MÄGERLE and client one case to undertake consider and be fulfillinged to all sorts of layout as much, end by 2015 consign the 20 many automatic grinding computer rooms that are used at turbine lamina. Peculiar technology is in MÄGERLE place to be mixed at grinder measure came true to cooperate accurately between machine. A solution that makes for manufacturer of a top-ranking turbine stayed to the person especially deep impression: Every two grinder and measure machine deployed a central robot and workstation of makings of a fluctuation. "This is the most complex automation project that we have up to now " , z ü Rcher expresses. The grinder PROKOS XT of BLOHM company also is used at automation to process intricate work. Reach its by right of craft of quick stroke grinding 24 labour the sudden fit that change a knife, the machine tool works especially efficient. Center of grinding of this many axis can undertake grinding not only, and still can undertake milling works getting cutting mixing, the treatment that needs to install clip to be able to complete whole work only works. Alleged GreenCap® outfit places plan to make finished cost gets reducing, for instance: Use at the turbine lamina with very costly grinding. Among them a convention notes have the aid of model machine is in a plastic jacket the lamina with mould complex form. "In principle, the system that hold clip went to the lavatory in very old rate of workpiece carry what with until each grinding works to undertake " , technology of Blohm Jung GmbH seeks advice from a branch to be in charge of Peter Oppelt to express. This makes in the circumstance that hold clip falls to become a possibility in lamina of turbine of the grinding on PROKOS XT. Additional, BLOHM still developed new software to wrap SmartCAM last year, it is to be assorted machining center (be like: PROKOS XT) quantity body is custom-built, it was reduced greatly equip and debug time. Have the aid of these module can expand automation further to whole set, aircrew has corresponding peripheral and computer of a computer room. Be in early 1983, BLOHM company rolled out the first full automatic grinding center. Go a few years consign of the Communist Party of China 8 device that are used at machining drive disk assembly automatically, at present they already were used at entirely much class is made move. Associated grinding group (the manufacturer joint development of UNITED GRINDING Group) and automation and robot industry gives him the solution with peculiar place. A lot of compositive the project of grinder can be mixed in manufacturer only the client carries high automation technological process under close cooperation be able to come true. Group company will drive his to develop further together. CNC Milling