Choose the opportune moment of tap or whorl milling

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Whorl milling and tap are two kinds of methods of the thread machining of aperture. Tap is more general, but whorl milling has a few advantages, its applied circumstance to you perhaps is very important. Most factory knows, tap is not the only alternative of the thread machining of aperture. Most factory also knows a few dominant positions of whorl milling at least, but the advantage of whorl mill is far more than these. For example, milling cutter of a whorl can solve the thread machining of the aperture of a certain limits, is not can machine some aperture norms only. Whorl milling cutter can make what whorl is close to blind aperture more bottom, and machine big whorl aperture can easy to doly. Whorl milling cutter takes the space of bits having a platoon. And its unlike tap, whorl milling cutter can combine multiform Kong Jia to be versed in on a cutting tool. In short, whorl milling cutter can do much business. But, most factory will continue to use tap to machine most whorl aperture. And the sufficient reason that has such doing. Tap is simple. In a lot of respects, the demand of tap is low. Tap can undertake on a lot of machine tools, the rotate speed of these machine tools is inferior, and the cutting tool way that does not have helix interpolation. The Emuge company that is located in city of Massachusetts city Northborough is the supplier of a tap and whorl milling cutter, the routine of its CTO Alan Shepherd seeks the right thread machining technology that they need together with machining plant namely. Ask more slashing application circumstance needs whorl milling normally, it settled all sorts of challenges related to thread machining. He says, but the value that has to value tap. "If you want to machine, is mild steel, have 20 parts, there are 10 openings on every spare parts, went with tap, " he says. "But if you have 150 parts,should machine, or what you should machine is difficult treatment material, perhaps be at this moment when considering whorl milling. " he complements, assume the machine tool has the sort of capacity. The guideline under the Mr Shepherd experience be classified him. According to his commendation, receiving those who go down to want a consideration is each variable that obtain place of the most logical thread machining method to need. Tap is a kind reliable and the commonly used production shift that machines whorl aperture. But whorl milling cutter (see figure above) more general, and it still can solve the problem that about the platoon bits, power is used up and blind aperture machines. Machine tool tap can be in undertake on a machining center or milling machine arbitrarily almost. Contrary, whorl milling needs a CNC machining center that has function of helix interpolation process designing at least. Tap also can be in have cutting tool to rotate undertake on functional lathe. Need helix motion makes whorl milling is eliminated on these machine tools outer. Material tap can use at hardness not to exceed 50 Rc almost a kind of any material. Whorl milling can be used at hardness not to exceed the material of 60 Rc. When processing difficult treatment data, whorl milling offerred a kind of simple way to machine whorl sometimes, using tap otherwise will be machined hard. Nextpage speed tap is used at constantly relative to slower rate, whorl milling needs higher cutting rate and feed normally. Because way of helix cutting tool is very long, the feed with so tall need with making whorl is obtained inside an efficient pitch time. The screw center diameter that tap of screw center diameter can machine is fixed, but the screw center diameter that whorl milling cutter can machine has more flexible. The pitch that whorl milling cutter makes is decided by method of CNC cutting tool, and this means screw center diameter can be changed. For example, two Kong Ke with identical diameter machine the whorl that gives different pitch. Same can machine cutting tool a 1/4-20 UNC or 1/4-20 STI whorl. Whorl milling still can make a cutting tool machines an a series of aperture that have same pitch. For example, 1/2-14 NPT and 3/4-14 NPT whorl are being machined do not need to change a knife among the process. Versatility can use tap at tap only. What contrast with its is, can design whorl milling cutter use at finishing various Kong Jia to be versed in. Get with respect to what can finish aperture on a cutting tool cut, pour horn, thread machining and undercut whorl (the not whole share that cuts whorl root) . The left hand that the left and right sides of whorl comes back to be able to machine place of this tap itself to decide only to tap or right hand come back to whorl. But to whorl milling cutter character, want to change CNC process designing simply to be able to machine a left hand or right hand whorl only. (another defect of tap and the limitation that its design are relevant. When tap ends tap must invert, because of it must by " come back piece " whorl aperture. But whorl milling cutter needs to leave cutting part only and can exit whorl aperture quickly. ) ◆ deepness, when the first part should machine blind aperture, tap can arrive at in that way deepness only. The awl of tap head " dot " will arrive at a nadir, to this part hole depth can machine a half-baked whorl only. The whorl milling cutter that has smooth floor does not have such problem. It can machine a deeper complete whorl, near the bottom of identical blind aperture more. ◆ deepness, the 2nd section is cross, when whorl is particularly deep, tap is more outstanding perhaps. Filament awl machines the whorl of deep aperture effectively. To whorl milling cutter not be this kind of case. When whorl milling, because cutting force is lopsided, cutting tool bends easily. When exceeding some deepness, slant to gradient becomes too big and cannot machine the whorl that has gone out. Normally, 2 limitation of deepness of ground of whorl milling cutter is cutting tool diameter.

5 times. (But the whorl milling cutter that is not traditional design broke through this limitation really. See above the text casing about milling of deep aperture whorl. ) cut bits to be opposite some kind to grow the meeting that cut bits what material tap place arises to create a problem continuously sometimes. The meeting that cut bits is tangled to be inside aperture and break off cutting tool. Relative to at this bit character, whorl milling is nonexistent problem. Machine like any milling in that way, whorl milling is generated short and broken cut bits. The processing that cuts bits is why the common cause of milling of factory choice whorl. Nextpage power tap runs at relative to slower main shaft rotate speed. Be this reason, of electric machinery of machine tool main shaft be fully loaded with rated power to may not suit to tap. This is not an account that wants attention normally, but perhaps be. Cutting perhaps undertakes without enough power when small-sized machining center comes up against the aperture tap with particularly big to need. To this kind of Bench Machine Tool, whorl milling enlarged this machine tool to machine the diametical limits of whorl aperture smoothly. The thread machining method with the traditional treatment of numerical control milling of whorl basically is use turning of whorl lathe tool whorl or use handiwork of tap, front tooth tap and set buckle. As the development of CNC Machining technology, especially the occurrence of system of CNC Machining of 3 axes linkage, make more advanced thread machining means -- , the numerical control milling of whorl is able to come true. Whorl milling treatment and photograph of means of traditional thread machining are compared, in treatment respect of efficiency of precision, treatment has great advantage, and whorl structure and whorl do not suffer to come back when treatment to limitation, can machine a variety of differring to come back like milling cutter of a whorl to inside, outside whorl. To not the whorl that be patient of transfers to buckle or cancel knife chamfer construction, the turning method that uses a convention or tap, front tooth is machined very hard, but use numerical control milling to come true very easily however. In addition, the durability of whorl milling cutter is tap more than 10 times count even decuple, and in process of whorl of numerical control milling, very convenient to the adjustment of whorl diameter dimension, this uses tap, front tooth to be accomplished hard. As a result of a lot of advantage that whorl milling machines, at present the big batch whorl of the developed country is produced already relatively used milling technology widely. Whorl milling cutter is main type (the appearance of milling cutter of whorl of cylinder of milling cutter of 1) columnar whorl very resembling is the combinative system that cylinder establishs milling cutter and whorl tap, but its whorl cutting blade and tap are different, cheng rises without helix on cutting tool, the helix in treatment rises Cheng to rely on implementation of machine tool motion. As a result of this kind of special structure, make this cutting tool can machine dextral whorl already, also can machine left whorl coming back, but the treatment that does not apply to bigger pitch whorl. (Milling cutter of whorl of 2) machine clip and milling cutter of whorl of bit machine clip apply to bigger diameter (the thread machining that is like D>25mm) . Its characteristic is bit is made easily, the value is inferior, some whorl razor blade but double-faced cutting, but anti-impact properties relatively integral whorl milling cutter is a bit poor. Accordingly, this cutting tool often is recommended use at processing aluminium alloy data. (3) combined-type multitask multitask of combined-type of milling cutter of special whorl boring the characteristic of milling cutter of special whorl boring is one knife much blade, finish multitask treatment, can save change the auxiliary time such as the knife, improve productivity significantly. Of the company of whorl milling Emuge of deep aperture " Threads-All " an example that is whorl milling cutter, it can overcome the deepness of milling of grain of common Yu Luo to restrict. The form of material of clench the teeth of whorl milling cutter is much point contact normally, it is very big that this means cutting power. The cutting force on milling cutter of grain of Yu Luo of this kind of action is lopsided, and action the cutting force on tap along circumferential distributing. Adding whorl milling cutter is long and thin form, its are the biggest the diameter is less than by the trail of treatment whorl. All these character make whorl milling cutter bends easily. 2 what the treatment deepness of this kind of cutting tool is restricted to be a diameter normally.

5 times. To overcome this kind of limitation, threads-All whorl milling cutter was used make the design of only point contact when treatment (especially to the razor blade that can change) . The taller stiffness that uses cutting tool of this kind of odd blade to obtain the steeliness arbor with smaller cutting force and good tigidity to offer is united in wedlock together. CNC Milling