SolidWorks innovation water pump designs platform application analysis

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Industrial limited company regards Shanghai soft Xin as Hua Dong area of SolidWorks company China agent of one level rise in value uses the applied analysis of SolidWorks product to make to client of pump line of business the following and analytic: Be in global, below dynamic and changeful market competition environment, the water pump product of our country lacks market competition ability badly. Ability of innovation of low, technology makes product technology standard infirmly the chronic illness that restricts business development, these blemish are traditional design method is inherent, must use contemporary design method in job of product research and development accordingly, the computer is used to emulate imitate before plan finalizes the design or the product is machined, change at the same time " experience is designed " for " scientific design " , change " actual measurement method " for " emulation method " , change " normative standard " for " analytic standard " , the enterprise just may have the design capacity of own innovation. One, the characteristic that water pump makes and be faced with the ground to challenge water pump sort various, structural difference is very big. The texture of the pump that note a place of strategic importance and blade pump differs completely, the demand of emulation analysis differs accordingly; The water pump of same kind, the bulk of pump is different, the design characteristic of the product is different also. Because the design difficulty of blade pump is a few greater, reason is with blade pump exemple undertake discussion. Look from the angle of the design, most the content of core is the design that sheds a curved surface too; Look from production point of view, most the technology of core is to cast, and with cast about design and make relevant CNC Machining and technology of fast original shape; Look from analytic angle, basically involve a fluid to emulate analysis and structure finite yuan of analysis. Be based on a lot of problems of the water pump design of 2 dimension CAD and production mode existence: It is the description that sheds a curved surface too firstly not complete, design effect cannot be previewed, often put in different meanings and mistake; It is check is provided secondly design and production difficulty, cannot flow to passing undertake examining effectively, design requirement and the difference of production result cannot decide; It is to cast about to make cycle grow thirdly, about is made in wooden standard class should be experienced " the profile that reads value of the brushwork graph, coordinate that read a feature, computation to cast curved surface of shrink quantity, picture " 4 processes, solidWorks of very tall to the requirement that wooden model is versed in   offerred analysis of design of structure of product of draw together of one collar for a horse, fluid to emulate, the structure is limited yuan the analysis is emulated, the complete solution of CNC Machining and fast original shape. It is OK to be based on SolidWorks compose builds optimal water pump own innovation designs platform, solidWorks nucleus pericardium is used at the structure of water pump to design, solidCAM builds the CNC Machining of about and spare parts of water pump key with Yu Zhu, COSMOSFloWorks uses at water pump inside circulate an analysis, COSMOSWorks is used at the structural intensity of water pump and fatigue analysis. 2, all function that pericardium of nucleus of SolidWorks of   of platform of design of water pump structure provided water pump structure to design place to need. The processing way of a few crucial technologies in design of water pump structure talks below. 1.

The design that sheds a complex curved surface too flows too it is the spare parts that contacts with the fluid, if body of impeller, diversion, pump housing and pump are built,wait. To make sure good hydraulics is characteristic, shedding a face too is curved surface commonly, had described the brushwork plan that circulates a curved surface to call hydraulics model, the description of curved surface is the most serious content in design of water pump structure. In 2 dimension CAD design environment falls, flow too curved surface uses brushwork graph description, be about to axial of curved surface edge or radial cut are many sectional, in every sectional go up a few bit more affirmatory, will describe curved surface by these dots, the advantage is a graph simple, defect is information inadequate, have through appointing the curve of the dot boundless many, put in polysemy, general with handiwork (wooden model) patternmaking means is corresponding. Below three-dimensional CAD environment, can be described with sectional curve, cast about blueprint to be sectional graph more from what day, beauty introduces (use three-dimensional CAD software to generate commonly) , the advantage is can describe a curve plan to add up to character, included information is compared " the dot is described " should much, also put in certain polysemy, general with handiwork (wooden model) patternmaking means is corresponding. The optimal description means of curved surface is three-dimensional CAD model, the advantage is a design information is complete and accurate, corresponding treatment means is CNC Machining and fast prototype. The design method of water pump remains analogy to devise a way, magnify in proportion to hydraulics model namely or narrow, complete the water pump design of different specifications. SolidWorks offerred function of rich curved surface modelling and scale to shrink put a function, can design complex curved surface, undertake shrinking putting satisfaction the requirement of design of water pump series to its. OK also hydraulics model (the data of the dot on curved surface) in inputting Excel to express, when designing new product, to the watch medium data undertakes scale conversion, in delivering the result SolidWorks, according to the dot of the input coordinate generates curved surface, undertake to curved surface smooth compliance is analysed, undertake an editor ask in order to satisfy smooth compliance to curved surface. 2.

Product configuration designs large water pump is the demand that presses a client commonly custom-built those who turn production, the avery kind of of water pump is out of shape, need a complete technical document. The similar sex that water pump designs is very big, a lot of enterprises established his industry standard. SolidWorks can be powerful configuration design function, right dimension, feature, material undertakes configuring designing, support the configuration design of spare parts, component, product; The design library of SolidWorks manages these configuration effectively. Configuration design and the water pump that designed a library to form an ideal are custom-built change design platform. 3.

Large weldment designs   SolidWorks to support the much more hypostatic technology that build a model, a spare parts regards as processing in weldment of lieutenant general of products plan process, leave makings measure certainly by entity when craft is designed. SolidWorks offerred special welder to provide, include welding line, horn to maintain board, the function such as attempt of project of weldment cut detailed list, weldment, use welder to provide can efficient ground to finish weldment design. When undertaking weldment is designed, software can generate two configuration automatically, solder among them configuration contains weldment information only, treatment configuration includes follow-up machine to process information, satisfy products plan and the requirement that craft designs respectively. 4.

Ban gold the deflector in designing large water pump, wirereinforced suction hose, giving conduit is Ban gold commonly, it is quite difficult that in the computation below 2 dimension environment its leave makings measure. The Ban gold module of use SolidWorks, this difficult problem is OK be readily solved. Ban gold next makings develop a plan in, curvilinear dimension is tagged is the coordinate value that tags a curve on a few a little bit commonly, next stuff kind of this and convention are consistent. 3, engineering capability of platform of design of water pump technology is one of competition ability of core of water pump production company, basically include to cast, large cast a machining with structural member, the design that casts about is made, the CNC Machining of impeller curved surface. Make full use of products plan model is the optimal way that raises craft to design efficiency, the mould design module of SolidWorks and be based on the function of completely relevant design that assembles an environment to be able to make full use of product model undertakes craft is designed, this and photograph of traditional 2 dimension design are compared, design efficiency can raise 3-5 times. 1.

Foundry technology and about design are cast is water pump the most important process instrumentation in making, the design is irrigated, the weight that asks to know cast semifinished product in the formula of A of short duration of rising head system, because this can be below SolidWorks environment,increase configuration of a semifinished product for product part model, will serve as mold design and the source model that cast about design, the weight that inquires semifinished product model directly thereby designs gating system, assembling an environment to fall " top-down " system of ground design foundry technology. Design module offerred the mould of SolidWorks to include an input to diagnose, unplug modular analysis, scale shrinks put, examination of branch molded lines, cent face, undercut and cutting are broken up wait for a series of tools. The input awaits the hypostatic model that machines a spare parts, give washing shrinkage, can generate those who cast a mould automatically model core and model antrum. Because this mould is designed,efficiency can raise 10 times above. Use mould tool can be analysed and correct SolidWorks model or the flaw that input a model. Mould tool was enclothed arrive from initiative analysis generate cutting intersected whole design technological process. Cutting intersected result is more than 1 hypostatic spare partses, contain mould spare parts, core, model the separate entity with antrum and optional and hypostatic other of and so on of core of side of side of adscititious such as. File of much body spare parts maintains design intent, after mould spare parts is changed, cutting substance or cast about to be able to be changed accordingly from the movement. 2.

Clamping apparatus and measure design are assembling an environment to fall, solidWorks supports the design of top-down. Be machined in order to wait for and wait for examining spare parts to be a foundation, cite the model data that needs treatment part will devise clamping apparatus and measure very convenient. Most clamping apparatus is being used in water pump treatment is jig, the environment can be being assembled to fall to get on component directly when designing jig the opening that needs treatment is umbriferous go up to the pattern plate of jig can. The most commonly used measure is the clamping apparatus that measures impeller curved surface and eddy carapace curved surface, devising the way with the most accurate, efficient clamping apparatus is to bring the curve in using product model and curved surface directly. 3.

The treatment of the curved surface of impeller of water pump of CNC Machining   of curved surface has two kinds of methods, milling law and casting are caused model law. The milling of impeller and cast about model core, model the CNC Machining that antrum treatment involves curved surface. The treatment that sheds a face too needs to assure the precision of curved surface, assure the hydraulics function of water pump thereby. SolidWorks carries out gold associate to plan, the company developed the CAM software that has a lot of major to enchase the CAM software in SolidWorks environment, among them the famousest is CAMWorks and SolidCAM, these software and SolidWorks have the unified database, same color that operates an interface, the numerical control milling that can support 3-5 axis is machined. SolidCAM still supports the treatment to lumber, can machine wooden model directly. 4.

Fast prototype machines fast prototype is one of important methods that treatment casts about. Disappearing the model is cast in, can use fast prototype to make in casting by aerification model core, cast in convention in, can accurate, apace produces fast prototype cast about. SolidWorks can be not had with fast and archetypal production software seam compositive, design in SolidWorks cast about, can input fast and archetypal equipment directly, implementation is made quickly. 4, the hydraulics of water pump emulates platform a few general urine pump can be approved quantify production, but the big batch that the manufacturing mode of large water pump is a model however is custom-built turn production, the batch of every kinds of product is very small, hydraulics function test must have before the product leaves factory, if the experiment is unqualified, tear open debus to undertake modification even, have a test afresh next. Especially large water pump, experiment cost is very high, manufacturing cycle is long, once design error, the loss will be very big. Water pump designs most core technology is to flow too hydraulics function design, of body of carapace of impeller, eddy, diversion, deflector, mouth giving water, water inlet and bar case model the hydraulics performance that the face will affect water pump. The character of going from place to place of the fluid decided water pump shedding component and flow path too is a few complex curved surface, because the flow of the fluid inside pump is three-dimensional, include eddy current and turbulence state, consider to secure the interact between part, rotational part and fluid even when the design, the experience of the member that so intricate job state of affairs adopts a design very hard and experiment will come true optimize product function, must use a fluid to analyse software to undertake emulation an analysis so. Those who use a fluid to emulate software to be able to design all sorts of whirl, dormant blade component, analytic lamina is mixed to the elbow of water pump action. Blade can be curved surface, also can be straight grain face, have linear or the leading edge that combine bevel angle and end reason, till,brim appearance can revise aleatoric ellipticity easily from the circle simple linear. What can undertake checking hub and casing curve is successional with quality, divisible become two or many line segment. Shed turbine to the axis, it is better to can pass curve of the pressure range that designs mutual independence and attraction face to obtain cross sonic blade profile. Can be through same method near the end predestined relationship of attraction face increase special processing. COSMOSFloWorks is the new generation that develops to design staff revolutionary thermal current analyses software, enchase fall in SolidWorks environment, share square of zephyr of interface of unified database, operation with SolidWorks. COSMOSFloWorks has powerful gas, liquid, heat to conduct analytic ability, can use three-dimensional CAD model to undertake semi-automatic reseau is broken up be reachinged automatically directly, can achieve accurate analytic result quickly, and the aftertreatment has dynamic vision effect. Because this COSMOSFloWorks received wide application in pump valve industry, basically undertake undermentioned analysis in water pump design: (1) the lift that begs water pump according to the rotate speed of water pump model and impeller, discharge and efficiency; (2) the efficiency of computational impeller and fluid are in the head loss in pipeline; (3) the gas acupuncture point of the generation in analysing working process is amiable corrode; (4) the pressure field of fluid of water pump interior distributings and speed field distributings; (5) the hydraulic load that gets in place of surface of the impeller below fluid action; (6) the driving moment that begs water pump according to the rotate speed of the structure of water pump and impeller. Use COSMOSFloWorks software, the hydraulics of the primary consideration pump that can designing is characteristic, and reduce experiment number, utmost ground shortens the product develops time, reduce a risk. In the meantime, pass computation the analysis of hydromechanical software, the pressure that when still can getting the fluid flows in the structure, generates to structural place, offer more accurate attrib border condition to the structure is designed and be optimized. 5, the power of roll coming back that the water pump of structural intensity analysis of water pump is a model is mechanical, below the humorous load that works to rotate in high speed from beginning to end, must need to analyse water pump accordingly each rank natural frequency, mode and vibration shape, analyse the stress that water pump issues in humorous load action, meet an emergency, and undertake to the structure optimize a design. Design parameter through the change, quality of the pursuit on the foundation that satisfying stress, meet an emergency and mode frequency is the smallest. COSMOSWorks is those who suit water pump to design personnel to use is finite yuan of analysis tool, enchase fall in SolidWorks environment, use COSMOSWorks to be able to undertake undermentioned analysis. 1.

No matter the structural intensity analysis of water pump is the structural case of the lamina of pump, axis or pump housing, need to make sure its structure intensity does not happen in moving process destroy, if pass test on means to decide whether structural intensity is reasonable, need does many experiment ability to be quite below the circumstance that assures structural qualification the weight that reduces component part. Use finite yuan of analysis software, the strength that can have member, oscillatory mode, inflectional, motivation is answered, structural parameter and develop attack optimize, the issue of the structural intensity respect that be in is put in examining to be designed currently on one hand, on the other hand, can get through the analysis current structure is in what place to still stay bigger abundant is measured, it is those who have a structure to decrease bring up again to lay a basis, reduce product cost thereby. 2.

Because component part is handed in,additionally one kind of of the component of water pump of fatigue life analysis of typical spare parts familiar invalidation pattern is change the fatigue invalidation that causes after load, according to statistical machinery spare parts 80 % above is destroyed for exhaustion, because this circulates to bearing,the component of load should undertake fatigue intensity is designed. The capital that the place of fatigue life problem that the method that experiments through exhaustion will come to improve a product needs to throw, equipment and time are quite long, analyse software to undertake we design medium efficiency in fatigue intensity analytic can rising greatly with respect to use exhaustion in design phase so. The life that the computation that fatigue analysis software can analyse software according to the structure has the product is based on stress, meet an emergency as a result is evaluated, crackle expands life analyses exhaustion of chart of density of analysis, power, life analyses much axis exhaustion and life analyses spot welding and soldering exhaustion, raise a product to fight the ability that exhaustion destroys further. 3.

Vibration of analyse of structural motivation credit is the factor that design of large water pump must consider, circumstance of the oscillatory character that uses COSMOSWorks to be able to inspect water pump and the stress that moving load action to fall, meet an emergency. Optimize a design to reduce the vibration of water pump through the structure, improve dynamic performance. Kinetic analysis includes: Mode analysis, include to have natural mode, prestressing force mode, loop mode, noise of transient state analysis, humorous should be analysed and answer chart analysis to wait. Most the natural frequency that foundation, serious analysis is the system that seek solution and corresponding vibration shape, the choice that is electric machinery provides a basis. 4.

Coupling is analysed normally the driving moment that analytic process is the load that gets in place of surface of impeller of the computation in COSMOSFloWorks and water pump, can read the load that takes these data to serve as a spare parts directly in COSMOSWorks in order to have a structure finite yuan of analysis. To impeller character, load basically is the water pressure that sheds a face to go up too; To main shaft character, load basically is the driving moment that drive impeller rotates and axial pulling force. 6, conclusion compose builds the water pump that is based on SolidWorks design, emulate and create platform, can come true the design that does not have accident and make, through using COSMOS software, and use fictitious prototype technology in products plan stage by stage, will complete change develops the situation with backward method, reduce the production of physical prototype and test thereby, achieve shorten the development cycle, goal that lowers the development cost, rate that accelerates a product to change. With the product that SolidWorks makes three-dimensional animation is bidding huge competition advantage can be shown in the process, it is at the same time in after service, OK and directive field assembly, be in appoint in extra work, also more can clear expression designs an intent. SolidWorks will become the hematic arteries and veins that enterprise informatization builds, every branch can be benefited from which. CNC Milling