Contented aperture imposes labour and thread machining requirement

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Current, hard alloy already made the material of first selection foundation that a lot of industry process. Muti_function broach is very popular also. A lot of users manufacture the cutting tool that demand bearing matchs with its to obtain, aux would rather pay taller cutting tool the price. The historian thinks, the first tap is made probably at BC 400 years, and of bore tool come out to be gotten even early much. Although these are basic workmanship already time is ages ago, but the technical progress with significant meaning continues to today all the time however. The demand of the industry such as aviation, medicine, oil drove the progress of most processing technique, basically be right among them high accuracy, efficient, small size and (fall in a lot of circumstances) right " clean treatment " demand. Machining diametical 50mm or smaller Kong Shi, broach remains the tool that has absolutely advantage, although laser, " water knife " the application that processes a domain in aperture with discharge treatment also is in constant growth. Current, hard alloy already made the material of first selection foundation that a lot of industry process. Muti_function broach is very popular also. A lot of users manufacture the cutting tool that demand bearing matchs with its to obtain, aux would rather pay taller cutting tool the price. To satisfy the requirement that processes new metallic material, agree offer company (Kennametal) developed a kind to use new name and new geometrical design but dislocation type broach. According to agreeing the Chet Parzick of offer company introduces, the broach of this company already can be gotten cut treatment the diameter is small the small deep hole that achieves 30 times aperture to 3mm, hole depth. These long broach are for the treatment of car component development for the most part. Big clear and accurate tool company (the Tim Stapula of BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling) points out, the demand that machines to nicety was driven belt inferior micron class is adjustable the development of the boring cutting tool of boring head. For example, the user of a lot of aviation and automobile industry asks to achieve ± 0.

Of 013mm bore hole precision, run to realize the high speed of automation line, this must assure. To ensure essence of life locates truly, the bolt of differential of fine tuning pitch that can be used at high speed boring and balance were deployed to adjust on this boring cutter dish. To the treatment of smaller aperture, this company offerred range of bore diameter dimension 4 - the series of broach of Quatro 15 Plus of 20mm. Hold a diameter for clip less bit and establish milling cutter, big clear and offerred a kind of rotate speed to be 50 - the air main shaft of 80000rpm, its diameter jumps the error is 3µm only. Current American market is driven by the development of industry of aviation industry, oil natural gas. These two industries use stainless steel and high temperature in great quantities super alloy (HRSA) material. To satisfy the requirement that processes these data, full company of coke of gram of hill spy dimension developed set of CoroDrill 880 broach (bore diameter 12 - 64mm, hole depth can come 5D) . Of this company auger cut product expert Curtis Cole to point out, in broach design, often use but broach of type of dislocation razor blade undertakes half rough machining and semifinishing machining. The cost of broach of integral hard alloy is higher, but auger cut precision ability of tall, position is good. Integral hard alloy is used at making the bit under diametical 20mm normally. Shanteweike's CoroDrill 880 but the product that the treatment function of dislocation broach replaces than it rises considerably. R846 Delta-C is gotten cut a system (Jin Jian is gotten) the newest product that also is Shanteweike, its characteristic was to use the design of horny getting pointed appearance, cutting blade that has coherent and consistent appearance curve and protective round part, and the deeper chamfer of bits of can fluent platoon. These designs are helpful for using higher cutting rate, reduce cutting force and prolong cutting tool life, make cutting tool wears away equably, fall the possibility of damaged of horn of point of a knife to lowest, stabilize cutting function. ATI Stellram company is new developed broach of hard alloy of a kind of double material, its characteristic was to apply " strong character " technology -- broach core ministry uses a kind to be able to resist the material of imperceptible grain hard alloy of damaged of point of a knife. According to saying, the life of this broach is current the common other on the market is 4 times of broach more high-powered. Explanation of Werner Mueller of manager of product of Stellram company whole world says, this broach used the hard alloy data of two kinds of different names, one kind has better flexibility, enough bears bring to bear on the cutting pressure that getting a needle to go up; Another kind has better wearability, the high rate appearance that can handle with cutting tool external diameter matchs. When cutting tool outside when week cutting blade undertakes cutting with very high surface rate, get a needle to be able to absorb tall cutting pressure to keep basically stable. Name of uses two kinds of hard alloy is designed technically according to machining a requirement, the workpiece material that can cut according to be being gotten chooses different hard alloy name and its combination. Because wear away,force is reduced, to come true " 0 diameter jump " , used the part getting a tip of 140 ° . Current, this company already can be offerred use at cutting steel and cast-iron broach brand, its grow diameter comparing to be 3:1With 5:1. Inside year will can offer long way than be 5:1With 8:1inside cold pattern broach. Werner introduced an application example: Requirement of some kind of treatment machines 814 aperture on hard steel of 4140 temper by dipping in water, original need uses 3 bit, handling time exceeds 66 minutes. And use 1 " strong character " broach undertakes machining, drilled 814 hole with 34 minutes only (treatment speed is every aperture 2.

5 seconds) . Company of harvester instrument engineering (Allied Machine And Engineering, the product manager Rob Brown of AMEC) expresses, "We take pair of clients seriously to be answered of demand quickly very much. The client does not want to know when goods can send, they want to know only why goods has not sent now! Because shorten,this is of development cycle pressure is very great, and the person that works in the workshop is very few. Meanwhile, moving cost also is increasing the unit time of the machine tool ceaselessly. Our company has a very old cutting tool warehouse for finished product, stock is all sorts of geometry parameter, different the cutting tool of length and coating. We still can think the specific industry such as steel products of water and electricity, building, car provides the cutting tool that suits its to machine a characteristic. " AMEC also can answer with the shortest noise time provides custom-built cutting tool. To conduce to the quick delivery of special cutting tool, AMEC developed Insta-Quote system, this is package of software of a kind of online quote, can provide product quoted price and blueprint in real time. Machine cycle to shorten, reduce cutting tool inventory, the market is right muti_function the demand of cutting tool is very big also. AMEC rolls out aperture to process solution and product to the market ceaselessly, if GEN3SYS is gotten high into rate getting to cut system, GEN2 T-A to open type broach, and the Revolution Drill of newest development, this is a kind adjustable type IC broach, the largest regulated quantity of its diameter direction can be amounted to 0.

200" , the oldest long way is compared for 4.

5. Most tool manufacturer notices, can the cutting tool of stainless steel of high accuracy treatment and super alloy has demand of very big market. To satisfy this kind of requirement, stay in company of friendly electrical engineering hard alloy (Sumitomo Electric Carbide Inc.

) for its SMD can change tine coronal broach to design a variety of new-style get a tip, include a kind to be used at machining super alloy, use kind of special cutting blade preparation and figure of geometry of point of a knife get a tip. According to Introduction Paul Ratzki of this company, smooth coating of the it is better to got a needle to use wearability hard alloy name that machines super alloy and company proprietary DEX. As a result of stainless steel and super alloy viscosity is normally bigger, not easy cutting, the passivation processing rate that because this is right,gets pointed cutting blade is lighter. DEX coating is for contented and medical what the spare parts machines is strict ask and develop, the matrix of cutting tool and coating must accord with the requirement of human body health. The MTL-C of another kind of new development gets a needle to be used at cast-iron treatment. Undertake through blade of pointed to getting cutting passivation is handled, utmost ground reduced the common collapse blade phenomenon when treatment is cast-iron. Be opposite to satisfy longer the demand of broach, the length that gets system diameter comparing expands to 8, improved the capacity of industry of deep Kong Jia of broach thereby. As a result of SMD but broach of dislocation hard alloy used unique dentate connection system to come connection getting needle and get system, raised broach precision, accordingly its machine precision to compare a tradition but broach of type of dislocation razor blade is taller. This company will offer bit of more whole hard alloy henceforth, still will roll out diametical 50mm above next year but dislocation broach. Whorl can be pressed through boiling, tap, mill is made and grind make wait for technique treatment. When tap is machined, the tap with more largish than bore diameter diameter is entered by strong thrust inside aperture, outside tap circumferential the knife chamfer that go up can cut a whorl, the undertakes basically be relyinged on bringing to bear on torque of treatment. When mill makes thread, the kind that the milling cutter that the diameter is less than bore diameter ties with circular motion and sharp campaign appearance makes a thread in the mill on hole wall. Grind make whorl be confined to whorl of treatment high accuracy (if measure guide screw of small screw, ball the) such as spare parts of main shaft of deputy, machine tool. Be more than the workpiece material of HRC50 to hardness, grinding may be method of exclusive practicable thread machining. Emery wheel place arrives from alumina with abrasive diamond or CBN each are not identical. The columnar product branch of UGT company offerred grinding machine of whorl of Studer numerical control for whorl grinding treatment. Although it is machine tool of a kind of standard, but deployed use at grinding distributive special software. Process designing is very simple, pass one-time setting, the user can undertake groovy and columnar grinding and whorl grinding. This software can be calculated whorl tooth with long form process, still can control C axis. Want the button below press only, can generate standard whorl tooth model. The whorl that LMT company can provide a variety of model boils control treatment system (include axial, radial and tangential) of device rolling silk. Current, the biggest market of these device rolling silk is to add outfit use on numerical control lathe and machining center. With cut make whorl photograph compare, boil with this device make thread machining career faster. T220F is tangential the product that device rolling silk is newest development, can use at odd axis and much axis on thread cutting lathe and numerical control lathe, the norms limits that its machine whorl is length of whorl of M2 – M38, roll the actual time that makes a thread to be 1 second about. A lot of thread machining are concerned with fastener, there also is whorl of many high accuracy to need to machine in the production of product of linear gearing, electron and spare parts of transmit electricity equipment. For example, drake makes service company can offer series inside, cylindrical grinder, can use at grinding to make tap, worm, gear, guide screw and motivation turn to a spare parts to wait. Worm wheel of high accuracy worm deputy (quality accords with DIN 2 standard) the deviation of requirement tooth profile and lead does not exceed a few micron, this kind of worm wheel deputy use at drive the chuck of automatic and prejudicial clamp on the shafting on workbench of four-axle fixed position and machine tool, gear-hobbing machine, use increasingly at food to serve the industrial reducer gear case of course of study, tolerate hard with etc terminal user the circumstance of gear noise. James L of Drake company president.

Vosmik points out, the market that worries another when make thread constant growth and small-sized electron device (reach similar unit like driver of phone of mobile phone of IPods, blackberry, beehive, CD, palmtop computer) treatment is concerned. Machine the fastener screw on these electronic device to need diametical 3mm or smaller tap. Current, the grinder that machines this kind of tap by drive of linear electric machinery, compare with the machine tool posture that adopts drive of ball guide screw, allow to use the higher rate that shovel tine. Add use manipulator from every time but full-dress the workpiece of tray jacket discharge of 300 above workpiece, make the automation treatment of unmanned guard becomes a possibility. The optional means of thread machining includes tap, mill to make, grinding and cold boil shape. Turning whorl and tap are the final process that the spare parts machines normally, accordingly, to intricate work, because discard as useless cost is too high, thread machining becomes very crucial. According to Advent Tool&Manufacturing company Ross D.

The viewpoint of Wegryn-Jones, because current machine tool has helix interpolation function,already comparatived general, because this makes thread in the mill in a few treatment,replacing tap gradually. Whorl milling can use milling cutter of integral hard alloy already, also can use but dislocation cutting tool. Processing data harder, treatment is periodic quality of shorter, treatment asks more advanced tap appears easily the treatment circumstance of the problem, use whorl milling craft to have an advantage. However, when whorl bottom outlet when lesser, hole depth is bigger, whorl milling can become very difficult. To solve this one difficult problem, the Advent Tool company that pursues whorl milling treatment technically offerred a variety of cutting tool solutions. The machine tool power that place of Nextpage whorl milling needs is very little. But, handlers must be clear about, when milling whorl, pressure of side direction load increases in the meeting on tool system, machine tool and clamping apparatus. To overcome load of this kind of side direction, advent Tool offerred a variety of solutions, include to use crisscross to arrange tooth, decrease tine is designed with a variety of helix chamfer. Wegryn-Jones points out, when cutting tool or tap break off to become a potential problem in workpiece, whorl mill makes the advantage of craft be shown, because if whorl milling cutter breaks off, take out more easily from inside workpiece. Because thread machining is one of final treatment working procedure of workpiece, the value of workpiece itself is right now higher, accordingly this is mill makes thread a very large dominant position. When undertaking to standard whorl typical milling is machined, 75% what the diameter of whorl milling cutter should be screw old way normally. Whorl milling cutter turns with every the rate of a pitch makes feed of axis of Z of a week edge repeatedly circular motion (suitable mill) , cut thereby make a thread. Of whorl cooperate accuracy class to depend on the diameter of correct milling cutter that aux will be able to cuts correct whorl size inputs controller. Controller and programmer process code and order through what weave correctly, can ensure treatment goes on wheels. According to diverse treatment demand, advent milling cutter can use the bit of different amount. For example, the Kong Ke of milling diameter 152mm contains the big milling cutter of 30 razor blade with using. If to productivity the requirement is not too tall word, advent still can offer another kind of small milling cutter that has a few bit only. This kind of minor milling cutter place needs to machine periodic likelihood a bit a few longer, but applicable closes at more treatment field. Use rotate the whorl processing of cutting tool is to be on an alone machine tool normally undertake, nevertheless it also can serve as system of a kind of optional treatment to deploy certain and groovy machine tool to go up. In this kind of treatment (no matter be the whorl inside treatment,still be outside whorl) , it is the feed of cutting tool shift that by workpiece Xiang Xuan turns, when rotating to form pitch with the synchronous motion of feed, cutting tool can be cut make a thread. Another kind of when develop by ministry of Leistritz company machine tool thread that has distinguishing feature alone shapes the method is called " inward turning law " . According to Introduction Ralph Wehmann of this company, be in " inward turning law " in treatment, odd blade cutting tool rotates to swing again already. Place momentum to be able to be in system of machine tool numerical control process designing set, come out through whorl data computation. This kind of motion ensured cutting tool can be in material of as perpendicular as the helix angle of whorl directional excision workpiece. This system can grow the aperture that diameter compares to undertake accurate thread machining greatly to having, because the as it happens of main strong point of cutting tool is located in at the back of cutting place. The treatment precision of this kind of method but with inside whorl grinding treatment is rivalled, its handling time is shorter at the same time, treatment cycle is faster. In addition, it still can improve the appearance bright and clean degree, need not use cooling fluid, the steel that can amount to HRC63 in hardness go up treatment whorl. "Abrasive water knife " a when Kong Jia is versed in craft is Flow company development main technique, its apply ability to just begin to start. Introduce according to senior expert Steve Craigen, this craft suits to be on the material such as reaction engine spare parts, composite material, glass, thin pottery and porcelain, hard metal very much auger cut alveolus, its apply the market to expanding ceaselessly. This craft is machining effect of composite material side remarkable, machine speed not only because of it fast, and won't create material statified. As a result of reaction engine spare parts the surface defends for heat and besmear Fu has coat of thin pottery and porcelain, as poorer as quality of surface of laser beam machining compare slower with discharge treatment speed, "Water knife " auger cut all have an advantage in this two respects. The main problem of existence is to get cut beehive material or need of only a side to get cut case. Below this kind of circumstance, "Water knife " the choice of correct cutting tool that is not task of the treatment that finish. Mohamed Hashish of advanced technology vice president says, flow company developed vacuum to assist technology for these treatment, the fact proves, should assist technology crucial to can rising in the bore on sensitive data action. Before knife of the water that start is machined, use an exterior vacuum above all head of cutting of engulf of source general abrasive, in order to ensure workpiece material won't get of pure current pound and create composite material statified or vitreous material disintegrate. A kind of typical treatment of aviation industry is it is only in ply 1 - the bore on the wall of engine room of carbon fiber reaction engine of 2mm. Because the amount of need bore is huge (10 thousand tens of) , because this requirement is gotten,cut a course must very fast. Use " water knife " auger cut the treatment rate that can achieve every aperture to be less than 1 second. Nevertheless, of fluid eject start with stopping a technology is a field that still wants development, because it is periodic to deciding bore,having main effect. Current, allegedly the treatment speed of system of Flow water knife already exceeded mechanical bore, launching a challenge to the speed of laser bore. Because the price of abrasive is higher and higher, a debit method that how because should consider seriously this now,uses abrasive and possibility more efficiently. Fortunately bore does not need too much abrasive, for example, in groovy cutting (not be bore) when, system of a treatment is minutely should use 1 pound abrasive about, and be cut to alveolus getting and character, the abrasive of need is only minutely about 0.

15 pounds. Agie Charmilles company rolled out machine tool of two kinds of bore -- Drill 11 and treatment of discharge of a cut that it is a line are gotten cut beforehand the machine tool of aperture. Drill 11 is one kind is used at be in hard data (the hard steel that be like temper by dipping in water or hard alloy) the special machine tool of the bore on workpiece, auger cut bore diameter limits for 0.

3 - 3.

0mm, turn aperture deepness can amount to 200mm. Use thirdly number of axle controls a system, can undertake machining process designing to the aperture of all sorts of diameters, in order to come true full automatic treatment. Dimension of machine tool workbench is 400mm × 300mm, working journey is 300mm of × of 300mm × 200mm, its are gotten at many o'clock cut function and unifinication runner shaft to make its can undertake in many positions electric corrode bore is machined automatically. Use a kind optional those who buy is small auger, can machine small to 0.

The electrode of 1mm. Machine bore diameter to satisfy the double demand with higher precision of smaller, treatment, agie company machined a machine tool to develop a kind of alveolus to machine kit for existing discharge, it has a special electrode oriented system, can use 0.

The electrode of 05mm machines a diameter 0.

The alveolus of 06mm. In addition, agie company still can supply microscope accessory for the user, its installation machines machine tool main shaft to go up in discharge, can undertake detecting accurately to the quality of alveolus. Laser beam machining is versed in in Kong Jia the market has his individual action, it is in industry of aviation turbine motor is particularly welcome. Produced huge hole to machine the market to the demand of cold turbine engine. These engine need to make the movement below the temperature of engine material melting point in prep above normally, for normal movement, engine relies on complex cooling system. For example, new-style combination atttacks battleplan (there are more than 2 million openings on the engine of JSF) , it is to use for the most part 100 - laser getting cuts the Nd ∶ YAG of 250W. Mark Barry of Laserdyne company vice president points out, bore diameter dimension remains a kind of challenge, below certain circumstance, the diameter of requirement of spare parts aperture of new design is small to 0.

025mm. In addition, also drove laser to process medium application in aperture to all-time demand of small-sized reaction engine. The huge amount of the engine in these new programs makes automation treatment indispensable, manufacturing rate already was decided no longer by handlers. Be being become more and more complex by the dimension of treatment aperture and position. In the design previously, cooling aperture is a circle normally, can undertake machining with a kind of fixed means. But the analysis shows, blame circle aperture and mode of irregular starting a hole can realize more effective refrigeration. Because this asks production engineer machines aperture some diameter no longer, ask to generate velocity of flow through specific spare parts however, need undertakes going from place to place experimenting will determine velocity of flow through be on workpiece, determine the dimension of aperture, appearance and position next again by the computer. Use newest laser bore technology, can control the discharge error of cooling fluid the ± in rated discharge at present 2% - 3% . The temperature that maintains engine to be helpful for won't be elevatory, a lot of spare partses use adiabatic coating (TBC) tries to protect, this may make get it is more difficult to cut treatment to become. Challenge to answer this to plant, tapmatic company uses one each to invert tap device will avoid main shaft to invert retreat a knife, make the machine tool can run continuously by the speed of correct set thereby, the power that means of this kind of treatment consumes (power) be equivalent to machine tool main shaft needing to invert only the 1/4 when retreating a knife. Introduce according to Mark Johnson of Tapmatic company president, this company is what tap of efficient numerical control machines newest development to invert oneself, device of constant speed tap (CST) can shorten treatment cycle, improve tap life, because be in cutting process tap need not decelerate. Because machine tool main shaft need not invert, accordingly also need not decelerate, avoided machine tool main shaft to wear away because of what invert and cause, can make the power of tap is used up reduce 75% . Ask in opposite yield not quite high case falls, rigid tap is the tap method with the widest application. Tapmatic company rolled out the SynchroFlex series product that uses rigid tap technology. Johnson explanation says, use these products to be able to ensure tap life raises one times above, can improve whorl quality, because decreased to change the frequency of tap, shortened thereby auxiliary man-hour. The series product that develops for rigid tap includes CAPTO handle, CAT handle, BT handle and straight power cutting tool, and the tap clip that uses shrinkage fitting to change collet and ER sleeve collet collet, TG collet, quickly runs a system. The CST of Tapmatic company and SynchroFlex cutting tool all can offer minimum to lubricate through main shaft (MQL) . This company still can provide Dry-Cut MLQ lubricant to do cutting nearly, use this to plant but the minim lubricant of degradation can be replaced pouring cooling fluid, can save waste liquid to process charge. Be in most below extreme circumstance, a diameter is gotten likely already to be the alveolus of 30µm on hair silk of the person. Say a few more actually, be in likely already of titanium alloy spare parts tilt apparently get a diameter 0.

1mm, deepness 0.

The aperture of 9mm. However, when use miniature broach is machined, having a few parameter is to must consider but often uncared-for. A parameter is main shaft diameter jumps, stubby broach jumps to main shaft diameter than fine and long broach more not sensitive; What other parameter includes the precision of axis of the resonance of main shaft, Z and main shaft is rigid. On general accuracy machine tool or numerical control machine tool, get cut deepness to achieve bore diameter 15 times be a likelihood. Can use two paces to machine a law: Get treatment with shallow Kong Dingxin first, reoccupy lengthen gets treatment. For example, be in metalloid material or plastic on, get 23 times what cut deepness to be able to achieve bore diameter. Nowadays, tool supplier had developed a lot of cutting tool range of products, avery kind of has his specific utility. Have bit of a kind of 3 chamfer, although be not brand-new the product of the design, but because it can bear bigger torque, because this is machining light profile,very tall material purify can come true to lead when makings. Grow the Kong Shi that diameter compares greatly in treatment, the performance of 2 chamfer broach that 3 chamfer broach compares a level is much better. About getting pointed geometry figure, already had plan of hundreds kinds of design. Optimal method is to be aimed at every kinds of specific treatment requirement to devise best treatment plan, is not to try to machine plan to solve all treatment problems with a kind. In horological industry, the aperture that needs tap is small to 0.

35mm, the high accuracy that needs to using accurate report main shaft uses rigid tap treatment on the machine tool, this kind of aperture is used normally " peck attack " tap means. Can prove, in all sorts of thread machining means, the efficiency of tap is highest. Tap can machine a whorl with very short treatment cycle, acquire consistent treatment quality and longer cutting tool life. The chamfer retreating a knife that passes pair of tap, pour length of awl, whorl and the chamfer that discharge bits unique design that wait, can achieve very high treatment rate. Emuge company develops amain tap can be in machine tool of contemporary numerical control undertakes high speed tap. If tap time shortens hourly 10 minutes (machine tool charge is horary 150 dollars) , can save every year 12.

50 thousand dollar, machine tool process capability will rise 833 hours. The basis machines need, whorl milling also is a kind of of thread machining very right choice. The whorl milling cutter of the design has high cutting rate and feed, the whorl that treatment gives has good profile, face bright and clean spend and dimension precision, pass the strict control of pair of whorl deepness and position, can assure the whorl precision of optimization, the advantage of whorl milling still includes to be able to machine difficult treatment material, can avoid tap to break off inside workpiece, and form easily pilot is petty cut bits. CNC Milling