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Summary: The machine tool of coder of use increment pulse is easy produce a reference point breakdown. The article analysed 5 breakdown that when machining center winds reference point, call the police, offerred breakdown processing technique. Keyword: Machining center; Wind reference point; Absolutely pulse coder; Increment pulse coder; Call the police; Breakdown; The graph in parameter classifies date: TG659 document label piles up: B machining center winds reference point, what the basis measures feedback component is different, cent is absolutely pulse coder and increment pulse coder two kinds of means. Absolutely pulse coder regards feedback as the system of component, in the normal use procedure after machine tool installation is debugged, as long as mothball batteries is effective, switch on the mobile phone every time need not again the hand moves a reference point. And in the system of increment pulse coder, g code instruction is used to wind reference point in there is a hand to use a reference point or program after switching on the mobile phone every time two kinds of means. Exchanging cutting tool automatically normally (ATC) or workbench (APC) when, some axis or requirement of a few axes return reference point position, the behavioral frequency that reason winds reference point is taller, to using the machine tool of increment pulse coder for, produce a reference point breakdown more easily. The machine tool of coder of use increment pulse, switch on the mobile phone commonly usedly the hand uses the measure that winds reference point is likeness commonly. The rod of machine tool X that system of FANUC OM numerical control uses with matching here answers reference point to be a specification. 0 mode are answered in reference point, the axis that presses need winds reference point is like X axis, workbench with parameter No.

The rate of 518 set moves quickly; When decelerate blocks iron pressing to issue switch of reference point decelerate, PMC receives a tall n to change to the jumping of low n signal, workbench with parameter No.

The rate of 534 set moves to reference point slowly; When decelerate blocks iron to release decelerate switch, PMC receives to arrive by low n of tall n jump change signal, after this, give out pulse of a null when coder 10 hind, workbench is again mobile parameter No.

A paragraph of distance of 508 set, workbench stops, reference point establish. Switch on the mobile phone only after the hand moves a reference point, by parameter No.

700 with No.

The limit of X axis journey of 704 set ability is effective. Because axis of X of some kind of reason exceeds parameter No,become.

700 with No.

When the limits of 704 set, CRT shows X axis crosses the journey to call the police. One, Taiwan produces VMC85A machining center to switch on the mobile phone axis of the X when the hand moves a reference point has appeared the journey calls the police breakdown enquires handlers switchs on the mobile phone the case that returns reference point. Before switching on the mobile phone, workbench X axis is located in reference point position, use JOG mode moves workbench after from reference point one paragraph is apart from, again the hand moves a reference point, workbench moves to all the time with higher rate appear to stop urgently call the police, meantime blocks the decelerate process after iron comes up against decelerate switch without decelerate. In JOG mode, press exceed Cheng to release switch, by one X key makes X axial exceeds the directional shift with contrary Cheng, move after leaving reference point 300mm, press RESET key, call the police eliminate. 0 mode are answered to undertake X axis winds reference point afresh in reference point, appear to stop urgently again call the police. The observation when calling the police, workbench X axis stops to be near reference point, coordinate of machinery of examination X axis shows for 288.

322mm, the process that returns reference point namely is half-baked. Move workbench to intermediate position, press RESET key, x axial square appears namely to mobile a few exceed Cheng to call the police, coordinate of machinery of axis of X of examination CRT monitor is 0.

502mm, exceeded parameter No.

0 of 700 set.

The limits of 500mm, because this had appeared,the journey calls the police. Should call the police for soft spacing. According to afore-mentioned analysises, breakdown reason may be a switch of reference point decelerate unusual. The PMC that checks decelerate switch through CRT diagnostic picture inputs a dot, show for 0, normal when should be 1. Tear open next X axis fender, check switch of X axis decelerate, after discovering switch is pressed to fall, cannot play piece. Apparent, this breakdown is by handlers undesirable close machine habit to cause. 2, Taiwan produces ME810S machining center to switch on the mobile phone the hand moves a reference point, this machine compounds the trouble of opposite way shift that X axial winds reference point with system of SIEMENS 840D numerical control, each axis uses means of half closed-loop control, coder of use increment pulse serves as detect feedback component. The machine tool switchs on the mobile phone the behavioral course that X axis hand moves a reference point is, x axis moves to reference point direction with fast feed speed first, be blocked by decelerate when origin decelerate switch when iron pressing falls, PLC inputs bit of I32.

2 signal by 1 turn into 0, this CNC receives this to jump change directive of the output after signal, make after X axis apply the brake slow fast move to opposite way; When decelerate blocks iron to release decelerate switch, i32.

2 signal by 0 jump turn into 1, x axis apply the brake arrives 0 hind haul, with slow fast move to reference point direction; Press switch of next reference point decelerate again when decelerate archives iron when, 132.

2 signal by 1 turn into 0. After this, the null mark pulse that CNC receives increment pulse coder to give out 10 when, after X axis continues to run the distance of parameter set again, stop, reference point establish, answer end of reference point process. This kind of means can avoid to already undertook reference point operates the harm that causes to machining center in reference point position answering. Already undertook when axis of machining center X reference point is operated in reference point position answering when, i32.

2 initiative signal are 0, CNC detects after this kind of condition, give out to wind reference point way the athletic statement of opposite way, be released in decelerate switch, namely I32.

2 for 1 hind, way of movement of X axis change to answer shift of reference point direction, undertake afore-mentioned answering reference point process. According to breakdown phenomenon, after suspicion answers switch of reference point decelerate to be pressed to fall, although X axis has moved,leave reference point, but switch cannot restoration. With PLC diagnostic examination affirms judicious. Inquiry handlers, when the machine tool switchs on the mobile phone, each axis is among the journey the position, because stop in reference point position,eliminated machine, decelerate blocks iron to pressing decelerate switch to cause the breakdown cause of invalidation of switch bedspring exhaustion continuously. Also explain this decelerate switch is closing before machine already invalidation. Process designing of numerical control machine tool member when machine program of work out spare parts, should end in the program (like M30) before, add a G code statement that orders among each axis, in order to reduce the happening of this kinds of breakdown. Machining center of EV650 of nextpage3, Japan answers reference point to go out to exceed Cheng to sign up for general breakdown now this machining center deserves to control a system with FANUC16M, use absolutely pulse coder to regard as detect feedback component, answer reference point to use without mode of switch control of reference point decelerate. Because CNC reachs the mothball batteries invalidation of absolutely pulse coder, cause parameter to lose. After distributing equipment parameter to be loaded afresh with the computer, when winding reference point, each axis surrounds the position intermediate to stop namely in journey model, complete a reference point process. Mobile each axis, although its are in the journey intermediate position, CRT also shows coordinate of buy of each position of axle exceeds software spacing, had appeared the journey calls the police. Use the system of absolutely pulse coder, switch on the mobile phone after batteries invalidation, the mechanical position that each axis is in is admitted to become reference point position namely. The machining center that uses absolutely pulse coder builds the measure of true reference point to be as follows afresh. 1. Below OFFSET menu, install PWE=1. 2. CNC parameter No.

1815Setting of X/Y/Z each axis is 00000000. 3. X/Y/Z each axis hand is moved move to mechanical origin around. 4. 0 mode are answered in reference point, each axis hand moves a reference point. 5. Observe whether each axis is carefully reference point locally, the reference point position that waits for relative axis with ATC, APC especially is exact. If forbid truly, repeat 3 to till 4 paces are accurate. 6. Modification No.

1815 for 00110000. 7. Set PWE for 0. 8. Involve CNC power supply, switch on the mobile phone in a few minutes, it is normal to move each axis move each axis to move a reference point from defensive position of reference point position. Be worth what carry is, before the reshipment after parameter is missing, move each axis to mechanical origin position. After installing parameter, want to press a normal reference point operating sequence only, switch on the mobile phone defensive position moves an each axis reference point can. 4, axis of Z of Taiwan VMC85A machining center answers reference point to go out to exceed the journey to call the police now motion of axis of Z of this machining center pounds breakdown apparently from time to tome sound, the CRT when winding reference point shows Z axis exceeds the journey to call the police. Positional information shows machine of axis of the Z on observation CRT 0.

511, department software exceeds Cheng. Affirm via the experiment, should call the police when appearing, the process that the hand moves a reference point is half-baked still. Observe when the hand moves a reference point decelerate switch inputs PMC signal DGN 16.

5 change are normal, explain decelerate switch does not have a problem. CNC parameter No.

702 set are 99999999, it is normal that the hand moves a reference point. No.

702 reset are answered 500. But when treatment part program moves, when G code winds reference point, appear again exceed Cheng to call the police. Examination servo electric machinery comes the mechanical drive of workbench each link, discover guide screw of Z axis ball tightens locknut to become loose beforehand. Tear open next locknut, the removed annulus below wears away serious, measure so that wear extent is 0.

511mm. This is breakdown reason. 5, Taiwan VMC85A machining center switchs on the mobile phone the speed when X axis winds reference point slows apparently, deviation of buy of AL411 X position of axle appears to cross old newspaper to check DGN16 of signal of switch of X axis decelerate for breakdown when approaching reference point.

5 for 0, should be normally 1. Suspect switch of reference point decelerate is undesirable. Change reference point rate is returned after switch still slower, CRT shows F12 000r/min, AL411 appears when approaching reference point, breakdown as before. The hand uses experiment decelerate switch, observation DGN 16.

5 change circumstance, input signal by the PMC when pressing / to release decelerate switch invariant. Check discovery, this decelerate switch joins cable interior opens circuit. Use reserve the line changes try after fault line machine, it is normal to return reference point rate, the rate when reference point is being approached after decelerate blocks switch of the decelerate below iron pressing is regular also, but still appear AL411 calls the police. The likelihood that occurrence AL411 calls the police the reason is as follows. 1. Set of deviation of buy of position of axle is wrong. Check parameter No.

504 correct. 2. When CNC controls servo amplifier to add decelerate, electric current of servo electric machinery is small, electric machinery rotates lag. The position controls the margin of error of circuit to increase. Check constant of fast feed time parameter is invariant. 3. Power source inputs three-phase voltage under rated voltage 15 % . Voltage of examination input power source is normal. 4. Servo electric machinery uses force circuit or detect loop cable connection is bad. The examination does not have a problem. 5. Main circuit board the circuit of positional control segment or servo amplifier board breakdown. Via experimenting for many times, discover what should call the police to give existing and certain rule: Around reference point only ability occurrence AL411 calls the police, other position is completely normal. Suspect mechanical failure causes this to call the police. Demolish reference point of X axis workbench the slideway fender of side, discover shield of bedspring of ball guide screw is out of shape, block is blocked when X axis winds reference point, cause leap of obstruction of servo electric machinery, deviation of buy of position of axle of occurrence AL411 X calls the police greatly too. After handling good shield, try machine everything is normal. When machining center malfunctions, in the analysis breakdown reason is mixed after removing trouble, want to sum up breakdown to repair a circumstance ceaselessly, try to improve production quality blemish, homebred to affecting the component of function to want change, maintain machine down time in order to shorten, reduce upkeep costs. CNC Milling