DXF changeover

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One, because Auto CAD turns,to UG from Auto CAD the DXF file that give does not contain information of public imperial unit, before the DXF document that produces in Auto CAD so turns into UG, must have unit set. Modification file Dxftoug.

The unit set in Def: UNITS = Metric (metric) or English (imperial) . 2, the font that to make to Auto CAD from UG Auto CAD can identify UG, before the DXF document that produces in UG turns into Auto CAD, install DXF word file according to the following measure. Ugtxt of the word below Ugtodxf catalog file.

Shp and Ugmtxt.

Shp duplicates to fall to the font catalog of Auto CAD. Compile (Compile) word file, produce two files Ugtxt.

Shx and Ugmtxt.

Shx. When turning the Drawing of UG into DXF, enter hypostatic information to avoid to take. Should shut curved surface of two changeover options (Surfaces) with entity (Solids) , or modification file Ugtodxf.

Def is as follows: .



UGI_CURVE_MASK = Points, lines, arcs, conics, b-Curves, silhouette Curves, solid Edges On Drawings, all Solid EdgesUGI_SURF_MASK = UGI_ANNOT_MASK = Dimensions, notes, labels, ID Symbols, tolerances, centerlines, crosshatching, draft Aid By Parts, stand Alone Symbols, symbol FontsUGI_STRUCT_MASK = Groups, views, drawings, components, reference SetsUGI_SOLID_MASK = .



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