Groovy 4U labour accuses skill of machine type selecting

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Groovy 4U labour accuses machine it is we accuse domain application in labour at present the widest, the amount is maximum also, with us a kind of the commonnest labour accuses machine, it is distinguished at industrial flat computer and consolidate computer, be in current and character, quality respect of valence comparing, stability still outshines the rest, because this also is current industrial domain everybody is the most welcome, grind for instance China labour accuses labour of the IPC610 in machine, China north to accuse machine RPC610, RICH300 and Ling Hua labour to accuse machine, Ximen child labour accuses in machine 547, the 847 series skill that attributes this one kind accuses machine, so do you know labour of this kind of 4U accuses the type selecting skill of machine? Above all, what is what should everybody know the person is the most crucial? Yes! Heart! Does that labour accuse machine? It is of course advocate board! Because of this choice 4U labour accuses machine, first selection looks advocate board! And labour accuses machine advocate board design and layout and labour accuse machine advocate board charge for the making of sth. is used stuff is right labour accuses machine advocate board quality can say the most crucial. At present labour accuses machine advocate board charge for the making of sth. uses expect main component is: 1, PCB(printed circuit board) quality of charge for the making of sth. has assuring PC board colour keeps basically consistent, bright and clean had spent, look the general quality that glossy shines is better. The level with PCB ply average number is 4, 6 layer board, of course 6 layer board quality are close friends a lot of. 2, SMT(surface is stuck outfit) yuan the charge for the making of sth. of parts of an apparatus basically passes observation certain yuan parts of an apparatus sticks outfit precision to decide advocate board manufacturing technology is superior, yuan of parts of an apparatus of the standard stick outfit fixed position accurate, without deflection. 3, labour accuses machine advocate board the work that with makings famous brand big plant institute produces accuses machine advocate board with makings, socket, patulous like CPU chamfer and insert what use a plant groove to plug abutment range yuan parts of an apparatus, advocate board performance also need not say more. Labour accuses machine advocate board layout basically is accuse from labour machine advocate board on of the arrangement of each component and circuitry walk along a line to reflect. Good work accuses machine advocate board look in the connoisseur's eye, it is an elegant artwork almost, the firm that offers chip form is in accuse to labour machine advocate board the design guide that chip form can offer accordingly when manufacturer shipment (CHIPSET DESIGN GUIDE) , still can have the model that is based on a standard commonly at the same time, we are called project board. Euramerican big plant constant according to the standard board design, the accords with place of official chip set to offer norms that can do, such practice function is ensured somewhat, but the price is controlled hard. The manufacturer of Taiwan area often for balance cost, can accuse in labour machine advocate board the make an issue of on structural composition, it is via often can blending in a few unique designs inside. (Some labour accuse 1) now machine advocate board manufacturer for managing cost, lower the price, can stand firm in the market, not only will board model number of plies, do not use fair edition design, still accuse in labour machine advocate board go up to also have corresponding adjustment with makings fittings, set of only contented chip makes the basic function requirement that raise, the labour that this kind of practice that reduces cost is pair of manufacturers accuses machine advocate board a test that devises position ability. What as much puts in less space is patulous, maintain stability and limitative interference even, such labour accuse machine advocate what the rationality that hardens compose arranges a design appears special is important, have a bit design a little unreasonable can cause dead engine, careless mistake gives very easily in these places in the manufacturer of not good of this actual strength on the dot, advocate board not stable, performance is poorer cause from this, so the author suggests, if what do not have special requirement, the worker worker that still employs fair edition design accuses machine advocate board better, how be being differentiated is fair edition design, that is about to see you be opposite the control of chip set degree. (2) labour accuses machine advocate board on interface component position is fixed generally speaking, cannot alter at will, be similar to the interface such as the patulous chamfer such as PICMG and clavier, mouse, USB is such, the aperture that they must cooperate box to go up, maintain relative position. But the fender that some moment can offer new box fender to replace box place to be taken oneself, will achieve new interface distribution. (The layout of 3)CPU and chip set, the circuit that is linked together as a result of CPU and CHIPSETS is more important, and chip set has special design demand, moreover the area design that chip set firm reachs its periphery to set of CPU, chip also has very clear demand, fair edition design is used when devising overall arrangement so almost. (4) divides patulous chamfer and CPU, CHIPSETS besides, other part can arrange the place freely quite. For example interface of ATX power source, should design be far from CPU fan, those who make get inside box better medicinal powder hot effect. (5) labour accuses machine advocate board layout requirement rationality, labour accuses machine advocate board certain design considers not very comprehensive, if your choose and buy when a few detail that need an attention, for example a division of labor accuses machine advocate board the installation that can affect fan in the capacitance near CPU interface, etc, these are the things that moment of your choose and buy should notice. CNC Milling