N10G92X100Z"> N10G92X100Z" />

Dish the numerical control lathe of 1 machines kind of spare parts source program

  • Time:
  • Click:635
Normal >N10 G92X100Z100; Normal >N20 M06T01M08; Normal >N30 M03S600; Normal >N40 G0042Z2; Normal >N50 G01Z0F200; Normal >N60 X5; Normal >N70 G0060Z10; Normal >N80 G73X50Z4P90Q120U0.


225K2R4F200; Normal >N90 G01X31.

55F100; Normal >N100 Z0; Normal >N110 G03X31.


977; Normal >N120 G01X60; Normal >N130 G00Z100; Normal >N140 X100; Normal >N150 M06T02; Normal >N160 G0015Z4; Normal >N170 G71X16Z2P180Q260U0.


5F200; Normal >N180 G01X30F100; Normal >N190 Z0; Normal >N200 X28.

031Z-1; Normal >N210 Z-10.

5; Normal >N220 X22Z-17.

5; Normal >N230 Z-28; Normal >N240 G03X18.


849R7; Normal >N250 G01Z-44; Normal >N260 X15; Normal >N270 M03S1000; Normal >N280 G70P180Q260; Normal >N290 G001X17F100; Normal >N300 G00Z100; Normal >N310 X100; Normal >N320 M06T01; Normal >N330 M03S1000; Normal >N340 G0040Z4; Normal >N350 G70P90Q120; Normal >N360 G00100; Normal >N370 Z100; Normal >N380 M03S200; Normal >N390 M06T03; Normal >N400 G0042Z-41.

975; Normal >N410 G01X15F20; Normal >N420 G0042; Normal >N430 G00100; Normal >N440 Z100; Normal >N450 NM06T01; Normal >N460 G00100Z100; Normal >N470 M05M09N480 M02; CNC Milling