AURUM3D scanner is in " the manufacturing quality of small-sized turbine lamina is controlled " application

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Turbine lamina is the main part that modern turbine technology uses, also be one of core spare partses of turbine motivation orgnaization. Turbine lamina has two kinds of different functions, the effect that has is different also. One kind is the kinetic energy of the fluid changeover becomes mechanical energy, plant even if change mechanical energy into the kinetic energy of the fluid additionally, have the effect that accelerates to the fluid. Turbine lamina has mechanical life to grow, working good point can finish in harsh environment, modern turbine technology applies gas turbine extensively (turbine engine, marine turbine advances engine) , hydraulic turbine (irrigation works generates electricity, pressurization vapour generates electricity) , wind- driven turbine (wind-force generates electricity, efflux of fan of wind tunnel efflux, channel connects wind fan) wait for a domain. Turbine technology holds principal port in modern industry production. Small-sized turbine lamina is a kind of special spare parts, its amount is much, form is complex, the demand is high, treatment difficulty is great, and the part that hereat barrier delivers more, its machine craft and manufacturing quality canal to accuse is the hinge that produces manufacturer each all the time. Be made in production and periodic in maintaining a course, measure turbine lamina to face a lot of challenge. One, the lamina to a few complex surfaces, traditional measurement technique measures cycle to grow, need deploys blade special check is provided, issued measurement reports not quite intuitionistic, cannot show more detail. 2, relatively fragile ala face uses contact to measure be not optimal survey plan, the meeting when contact is measured produces the osculatory power with equipment factitious or inevitable itself, look the minim flexibility strain that negligible stress causes blade ala cover extremely likely or the displacement of the lamina that be measured to bring about measure be no longer in force. 3, batch production digitlizes information to collect is the concentration that modern plant intelligence changes is reflected, the tradition measures way cannot the efficient, accurate, comprehensive treatment information that gets every lamina, cannot realize overall situation to restrict Cheng analysis, the sampling observation that can rely on a tradition only undertakes quality canal accuses, the batch that realizes blade hard changes production and factory intelligence to change construction. The lamina that builds place of reasonable, correct, contented production to need thereby measures a system to appear particularly important. The solution of science and technology carrying column on the head already measured the success in the project to apply in many turbine lamina, and many domains wait in car, the sources of energy, aviation, shipping always can science and technology carrying column on the head implements the form that surveys plan. Use high accuracy three-dimensional digitlization scanner is measured to small-sized turbine lamina undertake the canal accuses to highlight technical advantage manufacturing quality. One, efficient, high accuracy gets blade structure information, can match with CAD undertake contrasting without blind area analytic, measure a report intuitionistic palpability, optimize blade quality, decrease measure cycle. 2, blame contact is measured avoid stress to be out of shape, in whole production process, maintain the quality of high level to assure. 3, use high accuracy what three-dimensional digitlization scanner cooperates industrial robot to be able to realize the message of online treatment tone of turbine lamina is instant deliver. Can build inchoate trend analysis, reduce reject and do poorly done work over again. Automatic quality is controlled, the quality that improved whole assures, requirement personnel is little, improved performance greatly, saved valuable time and money. Global environment worsens ceaselessly, people begins to pursue low carbon life, live in order to improve environment, the energy-saving advantage decreasing a platoon of turbine technology gets applied extensively. Small-sized turbine lamina regards turbine as the core component of technical application, will forward intelligence is changed, the network, way that exceeds nicety, green to change develops. In turbine data side, of development direction of future is artificial fiber enhances oxide of high temperature alloy, directional recrystallization dispersion aggrandizement alloy and new can bear the new material of high temperature high pressure. In design and manufacturing technology respect, the single crystal alloy that explores more high-powered level runs from opposite directions blade, and diffuse join lamina and poriferous layer board blade is advanced production technology. Blade fusible pattern is cast technology, fast shape technology, gel notes modular technology, offerred foundry technology of casting mould of pottery and porcelain of type of whole of hollow turbine lamina. Casting mould of integral type pottery and porcelain is to point to model core carapace uses same data, at the same time figuration, need not combine assemble. These are made for complex turbine lamina explored new technique. CNC Milling