The application of product line of punching of numerical control of car batholith carling and development

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Car batholith is bearing, installation car engine reachs his each component, assembly, form the integral modelling of the car, accept the power of engine, make the car produces motion, assure the main car assembly of normal travel. Because differ to the configuration on model chassis differs and make,the amount of the appearance of chassis carling, dimension and aperture, size is reached distributing to also can differ, wait for core component because of the diversification of this model and engine change wait for change to produce an effect to chassis manufacturer. Till 20 centuries 80 time metaphase, the professional production manufacturer that large quantities of quantities produce still basically relies on big tonnage compressor strike out form. The investment of this kind of large compressor is huge, and a strike out that is aimed at body of a kind of car mould arrives from the design production, cycle is very long, want above of half an year commonly, production cost is very high also, the cost that raises product development greatly in the meeting in the trial-produce process of new model and risk. And medium or small car production manufacturer can rely on to use radial drilling machine to underline profiling to finish only, not only labor productivity is low, and precision is poor, labor strength is great. Intense market competes, to the car manufacturing facilities raised taller requirement, then, emerge as the times require of a kind of new-style high accuracy, efficient equipment of carling CNC Machining, this is product line of punching of car carling numerical control. Product line of punching of car carling numerical control is automation of a kind of numerical control, flexible the production that turn makes equipment, it is market mechanism is made, the comprehensive treatment of technology of numerical control technology, photoelectricity technology, communication technology, hydraulic pressure control, pneumatic control technology at an organic whole equipment, control technology of technology, microelectronics technology, automatic process designing and long-range monitoring technology and nicety to make a technology through using the computer, make whole production process reachs the automation production of efficient, high accuracy, reduced labor intensity greatly, be can realize big batch production to be able to be opposite again already the car carling of much breed small lot undertakes flexible the numerical control product line that turns production. The history that abroad develops and current situation 20 centuries 80 time later period, europe begins to introduce numerical control punching to manufacture a technology in the production of aperture of car batholith carling. There basically is pattern of two old techniques at that time: One kind is to turn carling of hydraulic pressure of numerical control of configuration of tower type mould is strong, another kind is straight line carling of hydraulic pressure of mould configuration numerical control is strong. Turn at that time punching machine of tower type numerical control already got applied actually in Ban gold industry, technology also day attain mature, and turn what the standardization of mould of punching machine of tower type numerical control and production make is flexible again the place in car carling production hopes to get change settlement. Because car carling length is longer, material is qualitative also differ mediumly with Ban gold industry, if will turn,punching machine of tower type numerical control tries to improve, use full automatic makings of sucking disk fluctuation, punch ability can rise considerably, use hydraulic pressure motivation to reach the punch capacity of 80 ~ 120t, what can satisfy carling is flexible change manufacturing requirement. Because turn,carling of hydraulic pressure of numerical control of configuration of tower type mould cannot get used to the production of U form carling to the structure, so carling of hydraulic pressure of numerical control of configuration of straight line mould rushed to receive wider application later. Foreign manufacturer home basically has Belgian demand can company, American Beatty company, German Rasikin company, Italian FICEP company, among them Belgian all alone can the company is provided most representative, its equipment (see a picture 1) be like next original part: Graph 1 Belgium alls alone can company numerical control the treatment of this product line is opposite product line of 3 carling punching seem bridge of U form chamfer, can undertake 3 punching are machined, so the structure of its lead plane already with turn tower type carling rushs to differ completely. Its are whole line is commonly by 4 punching lead plane, 3 send into orgnaization and makings to roller is propped up and expect automatically up and down device composition. Machine of punching of face of the ala before 4 punching lead plane includes 800kN carling (Press1) , 800kN n is fast punching machine (Press2) , machine of punching of 1800kN n large hole (Press3) with machine of punching of face of the ala after 800kN (Press4) each one, configuration of mould of its punching lead plane also slam the door turn so tower type construction, use the straight configuration that list type however, choosing a model is to turn old rotary table will finish no longer, smoke by air cylinder however pull small space block to finish, rose to pick modular speed greatly; Lead plane lathe bed and send into the orgnaization to all introduce drive of servo electric machinery, drive of accurate slideway guide screw, to compensate carling fore-and-aft curve the dimension deviation that reachs transverse and screwy place to cause, the model of mould of every punching lead plane before all have 3 ~ coder of 6 groups of linear absolute value in order to assure punching position precision; Control system uses axle control module and PLC control to reach etc of exact location coder to assist a function to have cooperative control to axis of many servo electric machinery, software by all alone can the company is developed independently, make efficiency of whole product line rises greatly, all alone can treatment of product line of 3 punching of company is a long 12000mm, wide 300mm, tall form chamfer bridge needs the U that 80mm, 3 face count 300 only 8min. As a result of this equipment but U form chamfer the aperture of Liang San face is finished, produce manufacturer so but the figuration craft at the back of leave out and buy figuration bridge to undertake machining directly can, also can reduce investment cost and investment risk for the enterprise so, be in especially the trial-produce phase of new product, can realize the gain that brings to its more. The M of group of Dutch DAF truck, Germany.



Famous car manufacturer was in the whole world such as the HYUNDAI automobile group of the TOWER company of group, IVECO automobile group of Italy, VOLVO group of Sweden, United States, Korea nearly 10 years or so to use large rope can the Liang Shu of chamfer of 3D U form of the company dominates 3 punching product line. Of product line of our country carling introduce, the rapid development of development and application as a result of auto industry, ceaseless aggravate of competition, the producer type of the little breed of past of car production manufacturer of our country, big batch already also cannot satisfy present market demand far. Our country in 20 centuries 90 time later period introduced product line of punching of carling of two numerical control, the first one is the production of German Rasikin company that factory of frame of 2 steam group introduces also is product line of punching of flat of carling of last numerical control, the product line of punching of flat of numerical control carling that another is the production of Italian FICEP company that plant of car of river the Huaihe River introduces. Although look now,technologies of these product line in some way are not very mature, but of technology of these two product line introduce or brought very good economic benefits for the enterprise, the production that also is carling of our country car offerred new craft thinking. Enter 21 centuries, the rapid development of microelectronics technology and information communication technology is flexible automation offerred main technique to prop up, the numerical control that industry equips is changed, automation, flexible change the state that presents to develop flourishingly. Home is introduced now use most is Belgian all alone can the Liang Shu of chamfer of 3D U form that the company produces dominates 3 punching product line. Recently two, in 3 years of time, already imported 5 this product line, include lorry of east wind Motor Corporation to produce ministry and Jinan to weighed steam group to buy such numerical control respectively among them line of 3 carling punching each 2, in November 2004, factory of heavy-duty car punch bought Ou Man of Inc. of car of cropland of boreal steam blessing a such numerical control line of 3 carling punching. From the point of introduced item, basically apply at the production of carling of heavy-duty lorry batholith. The product line of punching of numerical control of car flat carling of our country is the earliest combine current situation of company of Chinese home car to begin to develop development in the technology that began to draw lessons from abroad 2000. Current, product line of punching of carling of homebred numerical control already had many 40, be in group of the cropland of blessing of steam of the one steam group, 2 steam group, group that weigh steam and its subordinate automobile factory and car of river the Huaihe River, north, wind when Shandong, Nanjing early or late Yi Weike, inferior star - run quickly wait for many 20 car and fittings manufacturer. What product line of numerical control carling produces manufacturer to cast institute of forging press instrument to develop with Jinan is the earliest, development breed is most. Because our country auto industry starts,compare evening, the manufacturing technology level of each enterprise is uneven, the requirement to product line of punching of car carling numerical control also each are not identical, accordingly up to now, to satisfy the requirement of different user, product line of car carling numerical control applies a circumstance to be able to be divided roughly at present develop two kinds big with bridge of U form chamfer for flat, and flat is strong but cent of structure of lathe bed of according to lead plane is type lathe bed and the lathe bed that shut type two kinds, will divide according to mould structure have turn library of tower type mould and library of mould of straight line type two kinds. The birth of product line of punching of numerical control of carling of the first car flat the numerical control of car flat carling that production of the first him design of our country makes punching product line is machinery of Jinan casting forge the STPP-8010 that institute nimble strides numerical control company to was Jiang Huai car to produce in May 2001. Graph the main characteristic of STPP-8010 of product line of punching of numerical control of carling of the first flat of 2 our country product line: 1, lead plane uses the structure that shut type by advocate, composition of deputy lathe bed, advocate lathe bed is fixed do not move, its interior has a pair of deft lathe bed structure, the installation on its has mould library and punch oil cylinder, punching power passes oil cylinder and lower mould pass directly advocate on lathe bed, of tall tigidity advocate lathe bed bears punching power. Shift of deputy lathe bed is rolling friction, ball guide screw is direct drive, floating rate is rapid, amount to 50m/min. Graph line of punching of numerical control of 3 cars U carling 2, hydraulic pressure system is double pump double control a system, advocate oil cylinder is complex formula construction, develop the measurement of pressure certainly according to punching size, such not only efficiency rises and to whole lathe bed suffer force to have very auspicious place. 3, carling sends into pincers to be can drift type construction, as a result of,avoided so of bridge itself bend to be out of shape and make pincers gets larger outside force in sending into the process. Pincers is had avoid automatically let a function, achieve carling treatment not to have dead band. 4, mould structure is turn form of library of tower type mould, this is the more mature mould configuration that numerical control punching machine uses generally at that time, safeguard handy, outfit tear open convenient. Graph line of punching of numerical control of 4 cars carling 5, automatic process designing is used optimize in group, cutting tool is optimized, method is optimized wait for a variety of optimizing method, change knife frequency and length of light locomotive trip in order to decrease. Car carling numerical control the investment of this product line used 3 punching product line to bring benefit for the enterprise, enhanced the market competition ability of the enterprise. In savor after the profit that product line of numerical control carling brings, the product line of carling of flat of the 2nd numerical control that car of river the Huaihe River bought institute of machinery of Jinan casting forge again in September 2005. After the elephant was using the first so, want to buy the 2nd the 3rd manufacturer to still have a lot of again. Believe the ceaseless development of the ceaseless progress as science and technology and auto industry, technology of product line of punching of car carling numerical control will be more mature with perfect, equipment production company can offer more efficient, high accuracy, flexible change, human nature is changed, price of taller, sex compares automation rate the requirement that taller product line satisfies a car to produce. CNC Milling