The quality that car structural member solders is controlled

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Domestic and international car produces a business to these car structural member solder to have strict standard government. Control of the quality plan that the article will introduce advanced car to produce an enterprise how to undertake car structural member solders, quality and quality are analysed, improve product quality in order to help a company. Car structural member is the main component that the car bears the weight of, the front overhang that typical car structural member has car batholith hangs the assembly, rear assembly, steel that pays frame assembly and car to encircle assembly to wait. These component work below harsh environment, should get already of liquid waste, waste gas erode, should bear again tremendous static carry bear and concussion load. Once these car structural member damage, the car that will make high speed moves suffers disastrous event. Domestic and international car produces a business to these car structural member solder to have strict standard government. The quality plan that the structural member of quality plan car before car structural member solders solders should undertake in the light of product craft characteristic. The assess of the make choice of that its basically engineer content to have facilities facility, technique and detect an objective is firm this a few respects. The make choice of of facilities facilities solders the systematic requirement of establishment. (at present, car structural member still uses gas to protect soldering treatment method for the most part, accordingly, automatic welder is this Wen Yiquan to basically solder equipment discussion) the soldering to assure welder stability of electric arc voltage, the workshop should be controlled of reliable regulated power supply; The change of electric arc voltage of workshop network should be restricted commonly in 0.

5V less than, ability makes welder is run normally. Car structural member solders the waste gas or steam with much generation of the meeting in the process, those who be safeguard worker is healthy, must have the unit that discharge wind. Because car structural member uses circular water-cooling commonly,gentle however style protects solder method, gentle style discharge put forward mixture scale of gas of source of water quality of waterlocked of this pair of abide, gas to control a demand again. The industry should improve manufacturing efficiency, workshop equipment should be used " U " word layout is arranged and execute operation of one person much chance, make a fluent producer type through deferent device. Solder the capacity demand of equipment. Above all the mechanical function of welder, physics function, electric function should have good stability, whole and mechanical system should get used to the physiology that human body operates and psychological requirement; Should make welder achieves his to solder specially next craft requirement, solder fire should ensure the stepless that solders to craft contrail is stabilized and can make 4 dimension vacuum adjusts; Should make solder finally the goal of production with contented big batch, efficient equipment, welder still should have those who get used to much breed product to solder ability and the adjustment that a variety of production metre produce even the line ask. Solder the requirement of main technique parameter of equipment. Solder the main technique parameter of equipment should from the input power source, rated solder adjusting range of voltage of electric current, job, rated load lasts rate, speed sending silk, solder the stability of this a few respects has speed, idle stroke rate consideration, structural member of ability implementation car solders the integral balance of product line. The assess of technique solders the stability that the assess of technique can ensure to character is produced to measure in batch production. The purpose is a basis raw material of the product structure of the user, product and product solder the requirement such as complementary makings, press different product solder requirement, all sorts of affirmatory soldering equipment parameter and solder craft parameter. Solder the assess content of technique. Solder through what decide raw material of environmental requirement, product, solder complementary makings (gas of welding wire, welding rod, welding flux, protection) mix with shape of degree of lip-rounding of the analyse before plank solder angle and quality inspection method, come first-rate of make choice of solders method, solder to be mixed orderly solder fragile (electrode and electric mouth) change frequency second, will choose the most reasonable solder equipment parameter (input power source, rated solder electric current, job voltage, rated load is led continuously) with welder art parameter (solder voltage of electric current, electric arc, speed sending silk, solder mixture ratio of speed, idle stroke speed, gas is amiable the pressure of the source) . Solder the program of technique assess. Should put forward by welder Cheng division above all " the product solders technique assess assignment certificate " , state solder equipment parameter and solder the specific limits of craft parameter; In welder Cheng division supervise below, ask to carry out by what press assignment certificate about trial-produce branch; The qualitative check branch of the enterprise presses assignment certificate detect project and method detect product objective quality; And solderer technology grade, solder environmental requirement, solder raw material, solder complementary makings, solder technique, solder equipment parameter and solder the respect such as craft parameter criterion by assess of welder Cheng division; Finally, solder product solid material measures officer engineer basis detect the assess of circumstance and welder Cheng division is written " solder technique assess reports " , report the concerned branch via participating in assess is signed, be in charge of a director leading approval to extend by industry technology; Technical Division will press approval " the product solders technique assess reports " standard of affirmatory operation of content staff facilities, welder art standard and solder test gauge model. Must notice, when be like the main content that should change product technique assess, the enterprise should organize concerned branch to undertake assess again, produce the effect the stability that tastes quality otherwise. Detect the project must decide car structural member solders correctly surely really the process detects the project approving of the project, detect of the project decide criterion and detect of the method deploy. Detect the project approving of the project. The car solders structural member detects the project approving basis of the project has 2 sides: The standard code that solders to structural member of of all kinds car for company of domestic and international car asks; 2 it is the product blueprint that specific user provides and technical file requirement. Detect of the project decide criterion. Solder detect of the project decide criterion in order to ensure the on the safe side of the product is this. Above all, making detect of the project decide when criterion, the special requirement that must be aimed at an user, security demand, dependability requirement and governmental laws and regulations ask; Next, must ask to weave according to standardization test gauge model, fan Bi must make clear this test gauge law of proved recipe of quality character, check, examine method and examine frequency second; Finally, must demonstrate detects of the project examine record demand. Examine the equipment of the method. Solder in the light of the car the characteristic decides the product of structural member with craft characteristic to detect suitably the method is crucial. Alleged and logical choice detects the method is correctly analysis measures an error, make detect the requirement that the precision of the method satisfies product quality character; Correctly analysis measures speed, make measure a method detect time and detect frequency second contented production metre and every requirement of crop. Accordingly, solder in the car structural member produces a course actually in, should deploy dimension to detect appliance and check mark appearance in order to measure the size of the product; The manage to convention is changed and mechanical function detects project, can the detecting that according to examining the standard asks to deploy convention method; And of special to the user requirement detect project, should deploy by the requirement of the user all sorts of detect specially method. The quality control car that Nextpage car structural member solders solders quality controls structural member to still answer to be mixed according to product characteristic craft characteristic, from raw material element of control, craft is controlled and objective quality controls these 3 link to grab. The control car of raw material solders the raw material control of structural member should be ordered from material, material is checked and accept into the factory, custodial, material receives material stock with send and receive and of weldment get the materials ready control this a few respects to have a consideration. Among them of weldment get the materials ready the margin that prepares to have the makings below board makings, board stuff commonly is handled and these 3 working procedure prepare before the solder of board makings. To next makings of board makings, date of the lot number that should control material mainly, furnace, brand and norms ask, ensure these board makings of next makings are not promiscuous; To the brim processing of board makings, should control angle of mouth of shape of analyse degree of lip-rounding, analyse and analyse mouth dimension mainly, ensure these board makings can solder normally; To the preparation before the solder of board makings, should key control plate expects clean quality and burr height to whether achieve formulary requirement, solder in order to come true the stability of quality. The control control car of raw material solders the accordance of the stability of the skill quality that the craft element of structural member product controls personnel mainly namely, establishment and equipment parameter and craft parameter. (1) the control of personnel skill quality. The control of solderer skill quality controls a solderer to be inside manufacturing time of the regulation namely, by formulary production technology operation realizes the ability of product quality stability, the solderer has skill quality ability to carry out craft element to control only. (2) establishment and control of equipment parameter stability. The enterprise should solder in the light of of all kinds car the product quality character of structural member asks, the equipment that the character of reflective welder equipment that designs ration asks nods check watch, this watch that order check should ask welder person records parameter of character of of all kinds equipment inside formulary time, the ground when asking workshop administrator is errant selectives examination record. (3) the accordance control of craft parameter. The enterprise should solder in the light of of all kinds car the treatment of structural member indicates all sorts of different craft parameter, record these craft parameter to be able to use mensurable craft parameter record sheet or computer couplet network. The control of objective quality solders to the car structural member this kind of special product, first quality inspection of aggrandizement product, returning workpiece quality control and product type experiment is quality of implementation product objective effective pilot foundation. First quality inspection. Because the treatment of this kind of product is commonly,in automation degree higher equipment leaves serial production. Accordingly, first quality inspection of this kind of product appears very important. Above all the solderer must be checked solder the requirement that whether the craft contrail of equipment and the craft parameter that the product machines accord with a regulation; End when first product treatment next, the solderer must be pressed examine to ask normatively, examination product content sheds calorie of offerred data to whether accord with formulary requirement; Use measure appearance wearing to examine whether does the geometrical dimension of the product accord with a regulation; Contrast finally whether does welding line of examination of blemish standard specimen have air hole, splatter, bad side, bite the blemish such as the edge, fill the result of self check into 3 check to examine card. Next, inspector has answer test to self check project of the solderer, detect again solder whether does the special requirement of organization of deep, metallographic, mechanical intensity and user accord with frit formulary requirement. Examine when these the project accords with a requirement, will examine to fill 3 check to examine as a result card, jockey person can undertake be manufacturinged group by group. Return the quality of workpiece to control. Answer above all undesirable article undertake evaluating, undertake blemish is classified and find out undesirable taste generation reason; Should indicate next undesirable article craft of do poorly done work over again and make correct measure; The product that ends to these do poorly done work over again finally also should be pressed examine to ask normatively to undertake examining again. Must notice, undesirable to these tasted same position can undertake do poorly done work over again only, will affect an area to cause undesirable effect to welding line and heat otherwise, easy generation sclerosis, crackle, grain is bulky, serious effect solders quality. Aggrandizement product type experiments. Car weldment structural member this kind of safe product, its product type experiments must aggrandizement, especially the blemish product that the user feedbacks should follow more the operating mode condition of harsh environment has fatigue test, corrode experiment, concussion experiment. Experiment through having product type ceaselessly only, ability finds out reason of product early failure, the stability that realizes product quality rises. The quality analysis company after car structural member solders must solder to the car the quality record of this kind of main product undertakes structural member be controlled effectively. Structural member of car of control quality format solders the quality record in the process has commonly: Raw material put in storage examines blemish of weldment of record of 3 check quality, product records weldment of record, product, solder record of equipment spot check, welder art parameter record, product is on the move sheet of daily of calorie of record and worker production. With managing a record effectively, the enterprise needs about the branch fibrous root occupies product characteristic, craft characteristic and different use circumstance design the format of different form, have number government. The flow direction that controls quality record to make car structural member solders the quality of the product gets assuring, the enterprise should decide the flow chart that of all kinds quality records according to the pull current Cheng of the product, indicate the management department putting in a mouth 's charge that all sorts of quality record and storage life. The flow direction that controls quality record correctly only and management department putting in a mouth 's charge, ability manages quality effectively record. The effectiveness that controls quality to record an analysis puts in a management department 's charge to answer car structural member to solder quality record undertakes quantitative analysis, deliver concerned processing case in time relevant section, the effectiveness that with analysing car structural member to solder quality records. Be like, put in storage of period analysis raw material examines the supply of the record plant eligibility batch and product measure, manage is changed, mechanical function examine the stability of the project, supply a plant in order to define long-term eligibility; 3 check quality records weldment of period analysis product, in order to analyse the stability of operation personnel first item inspection, reduce quality inspection frequency certainly second possibility; Distributinging state of blemish of weldment of period analysis product, with formulate effective improvement in quality plans; Period analysis solders record of equipment spot check, with fixing equipment preventive maintain plan and plan of spare parts reserve; As to welder art parameter record, answer to analyse the effectiveness of craft parameter from the stability of product quality. The data that business management personnel passes period analysis to these are collected by the computer or worker and come, ability makes significant step control working procedure quality. CNC Milling