Establish brand consciousness to revitalize equipment manufacturing industry

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On the fair of manufacturing industry of equipment of the 3rd China International that will open a shop on September 1, just obtain " Chinese famous brand " air-blower of Shenyang machine tool, Dalian machine tool, Shenyang (group) limited company, exhibit in oneself shined to live absolutely on the stage, the product such as machine tool of high-grade numerical control, centrifugal compressor showed the actual strength of the enterprise and level to the person that attend the meeting. But the famous brand of these can be counted on one's fingers, come round to join the well-known trademark photograph that exhibit to compare with abroad, want inferior much, this one phenomenon caused the anxiety of a lot of experts attending the meeting. Come from the statistical data of U.N. Industrial Development Organization to make clear, chinese manufacturing industry already held the 4th of the world, the output of more than 100 kinds of products that includes ten industries such as the sources of energy, chemical industry, building materials, spin, home appliance, electron has ranked the world the first, but with above data extremely unworthily is, in 100 famous brands of world, the United States, Japan, Germany occupied 2 / 3, the Chinese famous brand that makes noisy is rare almost. The concerned expert that attends the 3rd meeting that make gain speaks of, almost all transnational corporation regards a key of global strategy as China, and in China management key is made over from commerce and technology become build manufacturing base, by commodity output turns into capital output and brand output, for the sake of occupational China this huge market. Shenyang machine tool (group) Guan Xiyou of general manager of finite liability company says, china is big country of machine tool demand, not be production powerful nation however. When advantage of brand of transnational corporation nip enters China, the enterprise feels responsibility is major, realize the strength of the brand from this. Come nearly 10 years, shenyang machine tool is with equipment China already held the post of, elevate numerical control quickly the character of the machine tool and status, production value numerical control is changed rate by the inadequacy 1995 10% rise to 50% , gained the market approbate, brand effect is shown increasingly. Should see, change manufacturing industry to China quickly as the developed country, china has made plant of the world treatment. According to expert analysis, the developed country is not had to Chinese fixed position is not cheap assemble workshop and sale to sell greatly. The country such as beautiful, Europe, day, Han is right worldwide the industrial move inside did following division of labor: Hi-tech part production part is in home, general component and assemble will undertake in other developing country and area, end item exports world each district from these countries. Economist thinks, real world machines a factory, it is to point to to there are large quantities of one enterprises and numerous product to be in the position of opposite forestall on world market in the manufacturing industry of a country, is not to point to be versed in for others generation merely. Chinese trade closes to Xiao Song of conference chairman Yu says, the core competition of market economy is the competition of the brand. The brand is company comprehensive strength is indicative. Economy observes a Zhong Dajun to think, begin from now 5 to 10 years inside, it is the superexcellent opportunity that our country manufacturing industry establishs him world-class brand. Our enterprise wants firm establish brand consciousness, capture a country to revitalize northeast good good luck, make oneself famous brand. CNC Milling