Wenzel/Xspect develops large gear wheel to measure machine

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The company of Vancouver Gear Works that is located in city of Canadian Li Jimeng heart already the branch of technology of Wen Zeer gear from Wenzel/Xspect Solutions company (Wenzel GearTech Division) bought to occupy saying is the gear wheel with the largest North America is measured machine, will deliver the goods in March 2009. This model is LHF CMM 20.


The mobile bridge-type coordinate of 20 measures the measurement of machine limits amounts to 2m of × of 6m × 3m, can detect the large gear wheel that the diameter amounts to 3 meters and other and large casing and large part. Should measure machine two measure an area 3 meters, among them one those who measured an area to deploy a 1000mm is static pressure rotate workbench, can bear the weight of and measure heft 30 thousand pound (13620 kilograms) gear. Another measured an area to deploy flat of a cast-iron surface, can undertake to casing and other and large part traditional prism is measured. Company of Vancouver Gear Works held water 1952, basically make the trade such as the sources of energy in recent years (like wind energy dynamo) gear of needs hard nicety of large temper by dipping in water and relevant component. This company is this gear that bought Wenzel/Xspect company according to the commendation of company of Great Lakes Gear Technology on IMTS 2008 exhibition is measured machine. CNC Milling