IPG fiber-optic laser expects with Yu Ran batteries is produced

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Whether can fuel cell compare the time that people predicts to come earlier in the application on the car? Look circumstance if it is so. According to the United States this cropland John Mendel of senior vice president introduces Motor Corporation, this cropland 2008 batch produces fuel cell car. And GM expresses to insist to plan to rolled out the car with batch production, practical economy to use fuel cell 2010 surely formerly, shift fuel cell car at the same time to the market. One of challenges that production of fuel cell dimensions faces are caboodle of manufacturing fuel cell, include many groups of ultrathin plate to reach among them pervade film, place of name of no less than is shown, they are cascade load one's writing with fancy phrases and into, the electron that just can produce sufficient amount comes drive electromotor mixes in cathode oxygen hydrogenous union forms discharge " waste gas " : Vapor. The precursory Edison that researchs a field according to laser and fuel cell solders senior scientist Mr Stan Ream introduces the institute, a kind of means is fetch of use laser beam welding large quantities of quantities produce these board lot. The research that has in EWI recently makes clear: The fiber-optic laser that uses production of photon of IPG of 600 made of baked clay single standards can be used 500 to 1000 millimeter / the speed of the second undertakes soldering. Ream says current laser has been applied in the car to solder with the plate of fuel cell widely at the same time. Of the traditional laser that is other sort only solder speed far under fiber-optic laser. The development direction of current fuel cell, besides wanting to reduce manufacturing cost, raise yield even. Fiber-optic laser not only can achieve above requirement, still got soldering out and away at the same time quality. There is hundreds report plate in a caboodle, these should have to produce leak only in component, the power supply that can cause whole signs up for caustic. Each parameter of laser is working for long the stability below condition is crucial. The part with LSSreal3 laser thin plate solders the most difficult depends on not only the welding line with very narrow need (use IPG is fiber-optic the fine welding line that stimulates diameter of 25 micron facula to be able to accomplish 35 micron) , and still should accomplish at the same time very small solder be out of shape (or should reduce remaining stress as far as possible) , after because become,hundreds pieces of laminose cascade rises, have a bit be out of shape can cause whole batteries to pile twist to be out of shape. We make the laminose ply that fuel cell place uses have 100 micron only, their brim should undertake through solder fetch sealed. Ream points out, one of difficult problem that encounter in the process that undertakes laser beam welding is received are the design of clamping apparatus. Actually clamping apparatus is great majority laser beam welding receives craft to succeed crucial place. Exterior tension, plasma force, condense the high speed that a lot of element such as rate of rate, heat conduction has in them solders in the experiment not only without very big negative effect, meet instead the unexpectedly undertook to aperture " active " compensation. The outfit clip of such weldment becomes more easy. Development of 3 water chestnut goes 10W deep ultraviolet development of electric machinery of 3 water chestnut went laser to output power to add to 10W deep ultraviolet laser, undertook revealing on press conference of achievement of research and development. Of 213nm of this kind of wavelengh deep ultraviolet laser hopeful is used at machining the optical parts of an apparatus such as glass in air. Output power was achieved common industrial level -- 10W, the output power of primary product is 5.

6W. The swash of arteries and veins that can realize high speed to machine needs 10kHz above is smooth. The date of machines equipment put into production that uses this laser has not decide. Estimation " there will be this kind of demand after about 5 years " (this company explanation member) . As a result of deep ultraviolet the wavelengh of laser is short, agree with form a diameter to be 10 ~ the imperceptible treatment such as the small hole of 20 μ M. Divide outside be being used at glass to machine, still can use at printed circuit board imperceptible treatment. Machining printed circuit board when the colophony that wait, use the laser of the 355nm wavelengh that changeover can absorb for colophony. Current, printed circuit board stiletto treatment basically uses CO2 laser. But because this is planted,the wavelengh of laser is as long as 10 μ M, the limit of bore diameter lowest that can machine is 50 μ M. This deep ultraviolet the infra-red laser light source that laser uses wavelengh to be 300W of power of 1064nm, output, use nonlinear lithium of cesium of optical crystal boric acid (CLBO) , it is wavelengh changeover 213nm. It is the infra-red laser changeover of 1064nm above all 532nm, change again next those who be 266nm is ultraviolet laser, what final changeover is 213nm is deep ultraviolet laser. To enhance the output power of this laser, outside reducing Xiang Zi, mix deep ultraviolet the impurity in the CLBO crystal of laser changeover wavelengh. The crystal that uses so, when output power is 5.

When 6W, reached saturation. Its reason is laser is absorbed by the impurity in crystal, heat build-up, crystal begins to produce deviation. The CLBO crystal that uses this is developed by Osaka university. Ou Silang is new roll out laser chip and laser company of semiconductor of photoelectricity of Ou Silang of perpendicular array product (OSRAM Opto Semiconductors) is enlarging his ceaselessly product line of high power laser. Afterwards is rolled out respectively after semiconductor laser mixes high power to did not enclose laser chip, laser of the cooling and perpendicular semiconductor that fold a layer mixes the water that Europe manages bright company will roll out brand-new standard to enclose laser chip. Regard semiconductor product as the expert, ou Silang rolls out concentration laser of a series of brand-new high power semiconductor, give a client the solution with one-stop semiconductor laser. The water-cooling that Ou Silang rolls out is perpendicular however laser of the semiconductor that fold a layer is most comprise by 20 laser chip, working mode is successive output or accurate successive output, the standard wavelengh of the product is respectively 808, 915, 940 with 975nm. Differ according to the type of the product, this perpendicular array laser can achieve the power output of kilowatt class, service life can exceed 10, 000 hours. The riverside of high power pump that these products can apply at solid state laser outputs project of processing of system, direct data and medical treatment. In water circumstance of cooling means inapplicable falls, for example medical treatment product is portable system. The conduction that the client can choose solid copper radiator to go up is cooling semiconductor laser. In successive output mode falls, the output power of this product is as high as 50W. As the expert that masters technology of most advanced laser, ou Silang used the laser chip of newest generation. Current, the product line of Ou Silang company is expanding increasingly, the wavelengh of its product and output power also with each passing day diversification, these helped the company's fast market demand that answers ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye. Product of laser of semiconductor of Ou Silang high-power turns use model set the design, a variety of level type can offer an alternative. In the meantime, ou Silang company also can think the client offers custom-built product. SYNOVA of the person that SYNOVA opens introducer of science and technology of laser of knife of small water of accredit of technology of laser of small water knife and patent trade, publish a new politic management pattern, announce to open severe choose partner accredit technology of laser of knife of its patent small water (Laser MicroJet Technology) . In future, will last except Synova development, sale and offer its besides service of product of laser of small water knife, the equipment manufacturer of each domain also can reach the conformity of module of laser of small water knife of Synova in the tool equipment of itself, the person that at the same time terminal is used can these module direct conformity arrives its product line. SYNOVA expresses, mode of this innovation accredit will initiate a brand-new politic access associate network, assist a manufacturer to extend new camp to harvest source, consolidate at the same time Synova technology the position at global new market and application. This pioneering work also aux will be able to increases product output, service and sales volume immediately quite, make a company can more dedicated the client that waits for core industry at equipment of semiconductor, planar monitor, solar energy, medicine and auto industry serves. Below new pattern, synova is not those who offer module of laser of small water knife exclusive technology accredit, include a Lei She head, thunder to shoot illuminant and water pump, can in the system of the person that at the same time conformity is used to terminal and equipment manufacturer. Below the standard of agreement of accredit of the person that terminal is used, need not pay additional right gold to use module again. Agreement of accredit of the buy before equipment manufacturer also can sign what with the right Jin Weiji allows, will use module with this kind of mode. To encourage long-term cooperation, accredit agreement also covers the move of technology and knowledge to serve. Synova delegate general and accredit client clasp, those who ensure laser of small water knife is effective is integrated, assist terminal client to preserve the flexibility making Cheng of maximize. The union of technology of laser of small water knife of Synova stimulates beam of light and water knife technology, so-called have tall flexibility and easy adjust make Cheng, can cooperate the demand of all sorts of application. The target application with this main technique includes semiconductor brilliant circular cut and margin in abrade, planar monitor organic glow diode (OLED) light overspreads ink jet of printer of cut, ink jet cut of material of head stiletto, tall hardness (like much brilliant diamond, cubic nitrogen changes boron) wait for numerous applying. Besides developing these core markets continuously, synova also joins the advanced field such as photoelectricity, solar battery and medical treatment instrument actively. In addition this company is opening its technology to be used to orgnaizations of each research and development and university, thereby promotes the development of each application. Synova shows to leading a manufacturer to negotiate with several property group, the domain that place of the person that pass through these course of study builds, and the knowledge that accumulates to place of staple market of laser of small water knife, the person that hand terminal is used realizes the more service that increase a cost. Synova plan publishs these accredit to form an alliance in succession this year message. New management pattern is Synova grabs the newest strategy that enters new market, this company will be enabled at the near future repose at Kyoto of American California Fremont, Bostonian, Japan and Korea head the small machining center of Er and other places (MMCs) , with will reveal, test and development all sorts of new application. What Synova already installed more than 60 above in global client end at present is complete on the line runs a system. JDSU releases near future of JDSU of laser of riverside of two new pump to roll out laser of riverside of pump of two high-powered 980nm. Laser of new riverside of 3000 series pump can support output of 660mw smooth power. It is OK that JDSU calls this one power output in reducing EDFA during amount, reduce noise level. At the same time this also is the laser of 980nm pump riverside that accords with Telcordia standard at present power of the output in congener product is the greatest. The power comsumption photograph of laser of riverside of pump of 980nm of a 2945 series is compared before the product was reduced 20% . This laser can support 400mW output, control of in-house work temperature is in 45 Celsius. ILS rolls out Japanese edition Industrial Laser Solution (industrial laser solution) be about to roll out newest global magazine - Industrial Laser Solutions- Japan. This one message will be released formally on the laser fair that held in Yokohama on April 25. The economy of year of industrial laser market that content of magazine of edition of Japan of first phase will include compose of ILS chief editor Mr David Belforte is commented on, about exceeding fast pulse laser beam machining, and about pack presswork to report with the application of auto industry. By the important column of compose of Sachiya Inagaki of Yano institute expert, the fiber-optic laser market condition of the Japan before reporting order. He reported be driven by small treatment and the sale of the industry that make bid, the fiber-optic laser of 100 made of baked clay class will be in successive wave to appeared 2007 growth. ILS-Japan will be published with Japanese with the form of quarterly publication, the qualified reader that with mailing formal deliver gives Japanese churchyard manufacturing industry. JETCAM He Fenbao announces to undertake treasure of Hefen of international of software collaboration JETCAM (Finn-Power) announced agreement of cooperation of a whole world recently. The punching machine of CNC of Tong Fenbao of expert CAD/CAM software general of JETCAM and laser machine together sale of form a complete set. This agreement will ensure now and the support that technology of prospective fragrance treasure will get JETCAM product, and two companies are in sell, the market, closer cooperation also will undertake between technology and development staff. The collaboration of these two companies is the earliest only then 1991. Hair love a gram rolls out new generation violet laser machine of direct plate making a few days ago, violet laser of new generation of company of hair love a gram is direct plate making machine -- Avalon Violet of violet Long Xing begins to offer money to the whole world. Violet Long Xing makes full use of the characteristic of violet laser technology, ensure the forme that will offer high quality with use cost of lowest is outputted. Violet Long Xing it is OK like the system that through changing laser is become implementation is heat quick CTP from switch of violet laser CTP, when producing demand happening to change, engineer of hair love a gram is producing the spot fast system upgrades, need not buy whole platform equipment newly. Gold of China News of Chinese important news carries new fund exceeds laser of old width of cloth to cut a bed into parts to come out a few days ago, what gold carries heretofore is produced is the biggest a laser cuts bed JG-250550(into parts to machine user of consign of 2500mmx5500mm) of width of cloth. This laser cuts a bed into parts to have all characteristics of machine of general Laser Cutting, can cut out big batch production and individuation be united in wedlock, collect plot, revise, cut out function at an organic whole, not only leave out trival working procedure, it is twice improved manufacturing efficiency more, realized the act according to actual circumstances on industrialized product line. Besides the dominant position with batch production, large width of cloth, this type treatment to special type fabrics, be in especially without seam sticking is irreplaceable more on received expression, seam things of gauze of underwear fabrics, swimsuit, ski suit, marriage, guard and home to spin the cut of fabrics to notting have for instance, it is very much other cut out equipment cannot is likened to. Cite a simple case, with respect to the joining together that takes garment bag, this one working procedure is in traditional operation pattern use handiwork or be the implementation that cut a knife into parts, and this one pattern is the oldest defect is to cut into parts piece edge of coarse, beard and size are differ, and in this treatment craft in high-grade dress and special fabrics, satisfy high quality treatment requirement very hard. Want to let product quality go up again new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, must seek new cut technology, laser cuts the occurrence of the bed into parts, agreed with trade demand successfully. Because use laser to be not treatment principle of the contact, and power volume is adjustable, because this is in treatment process, any fabrics won't appear beard edge and brown state, below the shelter of numerical control technology, the occurrence that need not fear irregular is tasted more, this also assured to stick well the level that accepts working procedure, beautiful and without seam the effect. The domain is spun in the home, the cloth that spins line of business as a result of the home is old width of cloth, the smallest width is in 1. 6 meters of above, this waits for a respect to be opposite in balance, stable, function undoubtedly the integral construction that reduces a bed raised taller requirement. And these say to Jin Yunlai is not a problem, gold carries the machinery of banner whole world and smooth road are designed, won the affirmation of the user already. For instance: The motion with this unique equipment controls software, made sure motion of laser head high speed is flexible treatment has not had phenomenon of strong, lag; Software cooperates dress CAD to be able to design output immediately, to the design of cut machine width of cloth is being exceeded after composing, also can divide automatic and successive output, implementation turns production automatically continuously; This equipment still is chosen deserve to photograph scanning of irregular to old width of cloth like the head graph to get skeleton map look, discharge cut of edition fixed position next; Besides, laser cuts a bed into parts to still can cooperate multilayer and automatic send makings unit, undertake successive and multilayer cut treatment, batch production; Environmental protection is enclosed design, function of the gas that take a platoon is perfect, also avoided to produce pollution, facilitate safeguard. Chu Tianji develops laser successfully to send makings pill automatically hole puncher solely a few days ago, development of success of limited company of equipment of laser of course of study of Nature's engineering of Hunan of Wuhan of group of Hunan day laser goes special the laser beam drilling machine at pill product line. This machine can come true to turn over grading automata to pill, detecting automatically accurate stiletto undertakes after pill. Introduce according to engineer of research and development, to the pill stiletto that high speed moves, laser and mechanical part need coordinate the work, should detect through photoelectricity already the position that real report pill keeps the measure, should control mechanical drive disk assembly to go accurately again, ultimate control laser is hit accurately on pill. The design of drive of this equipment machinery is crucial, pill whether enter photoelectricity smoothly to detect area, the pill that cent singles out whether search an area smoothly, stiletto area whether award accuse and accomplish accurate drive to design a decision by mechanical drive etc. Because stiletto can undertake in the one side of pill only, because of this pill the innovation dot that searching an area automatically is this design. Big a group of things with common features laser buys company of science and technology of laser of Shenzhen peaceful heart big a group of things with common features laser is released buy " Shenzhen Tai Deji is smooth limited company of science and technology " second reading announcement, the company is contributive 2, 250.

50 thousand yuan buy his 50.

The equity of 69% . Tai Deji is smooth total assets of 6 the end of the year 4, 1.61 million yuan, advocate battalion income 5, 8.57 million yuan, net profit 8.2 million yuan, net assets 2, 9.49 million yuan. Major servicing of peaceful heart laser makes sign professional work around laser, home market has rate 7-8% , it is to divide big a group of things with common features laser (laser hits mark market to have rate 70% ) outside the 2nd big laser hits sign chance to produce a business. Big a group of things with common features the end that buys this basically is for avoid competition, enlarge the market to have rate, increase to be had in what laser makes mark market further rate. Because Tai Deji belongs to a Chinese-foreign joint venture solely, the time place that because this is finished,buys needs longer. Buy this involve amount lesser, the development strategy that buys laser of heart of the peaceful after finishing depends on even big a group of things with common features the fixed position that laser did not develop to its; Long-term in light of, big a group of things with common features laser future outstanding achievement whether rapid growth depends on even the growth that waits to add business newly in Laser Cutting equipment and PCB equipment, because this holds neuter to buying intention this,slant openly manner. Our country development goes without contact laser three-dimensional sufficient model scanner You Kunshan is much power the stage of our country head that center of sports shoes research and development and instrument of Tsinghua university nicety fasten combination to develop development does not have contact laser three-dimensional sufficient model scanner was finished recently, it will join with photograph of machine tool of numerical control last for shaping a shoe henceforth, implementation is full model design of scanning last for shaping a shoe and the unifinication that make. Elder brother Shanduowei sporting goods limited company is our country the scale in ethical company is the at present largest, most distinctive athletic sports is special the shoe produces a business, be (2001 - 2004) supplier of sports shoes of Chinese Olympic committee, association of Chinese track and field is special the shoe produces base, area of international cropland couplet develops a center, supplier of Beijing sports shoes. Elder brother the hardships that sporting goods limited company passes Shanduowei 10 years tries hard, special shoe, match takes the competition that already developed a variety of motion projects, athletic socks, what the 60% races that are used at group of industry of the national group, body that visit town, universities and colleges use the product. According to introducing, because the sneaker of our country production does not have a standard, it is according to sufficient model general classification undertakes designing, because this was caused a lot of different sufficient model the shoe that the user chooses same size. Sneaker and other all sorts of shoes kind when the user sufficient model when deviate standard size is larger, find appropriate shoe very hard, to high level athlete how " volume base makes a shoe " do not have automation method more. Special need can mix shoemaking course of study quickly, accurately blame contact is measured sufficient model the instrument equipment of three-dimensional dimension. The pressure volume that sufficient when joining different sports project ministry generates and mode change are very big, but according to the athlete sufficient model the character of along with the load of sufficient ministry change undertakes sneaker is designed. Measure sufficient ministry load and sufficient below different load ministry the blame contact of three-dimensional form appearance measures an instrument to will be in all sorts of special sneaker, special type shoe, high-grade shoe and sufficient ministry deformation are correctional of standard of measures of trade of the design of the shoe, shoemaking make, average consumer and athlete are sufficient. CNC Milling