What can gain bigger profit is modular broach

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Cutting tool is deciding the production efficiency of wind phone equipment, production cost and production quality respect, have the effect that cannot ignore. Go after lower carbon to discharge, it is the responsibility with human joint society. Fall in financial crisis setting especially, the field of new energy resources that gives priority to with wind report, solar energy, nuclear energy is to present all-time and hot situation more. Be in but in development of second birth energy, wind-force generates electricity is to remove water can outside, the technology is most mature, provide what extensive development and commerce develop a condition to generate electricity most means, accordingly, report of extensive development wind is China but one of main means that second birth the sources of energy uses. From technical maturity and operation practical effect looks, wind report is become undoubtedly get the person that run temporarily. However, analytic personage points out, because wind report invests to increase quickly, cause world fan to demand exceeds supply, make price of domestic and international fan rises ceaselessly then, increased wind report to invest cost, affected yield. Course of study of the state-owend enterprise in need of this kind of phenomenon is made quickly give those who accord with need, the fan with more reasonable price. This makes the joint efforts of enterprise and relevant equipment supplier with respect to equipment of phone of need China wind. Graph in the element that sketch map of bearing of paddle of equipment of 1 wind phone is deciding to wind phone equipment creates efficiency, production cost and the field such as production quality, cutting tool is among them all in all one annulus. Regard the whole world as banner tool manufacturer, kennajin is belonged to had proved with actual strength, oneself had become industry of Chinese wind cable to develop one of roll booster. Before before long, kennajin belongs to the solution that offerred high quality for a business that processes slewing ring, improve efficiency for this enterprise, reduced cost to make outstanding contribution. This home company machines slewing ring technically for fan equipment, brushstroke order needs his to offer a kind to be used at the paddle bearing of join wind leaf and nose, it is to the special requirement of this bearing, should above drill a lot of hole, so that let when installation,bolt can be passed smoothly. At first, this enterprise and Germany machine cutting tool with aperture and famous company cooperates, the centering that a standard is among chosen broach is gotten, periphery by inside bit mixes outside bit is built receive complete cutting knife, form the round complete cutting function outside arriving from the center thereby. And, the head of this kind of broach still has two to prop up piece, can the centering ability when ameliorative getting is cut and stability. This advantage that machines plan is, the centering among is gotten in quite solved on degree but the problem with abominable condition of cutting of blade of dislocation broach center, the stability that makes Kong Zuan fashionable and but dislocation broach photograph is very older than having rise, and the economy that the razor blade that two crisscross of periphery age makes machine again gets ameliorative. But, the enterprise also discovers at the same time, the centering of this broach is gotten when getting the face to still can produce a few conditions, can happen even sometimes break off phenomenon, this to manufacturing stability it is a menace: Once cutting tool happening breaks off to was not discovered in time again, meeting disaster and that two but dislocation razor blade is cutter hub even. Additional, they also are not special satisfaction to the exterior quality of aperture. Though this is keyhole of a snail only, but exterior quality also can affect its whole credit to spend. Nextpage of broach of graph 2 KSEM PLUS is in after be informed this circumstance, the staff member that Kennajin belongs to recommended Kennajin to belong to newest product to this manufacturer -- KSEM PLUS is modular broach. This broach combined Kennajin to belong to original KSEM modular the cutting ability that the tall feed of broach, old long way compares, and to people agrees heply accept SE gets a needle to get ability primely. KSEM PLUS is modular had reflected in the broach experiment application in foreign energy industry gave its remarkable ability, some case prove the promotion that machines efficiency exceeded the 100 % of original efficiency even. Kennajin belongs to China to sell technical manager of the branch to say, KSEM PLUS gets the SE of integral hard alloy of body and high strenth to get pointed composition by steeliness. Its belt that get system inside the center cold aperture, in allow the largest flow while cooling fluid passes cutting tool, keep rigid. SE gets the helix chamfer appreciably of needle and razor blade to part, make a bits smoother thereby keep rigid. The horn after its first flank is mixed was eliminated get the friction cutting bits between body and hole wall, the life that added to get system improved the exterior quality of aperture. A KSEM PLUS gets physical ability to cover the broach measure of a series of diameter limits quite, this cutting tool is applied to steel, stainless steel, cast-iron machine with the aperture that is not ferroalloy workpiece. Compare with the broach photograph that uses before this enterprise, the advantage of KSEM PLUS depends on the SE whole hard alloy of its center getting a tip just about. SE getting needle is very special, the horn before it changes major broach cutting is in the drawback with positional very big change along with cutting blade, there is the part before the cutting that fits need of cutting of the place position on whole cutting blade. Accordingly, since SE broach comes out, it is the person above average in broach of integral hard alloy all the time. Kennajin belongs to this to be in the process that designs KSEM PLUS broach, the broach among by common before twist drill or central getting, centering getting changed SE getting is pointed, the cutting performance of broach of type of module of original to rising KSEM is very effective really. Next, the diameter that the SE that KSEM PLUS place uses gets a tip is opposite at other module type bit among auger cut unit diameter bigger, it is the strength that increased central getting to cut unit so, 2 it is to make but dislocation razor blade avoids to use build received kind to make blade of a cutting, and with two completely symmetrical razor blade makes two cutting blade, make the amount of cutting blade increased one times than other product thereby. Such, no matter be,be being returned in broach center is round outside broach, the cutting ability of KSEM PLUS got very big promotion, treatment efficiency can rise one times no wonder also. Distributinging sketch map of the horn before graph 3 SE gets a tip (advocate among cutting blade part, advocate among cutting blade and horizontal blade boundary, horizontal blade part, get a heart) but the problem is, the gets cutter hub to want to be used more formerly than them product of KSEM PLUS is made an appointment with high 30% , and the centering that the SE of the 16mm that central cutting uses gets a needle to compare original 5mm actually gets the price tall. Be aimed at this one circumstance, the product of KSEM PLUS and user machine tool and the characteristic that process work are opposite the engineer basis that Kennajin belongs to cutting parameter was done a few adjust, from this the treatment charge of the machine tool dropped 50% above. Those who make a person surprizing is, one times much circumstance rises to fall in cutting efficiency, use up and did not increase of cutting tool, cutting tool life increased about 4 times instead. This is the result that the life that gets needle and hard alloy bit by integral hard alloy uses the conversion that increase advantageous position. Although price of itself of KSEM PLUS cutting tool is higher, but can give bigger profit for user creation however. Now, the bore treatment process of this enterprise is more stabler than before, the phenomenon that the central bit that produces from time to tome so breaks off disappeared; The position that cuts bits is more better than before also, cutting bits so is helix of intricate shape, often can twine go up in broach, make handlers must not keep coming down to clear cut bits, the influence machines efficiency, and the short helix bits that now is 1~2 circle, clear very easily; The exterior quality of bore rose: The numerical value of surface roughness was reduced than before 50% , namely quality improved a grade, the client's satisfaction is spent also rose. Because of bore quality rise, can compare original diameter with bore of KSEM PLUS broach small 0.

1mm, although both is in limit, but the importance of the wind phone equipment that each little this change runs to falling for a long time in harsher environment is self-evident. CNC Milling