3 coordinate measuring instrument is in much joint the application in fixture precision control

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Summary: The factor that affects automobile body to install solder precision has a lot of, among them the stability of fixture is the mainest factor, consequently clamping apparatus precision is measured is the mainest avenue of the use stability that assures fixture. In recent years, the application of 3 coordinate improved much joint greatly the efficiency that clamping apparatus precision measures and accuracy, become safeguard the clamping apparatus precision, important step that improves precision of automobile body geometry. Keyword: Fixture of precision of automobile body production quality 3 coordinate measuring instrument   1, introductive: The car makes 4 old technology in, solder is installed especially important. Make in the treatment of white automobile body in, fixture is white automobile body the platform of all component assembly, it is to ensure car automobile body solders the main tool of precision of assembly geometry dimension, the precision of geometry of automobile body housing that its precision solders to be on its has very big effect. Clamping apparatus precision is measured as safeguard the clamping apparatus precision, important step that improves precision of automobile body geometry, it is the important safeguard that assures clamping apparatus precision. Clamping apparatus precision measured a technology to have very great progress in last few years, what place of this cropland car limited company uses east wind is much joint 3 coordinate measure a technology, changed measure efficiency the situation with big error of low, accuracy. The article from measure equipment, measure software, measure the respect such as the technology to introduce this technology the application in the job. 2, automobile body solders the production that production of car of precision control train of thought is large quantities of quantities, the discretion of the quality that install solder affects the crop of truckload exterior quality and function, factory and economic benefits directly. The account that the car holds solder error to arise has a lot of, involve products plan, fixture, part, solder be out of shape and unit process of cargo bandling is out of shape wait for many respects. The main error source in automobile body production process is being assembled the coupling in the process, transmission and accumulate form automobile body integrated error, if pursue 1. Can see from graphic representation, influence automobile body solders precision basically has 3 sides. The first, on size error of control stamping workpiece; The 2nd, make sure fixture designs reasonable, use stability; The 3rd, avoid to solder be out of shape and normative operation. After products plan is finished, fixture is the mainest factor that makes sure automobile body installs solder precision, in fixture design reasonable premise falls, the use stability that assures fixture is crucial. 3, fixture precision control is in routine, if appear,position of component of clamping apparatus fixed position produces component of deflection, fixed position to wear away to wait for a phenomenon not quite with pincers clamping force, will bring about spare parts twist to be out of shape, cause fixed position error, those who create position of spare parts clearance is fluctuant, will bring about finally assemble on size error to increase the aggravation that accepts power position with component part, affect the precision of white automobile body, quality and security directly. Make sure fixture precision is to reduce deviation of size of shape of white automobile body it is thus clear that, raise automobile body to make a of precision fundamental premise. Component of fixed position of main to the precision control of fixture consideration (fixed position is sold, fixed position face) precision, fixed position component is the mainest composition element in clamping apparatus, it is assuring component be constructionaled the position in clamping apparatus, all spare partses that assured to be assembled thereby the technical requirement of mutual position, still decide to solder directly sometimes structural appearance. The precision of fixed position component is affecting the precision of workpiece directly, accordingly, the precision that assures fixed position component has very important sense. In routine, the method of the precision that assures component of clamping apparatus fixed position basically is precision of appearance of fixed position component detects and precision of position of fixed position component detects, apply regression to analyse at the same time, change regularly or adjust. (1) precision of appearance of fixed position component detects detect the method is to apply vernier calipers and micrometer to undertake metrical to fixed position component, decide then fixed position component whether continue to use. (2) precision of position of fixed position component detects. Clamping apparatus is in use process, fixed position component still can produce deflection, the positional precision demand of component of fixed position of clamping apparatus of car solder outfit is very high, the positional precision change of fixed position component is mixed with naked eye common measure a tool to detect hard, must have the aid of is much more articulatory 3 coordinate undertake detecting. But in making a process actually, the cycle that measures fixture of a complete set of to locate component position precision needs is longer, and the use of clamping apparatus is very frequent, the positional invalidation of fixed position component may happen at any time, the error of automobile body precision that causes large quantities of amounts to prevent the be no longer in force that may happen is serious and sequential, in the management of fixture besides be measured regularly, still use converse management method, undertake online key place total number detects and leave a line fixed and truckload to detect to automobile body precision, according to the data analysis of detected automobile body precision, manage the precision of clamping apparatus conversely. 4, the VECTORON that the application that VECTORON measures a technology uses inside the division is much more articulatory 3 coordinate gauge brachial mood machine (VECTORON of the following abbreviation) it is portable 3 coordinate are measured machine, if pursue 2, it measures the way that offerred an advantage for troublesome spot, have high accuracy, high rate, very good very flexible, strong data processing and the capacity that get used to spot environment, below the premise that serves the spot, the manufacturing demand with can reliable, efficient complex and changeful satisfaction abounds especially, the software function that expands ceaselessly, all these makes its produced bigger and bigger effect in control of automobile body quality. Of VECTORON measure a head to find a place for very agile, measure a system to compare with other optics, it does not need those who measure a place to connect inspect a condition, because this is in a few measure a dot to connect inspect the condition with poorer condition to fall (obscure an aspect) , very effective, the measurement that nods inside car automobile body for example. Because had these characteristics, the measurement of precision of clamping apparatus of VECTORON enough competency, also can measure with what taste at the ministry with scanning, scan and measure what the check in still pressing a workshop with Yu Chong provides. The 3 coordinate that in be being used at producing a course, detect measure a system to already made a component of process in fact. The value of VECTORON got be reflectinged adequately. Type of arm of VECTORON much joint is below 3 coordinate measure a few characteristics of machine, and the application that is in a company. 4.

VECTORON can measure   of 1 job principle the dimensional coordinate value of clamping apparatus, this coordinate the theoretical value of value and clamping apparatus undertakes comparative, reach the deviation of the coordinate of three dimensional space of clamping apparatus, it is OK to use these deviations to be worth analysis, adjust clamping apparatus, raise the goal of dimension of automobile body geometry in order to achieve. Portable 3 coordinate measure the fundamental of machine is to use measure machine bougie to get clamping apparatus to locate component coordinate is worth, through the operation of the computer and processing, reflect the actual figure of the clamping apparatus that be measured and numerical value. VECTORON still has a few following characteristics: One, can undertake quickly exploration from the aleatoric way that measures emplacement; 2, inside the freedom of OK and applicable all workpiece installs buy function, need not mechanical decides core exercise; 3, use the conversational form operation of large icon menu, the operation goes to the lavatory simply, can avoid to be operated by accident; 4, although determining in the process, optional also choose, change the probe that accords with a purpose; 5, contact sensor through installation blame, can falling to undertake scanning to workpiece surface without the position that defends halation sparge, get several foothold cloud. These 5 characteristics make the person that VECTORON becomes articulatory type coordinate to measure the outstanding in machine. 4.

VECTORON uses 2 software   LibellaJack software, it applies to Windows2000/WindowsXP operating system, use at measure and checking geometrical appearance part (model of know exactly about sth or countless models spare parts) , its advantageous place depends on determining in the contact on functional foundation, still have benefit to undertake an error with CAD data the blame contact of analytic function determines software, the positional deviation amount that can use CAD data to decide data and CAD data to measuring undertakes image of vector, color, text show. In the job that the application that this makes VECTORON many guides at new clamping apparatus. 4.

Whether is each decoder of rotational part that 3VECTORON measures applied   {1} of the technology to affirm much joint about initialization working normally condition. Whether is the mechanical coordinate that affirms much more articulatory place is built 0 positions, if pursue 3, this is to make sure the hardware of 3 coordinate is good. {2} determines articulatorily about how much joint is right the content that be measured undertakes metrical, need is taken to hoping to measure the place beyond place undertook making good omissions, this are called vacant site. Because use,this is [globose measure a head] when undertaking metrical, of the content that be measured and CAD data have deviate way, the center of the ball just is metrical real position, should make good omissions to the radius of the ball so direction takes one sky to nod. {3} coordinate fastens generate work in accurate measurement in, build coordinate correctly department and have accurate measurement it is euqally important that machine, desired result measures a head well, what the basis measures a condition is different, what ask with the error is different, the way of unripe set prescription that coordinate ties can divide it is two kinds big: Set of face axis origin and at 3 o'clock make it, to make the error achieves error limits less than, the likelihood needs to repeat ability a few times to generate appropriate coordinate to fasten. {4} should note the problem that should note in use process: The coder part that 1VECTORON measures equipment to measure an arm is the place that is damaged the most easily, measure equipment precision to drop to be shaken strongly mostly with coder relative. 2 in measuring a process, take put down gently gently, special attention measures an arm to bump into clamping apparatus   in the 3 processes that measure software initialization, should turn slowly measure an arm, careful roll each axes. 4 much joint are when ultimate pose, can give out in a low voice admonitory sound, this kind of circumstance falls to turn articulatory arm adjusts much jointer position please. When admonitory sound is given out, cannot undertake metrical. The coordinate of automobile body of set of polarity of judgement   ※ of the polarity when 5 coordinate department is built is to use right hand formula to define coordinate department, forefinger represents B axis, thumb to represent H axis on behalf of T axis, middle finger, if pursue 7, t, B, H3 the face with axial perpendicular place is face of T, B, H accordingly, 3 faces are mutual also and perpendicular, satisfy right hand formula, according to the knowledge of vector algebra and dimensional geometry, can use right hand formula, the square that needs fiducial axis according to place to, when the operation of two ranges that make fiducial rod certainly makes fiducial rod, choose which side first, hind choose which side, in taking operation because of the × of two faces, differ orderly, the direction of gotten fiducial shaft is contrary. The adjustment of ※ polarity mistake methodological   A.

Adjust datum plane, check polarity next, be like a mistake, readjust is fiducial axis. B.

Adjust fiducial axis to be able to reduce needless man-hour loss so, improve work efficiency, shorten of clamping apparatus precision detect time, assure clamping apparatus precision better. 5, the last word is finished in products plan hind, fixture is the mainest factor that makes sure automobile body installs solder precision. Sell to the fixed position of fixture, of fixed position face detect regularly, change or adjust, can assure the precision of fixture, assure thereby truckload the precision of automobile body. Anyhow, clamping apparatus precision is measured is to safeguard the clamping apparatus precision, important step that improves precision of automobile body geometry. Automobile body is the main component of the car, automobile body solders precision decision is truckload assemble the effect and function, the market competition ability of product of car of immediate impact. In last few years, close development of our country auto industry is rapidder, plant of car of domestic most company solders to automobile body precision control presses above basically each respect undertakes, but on the whole, compare with the national posture such as Euramerican, Japan, we still have a paragraph of very long distance. Hope the clamping apparatus of article introduction measures technology and train of thought of pilot of clamping apparatus precision, can cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions, give authority in order to inspire, can get drawing lessons from from which, be able to apply in control of effective clamping apparatus precision. Bibliographical reference: [1] Lin Zhongqin.

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