Rigid numerical control locks up: Do not take the key to also can take a door

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Need not batteries, circuit, complete machine is held accuse, password length can amount to 40. The complete gentleman that this is suitable De Daliang invents " rigid numerical control is locked up " , this lock already obtained bureau of national intellectual property to issue on March 8, 2001 " practical and new-style patent certificate " . Yesterday (on March 27) , complete gentleman tells a reporter: "With lock of rigid numerical control, can not take the key to go out, although power cut also can as usual is used. " key password has compatibility yesterday, complete gentleman revealed his rigid numerical control to lock up example to the reporter. Reporter discovery, this lock is rotating number of an annular 0~9 was held between handle and keyhole pushbutton and turn button. Complete gentleman just pressed a few digits, arrange hour hand roll to turn next button, door lock was opened. "Dress is carried before me, one day should run a few decorate are nodded in those days, to the client custodial key became an issue that lets me headache, I am returned often promiscuous they, want to design at that time need not the password lock of the key, such I need not take so much key. " complete gentleman says. Then, complete gentleman to turn on the small screw of edge of a door, the device of pushbutton of will annular number is taken out, dial the runner set code that uses device backside with a fine club. Complete gentleman says: "Although the setting method of the password is very simple, but every number can choose 0~9 4 times, the length of whole code can amount to 40, the password that believes this digit defeats solution very hard. " " the password lock that I design now is rigid numerical control completely, need not batteries or insert power source. And this lock can be opened with the key and password. If took the key to be able to use the key, forgot to take the key, can open the door with the password all the same. Still set a simple and easy plant after the door, what can choose to cancel password and key is compatible. So without the password the key also cannot take the door. That is to say thief pilfer takes the key, if do not know a code,cannot enter room as much. " complete gentleman says. Relevant news: England is popularized " miniature power station " our country development goes robot of new idea underwater to continue to reform hope can it is reported of put into production, complete gentleman begins to consider to design this lock from 1995, win national patent to 2001. After this, what he did not stop to be locked up to this all the time is beautiful with performance side improved. "I am making a new model, add the small unit that cancels the key and password compatibility, with successive input password 4 wrong siren. In addition, the number that attends to pushbutton adds luminous pink, make the person that night comes home can clear input a password. " complete gentleman says, "I hope this patent can contact manufacturer to throw production as soon as possible. Because of this kind the lock is used handy, cost is equivalent to the 10 % that the electronic password on market locks up only. I am developing the rigid numerical control on autocycle to lock up at the same time now, if development comes out, the person that believe to also can let the theft of those autocycle headached. The person that believe to also can let the theft of those autocycle headached.. CNC Milling