Laser Cutting cuts out machine technology is analysed

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Laser cuts out machine is OK break up for 4 crucial parts, go up generator of part of circuit of a machine software, rigid control, mechanical drive, laser. (A) go up a machine software: The key of man-machine interaction is to go up a machine software, an intelligence equipment perhaps says one each moves the maneuverability that turns equipment decide from this. Opposite more as agile as mechanical part software, the cost that spends and time are more also, this often by oversight. (B) rigid control circuit: In system of open loop control, the pace enters electric machinery indispensable, the pace receives accumulative total of electric machinery error wanting, control is simple cost is low. Component of general rigid control circuit is two much: The first, give priority to body with PC, PC itself has the interpolation operation of brim of relevant cut material, give out through PC port next control sequential, control sequential undertakes through exterior circuit the pace works into electric machinery magnifying waiting handling direct drive. The 2nd, give priority to body with small controller, PC is auxiliary. The interface of PC outputs the signal of definite pattern only, undertake checking filling waiting for operation in small controller next, final output magnifies control pace enters electric machinery. Integrated above two kinds of hierarchy of control, former as a result of exclusive consideration mechanic makes sequential, because this is undertaking controlling awaiting needing more CPU resource, the result that bring about is the barely when PC is being controlled do other to operate. The 2nd kind of hierarchy of control outputs the file of a format only as a result of the computer, undertake handling by the microprocessor in dominating circuit next, the computer in machining a process so also can do the business of other. (C) mechanical drive part: Mechanical part asks in precision is not too tall, machining force is not too big case next simpler appearing, the fare that treatment rises is relatively low also. Laser Cutting need not need to consider to machine the problem of force almost, and the cut of the spin material such as leather also does not need too tall precision, because this machinery can choose the solution that lever and linear polished rod cooperate common ball silk partly, reduce the cost of mechanical component. Because laser beam machining machines deepness to be achieved by control laser power, because this is OK leave out is mechanical Z axis of the part, need X axis and Y axis to have planar shift only. (D) laser generator: Wait for the treatment of textile to leather, belong to metalloid treatment, use CO2 laser generator commonly, 10.

6um wavelengh 40-60W can. The knowledge that uses software controls the bulk of power. Control what means considers at present to have PWM modulation kind (not on-the-spot test and verify) . CNC Milling