Cut down cooling fluid

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More and more job shops are seeking the means that reduces cooling fluid dosage when treatment, use air / oily mist - minimum is lubricant (MQL)- or need not the treatment doing type of lubricant. Can provide very breathtaking economy and zoology benefit. But, the advantage of these technologies and limitation must ask to application just is able to succeed when according with with likely application and cutting. Reduce lube least quantity is lubricant, or say standard dry form is lubricant, it is will least quantity cutting fluid and air mix to be gas mist, lubricate in order to offer control, reduce the attrition of cutting edge area. MQL concept is understanding is about 15 years ago definitely undermentioned issue of a few sides and put forward namely the environmental enroach on that with the pelagian cutting in air of each job shops fluid grain concerns and professional harm problem. The management of cutting fluid, this technology decreased to purchase the processing cost of the demand of cutting fluid and useless cutting fluid. Eddy current canal separates hot air and job shops air current, carry cold air, the dry formula that is used at cutting area is cooling. In addition, reduced what workpiece, cutting tool reachs a machine tool to clean a frequency. Gas mist is being machined almost give out entirely in the process, accordingly, workpiece, cutting tool and machine tool still keep dry. Job shops uses MQL technology to machine a component, cut bits clean, dry, can reclaim instantly use. MQL mixes a system to carry the gas mist of exact amount, control the droplet diameter of gas mist specific noncombatant duty, keep optimal and wet with lubricant. The velocity of flow of MQL fluid is 30ml/hr ~ 500ml/hr -- the dosage that sheds refrigeration than extensive is low a lot of amount class. In extensive shedding refrigeration, the cooling fluid dosage that use up amounts to 10 litres / minute. For example, if MQL enrages the lube droplet set inside mist,be 0.

1µm ~ 1µm, criterion cooling fluid dosage is less than 50ml/hr. Although supplier of certain MQL technology alleges, this technology can use any cutting liquid, but, the vegetable oil that most job shops uses height to refine or to one's heart's content kind lube. These high-powered grease have the lubricity with blame remarkable ability and natural deliquescent character, and, they or environmental protection product. In addition, plant celestial being kind cutting fluid won't volatilize, they are used to cool in gas mist cutting, can move stable and controlledly except quantity of heat. This conduces to the temperature cutting tool keeping stable, eliminate the possibility of cutting tool thermal shock. In the application that uses hard alloy cutting tool in the requirement, this are very important, because water radical cooling fluid carries water evaporate move except a large number of heat, move quickly to will make except a large number of heat of the generation when cutting hard alloy cutting tool produces thermal shock, cause adhesive of the cobalt inside hard alloy cutting tool decompose. MQL gas mist carries cooling zone to have two kinds of methods. The first kind is to rely on exterior MQL to supply a system, among them air mixes through nozzle with oil with carry be in to cutting. This system cost is low, can transform existing machine tool MQL. It does not need pair of machine tools or control undertakes a large number of transforming. However, in certain applying, use this kind of MQL to carry a system to be put in a few defect, for example, in deep bore, very difficult will lubricant air / oily mist is carried to cutting tool / workpiece interface. Another example is the peripheral equipment that carries the machine tool MQL that trades knife unit automatically to carry systematic place to use and its nozzle, meeting interference trades knife unit. The design uses the machine tool of MQL to have interior to supply a system, transport air and oil through main shaft to cutting tool. Among them a kind of type is to deploy an air / oily mixing chamber, through inside main shaft canal will enrage mist to carry directly to cutting tool. The conduit inside cutting tool carries gas mist to cutting area. When main shaft rate is high, from mental efforts the oil in mist of meeting general gas drips on the wall outside swinging what main shaft is in charge of, such, cannot the air of will optimal quantity / oil gas mist is carried to cutting tool. To overcome this, another kind of design is to pass all round the central canal inside air conduit, make oil passes main shaft. Air and oil around cutting tool indoor mix, because of air / the influence that oil gas mist rotates in axis of acceptor acceptor of paragraphs of small distance only, the eduction reaction with most advanced cutting tool got ameliorative allegedly. Undertake through machine tool cutting tool lube is installed beforehand directly, these two kinds of designs control the lube eduction amount of every cutting tool accurately. And, in-house MQL system does not have peripheral device, won't cause interference to other equipment. Interior carries the cutting tool of MQL system to need special consideration. The channel that carries gas mist through cutting tool must be designed change suddenly for direction as far as possible little. This has challenge sex quite to big diameter cutting tool, convict enrages spray mediumly to move for big diameter cutting tool must haul, in order to reach its external diameter and cutting area. Dry cutting does type cutting completely, or use namely compress air to be used at refrigeration, it is the common industry method that component of sclerotic stainless steel machines. In these application, produce much heat, cold the chance that reduced airy refrigeration effect to reduce thermal shock happening. Although do the temperature that cutting produces to compare those who use wet cutting commonly,want tall, but, in cycle of treatment doing type, the change of temperature is inferior, the thermal stress of edge of cutting tool cutting also inferior. In mill cycle, the temperature change of wet cutting is bigger than doing cutting, bring about cutting tool brim to produce thermal stress. Want to eliminate use, reclaim the job shops of the cost that reachs recycle cutting fluid and thorny issue, be not the sole boy or girl friend that is dry treatment. Cutting tool material exposes the operation that leaves at stabilizing hot load to also should consider to use this technology. The hard metal that leads coating, pottery and porcelain, cermet, cubic nitrogen changes boron (CBN) and much brilliant diamond (PCD) is very fragile, get thermal stress easy disintegrate or rupture. The thermal stress that the surface produces -- in operation of this car in hard alloy cutting tool, mill especially serious. For example, in mill operation, cutting tool is entered with when leaving work, cutting tool cuts edge be heated and refrigeration. Both the difference in temperature between is brought about fast and repeatedly hair heat build-up expands with systole, these fluctuant meetings produce exhaustion. The place that can have the edge finally in perpendicular Yu Dao forms the hot craze like the comb, begin attaint cutting tool thereby. Wet the advantage of cutting and defect cutting fluid -- cooling fluid and lube recipe -- the effect that has the following sides in treatment: From cutting the site changes except cut bits; Clean cutting tool and workpiece: Provide anticorrosive protection for workpiece and machine tool; The small bit of the generation in clingy dirt and cutting; Cooling cutting tool and workpiece; Reduce cutting tool to wear away; Improve cutting precision. In addition, the lubricant ability of cutting fluid can reduce attrition, prolong cutting tool life, decrease drossy build up in cutting tool brim, improve workpiece surface to machine quality cutting fluid to also have a few drawback. To certain individual, they may cause stimulation of allergic reaction, respiratory system, toxic even with infection. In addition, their price is high, cost of waste liquid processing is high. American profession safety and fluid of treatment of metal of healthy institute regulation enrage what spend mistily to allow to contact a level is 0.

5mg/cu-m. And the extensive that uses a convention sheds refrigeration and method of lubrication, the estimation of oily mist level of car assembly manufactory is 20 ~ 90mg/cu-m. Come two this years, of cutting fluid buy, management and the cost that waste liquid handles already rose considerably. For example, a recent investigation shows auto industry, 20% what the cost of cooling fluid holds total production cost, under photograph comparing, the cost of cutting tool is occupied 7.

5% . Current, the processing cost of useless cooling fluid oneself the cost that exceeded cooling fluid itself, and increasing. Accordingly, in by certain applying, each job shops reduces the technical place of cutting fluid dosage to attract, although use these technologies,can shorten a little the service life of cutting tool. Coating of special coating cutting tool cuts an edge not to suffer quantity of heat and stress action respect to also having very main effect in protection. In dry treatment, system of painting of will special project and base material of rich cobaltic area are united in wedlock, developed a kind of tough surface and hard lining. This kind of painting is particularly large -- 20µm -- through combining technology of deposit of tradition and gas phase of medium temperature chemistry, can arise multilayer. In the course that produces these coating, nitrogen of ground floor carbon changes titanium to offer the needs conglutinate to base material. Next, increase nitrogen of carbon of the 2nd wear-resisting to change titanium, the help controls flank and blade to wear away. Finally, nitrogen carrying a layer on the head changes titanium to offer defend accumulative margin, make its more decide bit to go up easily wear away. CNC Milling