The in engraving tool use of high frequency transducer in H320 case

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One, overview computer engraving tool applies extensively already at each industry now. In advertisement is made and building packaging line of business, the use of computer engraving tool is afterwards computer carve characters on a seal after making fly again. The market rate that computer engraving tool cuts pair of color board product that make is higher and higher, entering popularity period. The market is higher and higher also to revealing the character of the mark to ask. Transducer regards electric machinery of engraving tool main shaft as drive, main demand is move smooth, rotate speed change is flowing. High frequency transducer of all directions H320 is used in engraving tool with its superior performance very extensive. 2, the system is main performance demand   (1) wave motion of the speed inside total rate limits is small; (2) low speed moment of force is large, can assure cutting of low rotate speed; (3) the time that increases decelerate as far as possible short. 3, the system is main functional requirement (1) control means choice is controlled for V/F; (2) need terminal control regards a command as the source, terminal of two lines type controls: FWD moves to turning (FWD is inputted) , REV turns over have a change of luck to go (REV is inputted) ; (3) frequency source measures set for imitate (computer control plate outputs 0 ~ 10VDC) , need to input frequency instruction from VC2 mouth only; (4) moving rotate speed is in commonly 0 ~ 21000r/min, the running frequency of conversion transducer is 0 ~ 350Hz (electric machinery of 2 class high speed) ; (5) quicken and slowdown time basis client oneself demand, be in commonly 20 ~ 30s, compare because of the rotate speed that move tall, so need takes the transducer of unit of apply the brake; (6) need breakdown outputs signal (relay is outputted) with breakdown restoration signal (RST is inputted) . Terminal of demonstrative transducer VC2/GND offers nextpage4, system to be measured with imitate of speed of numerical control system, VC2 receives imitate of numerical control system to measure interface signal, GND receives negative signal, signal is signal of voltage of imitate of 0 ~ 10V, control main shaft rotate speed. FWD/REW/CM is transducer turning / invert signal terminal, give out by numerical control system turning signal perhaps inverts signal, come drive auxiliary relay, of auxiliary relay often open contact to receive transducer FWD/REV/CM, the positive and negative that controls transducer thereby turns. 5, main function parameter installs transducer   F0.

1: 5 frequency input passageway choice; F0.

4: 1 moving command inputs passageway choice; F0.

8: 350HZ (frequency of the biggest output) ; F1.

2: 350HZ (basic running frequency)     F2.

9: 350HZ (running frequency upper limit) ; F0.

10: 30s quickens time (according to actual condition set) ; F0.

11: 20s slowdown time (according to actual condition set) . CNC Milling