Hill spy dimension overcomes form of chamfer of coke full CoroThread 266 C to enhance treatment security

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A when Shanteweikekeleman rolled out recently new product will enhance the security of screw cutting greatly, optimize chamfer of C of the pilot that cut bits razor blade to will be perfected for CoroThread 266 range of products, can help the unmanned value with successive implementation defend treatment, decrease stay machine time. Norms of C chamfer razor blade is 16mm. Near point of a knife break bits implement conduce to guide the flow direction that cut bits, control cuts the appearance of bits and size, achieve higher treatment security thereby. To inside screw cutting, significant platoon bit is crucial to undertaking be machininged continuously. Feed means is having immediate effect to screw cutting function, cut bits control and whorl quality especially. Of chamfer of CoroThread 266 C razor blade break bits implement must using part of 1 ° feed effect just can be produced when feed of this kind of side direction improves way, at the same time horn of this one feed still can avoid the friction of cutting blade and surface of spare parts whorl. The GC1125 capable person that chamfer of CoroThread 266 C razor blade shows to already rolled out cutting of whorl of the circle outside applying to pledges and apply to inside the GC1135 material of round whorl cutting is qualitative. CNC Milling