Autodesk Vault in transformer three-dimensional design applies mediumly

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Transformer is three-dimensional design technological process and the problem that face are large transformer structure is complex, component sort is various, the main problem that faces when the design has: The gold of Ban of cable wiring 2) with three-dimensional 1) the signal expression 5) that spreads out 3) pipeline to design 2 dimension of 4) to pursue does not give a graph to still have occupation standard problem in addition in proportion. Afore-mentioned problems can get basically when using Inventor to design settlement. But, transformer designs the different cent that presses its structure and action to be 7 much: Coil, insulation, core, gasoline tank, down-lead, component reachs general assembly, its correlation is shown 1 times like the graph. It is with the transformer of ODFPS-250000/500 exemple, component is phyletic 800 kinds, amount thousands of, the assembly of down-lead part needs to load coil, core, implement be isolated from personally, and what computation occupies is being set to change in designing a process is cannot of hard to avoid, so whether assure to cite it is important that component version comparatives consistently. Traditional method is to rely on factitious interpose to check, because the design of this transformer is periodic longer, the probability of occurrence mistake is higher. 2.

The project data that the applied Autodesk Vault of Autodesk Vault is an independence runs software, it can dog design contrail, can avoid to because delete associated file,be in in the design and bring about mistake happening. When designing cold transformer of ODFPS-250000/500 single-phase wind, we adopt following measure to have initiative definition: 1) administrator establishs a project that calls ODFPS250000 on Vault server, 2) set its job catalog, 3) adds an user and distribute a part, if pursue,2 are shown. In be being designed normally, our requirement gasoline tank, component, coil, core, implement the project member that is isolated from personally check gives other file and can not allow to undertake modification only, and when the architect of down-lead, general assembly is assembling need, allow to design unreasonable component to undertake modification to other part, so former role is an user, and the architect of down-lead, general assembly most appropriately the part is its set editor namely. Transformer design work is many users commonly collateral design, the administrator is OK in Vault server set user is characteristic, undertake limitative to the visit of the user. Cite to much user same a circumstance of the file, can allow an user to have an edition to the file only in same hour, by editorial file be given by this user check certainly. In Autodesk Vault browser, each user is entered to the check of component, check gives a circumstance to be able to see, date of name of the time that alters every time, user, version has a record, even the content of every version has reservation. Graph 3 it is user Zt (Zhaoting) in the gasoline tank design that sees after entry Vault browser, the check of component is entered, check gives a case, √ is be given by check of user Zt itself, × is by the document that user Hp check goes out and user Zt cannot alter. The component that the user produces to check is revised finish and after check enters Vault server, the corresponding component version date in Vault server will be added automatically 1. In the graph 4 in user Hp is right " ground connection bolt.

Iam " the file undertook modification, user Xjf cited this file, open when latter " ground connection bolt.

Iam " when the file, in Inventor in-house Vault browser issues reminder of occurrence red dot, the newest version of corresponding file on Vault server can be obtained after user Xjf clicks right key to update at this moment. What use Vault needs to notice is: Once release the document on Vault server, if one assembled a file to cite hundreds pieces of component, open this file to want to pass the check of Vault server every time, open this file to compare file of dozen of book size ground to waste time so. Accordingly, unless the architect cites the component that other user designs, the component that had better design oneself arrives in the republication after the design is finished entirely on Vault server, will reduce needless check to enter, check gives time. Graph 5 it is the three-dimensional assembly drawing that the ODFPS-250000/500 that use Autodesk Inventor 9 is designed and uses Autodesk Vault 3 to undertake project management is finished digitlizes a product. 3.

Conclusion is before software of management of project of use Autodesk Vault, collateral to the transformer that much user participates in design, we use what Autodesk Inventor takes oneself to share project means to establish a project, its are main malpractice is all design number it is according to all storing on a computer, there is data on other computer, once this server is interrupted, the design cannot undertake. Inventor regards a design as software, do not provide the function of user management, this meeting brings about many mistake generation. The application of Vault solved us to run paralell in transformer the problem that exists all the time for quite a long time in the design, in reducing a design, associated file revises brought version to replace an issue. Vault can be used not only fall in Inventor environment, because it is of an independence,run software at the same time, also support the product of other Autodesk, in using the transformer of AutoCAD and MDT platform to design a process, use Autodesk Vault to manage design file, also can yet be regarded as is a kind of good method. CNC Milling