Solder of car automobile body installs clamping apparatus design

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Summary: Undertake discussing through the common law that designs to fixture of car automobile body, raised the fundamental requirement that should abide by in the place in fixture design. In be produced now, the design of fixture was full of rich characteristic, accordingly, specific issue beard is specific treat. Keyword: Sex of fixture design experience is integrated the design of fixture of technical car automobile body is the omnibus technology with an experience very powerful sex, want to define production program above all when the design, be familiar with product structure, understanding is out of shape characteristic, hold make reach assemble precision, craft of be proficient in asks. Accomplish these only, ability undertakes all-around design to fixture. One, the automation level of fixture of decision of production program production program and welder configuration, reflect through producing metre. Manufacturing metre by time of clamping apparatus movement, assemble time, weld time, carry the composition such as time. Time of clamping apparatus movement basically depends on the automation degree of clamping apparatus; Assemble time to basically depend on stamping workpiece precision, working procedure the skilled program of precision, handlers; Weld time basically depends on solder craft level, solder the automation degree of equipment, rationalize degree of solder clamp type selecting; Carry time to basically depend on the carried automation rate, rationalize level that content spreads. Should hold above only when, the automation level that can solve fixture reasonably and production cost contradicts this pair. 2, the automobile body of structural characteristic car of car automobile body is general by outside enclothe, inside enclothe with framework composition, enclothe plate thickness is commonly 0.


2mm, framework plate thickness is more 1.


5mm, that is to say they are thin panel mostly. To fixture design, have the following characteristic: 1, structural form is complex, automobile body of car of difficulty of composition of a picture is the dimensional housing that install solder by laminose stamping workpiece and becomes, for modelling beautiful have certain tigidity with housing, the part that forms itself is normally extend system of shaping dimensional curved surface through pulling, structural form is relatively complex. 2, the laminose stamping workpiece that is out of shape the course shapes rigid difference, easily has certain tigidity, but with machining photograph comparing, tigidity should be differred more, and individual large stamping workpiece is out of shape easily, solder only after automobile body housing, just have stronger tigidity. 3, with the space three-dimensional coordinate tags product of dimension car automobile body to pursue with the space three-dimensional coordinate tags dimension. Enclothe to express a position on the car and facilitate tag dimension, car automobile body is general every other 200mm or reticle of 400mm equalize coordinate. Of 3 coordinate fiducial be: Around direction (Y to) -- , it is with center of car front-wheel drive 0, it is negative worth forth, in the future is be worth; Fluctuation direction (Z to) -- , it is with the plane on carling 0, upgrade is be worth, it is negative worth downward; Or so direction (X to) -- , with car semmetry the center is 0, the left and right sides is losing. 3, assemble precision to assemble precision to include two respects content: Exterior precision and framework precision, the clearance face after exterior precision shows door is assembled is poor, framework precision shows three-dimensional coordinate is worth. Van car to assemble precision to be controlled commonly inside 2mm, car control is inside 1mm. The design of fixture should assure working procedure already the solder between fits a requirement, should assure to solder overally again precision, through adjusting working procedure the matchs condition to satisfy whole assembly between asks. 4, the application that formula packed clamping apparatus to go up in automobile body solder at 6 o'clock formula pointed to limitation at 6 o'clock ' the freedom that direction moves is spent, when solder of design automobile body installs clamping apparatus, often have two kinds of misunderstanding, it is to think fixed position is right at 6 o'clock clamping apparatus of laminose solder outfit is not applicable; 2 it is to see laminose solder has on outfit clamping apparatus exceed fixed position phenomenon, the account that produces this kind of misunderstanding is a limitation the freedom that the freedom that 6 direction move spends understanding in the limit of to make 6 way is spent, the tenet that fixture designs is the freedom that limits 6 direction movement degree, this kind of limitation relies on the device of fixed position clamp of clamping apparatus not only, and support is made between restrict a relation each other. Knew laminose stamping workpiece correctly only the characteristic that solder outfit produces, understood correctly again at the same time at 6 o'clock formula, ability applies this principle correctly. Look from fixed position principle, bearing is indispensable to thin plate, can eliminate what suffer clamping force effect as a result of workpiece and cause to be out of shape. Exceed fixed position to make contact a dot to be not stabilized, generation is assembled locally interference, but should repair seriously only when adjusting clamping apparatus wear bearing face, the undesirable consequence that its exceed fixed position to cause is to be able to be controlled inside limit. 80 time, automobile body solders a large number of use clamping apparatus its type is the cut of fixed position face from punch mould cut and come, be in namely of spare parts of automobile body punch model the fixed position on antrum, it is called " fixed position piece " , its characteristic is fixed position area big, according to statistic umbriferous area is in 100 above of 50 × . Fixed position piece is to add workpiece, the others part that prop up is cast-iron, fixed position piece is being assembled fixed position deserves to sell again after adjusting. On the exterior it has two kinds of type: The fixed position of large area piece, the pneumatic of small area or hand use pressure head; The fixed position of large area piece, the pneumatic of large area or hand use pressure head. Former cause fixed position piece treatment is sophisticated, thrust of spare parts of generation automobile body is insufficient, the spot welding operation of clamp of latter interference solder and mount a difficulty. The clamping apparatus that aborning uses, its precision must assure the requirement of product assembly; Its choose to locate the amount of the face also is more conservative, peace is much not little. Additional, the assembly of every fixed position piece is to use 4 bolt to be secured in heavy Kongzhong entirely soldering on bearing motherboard, because of the fill that solder broken bits splatters, cause the difficulty that repair changes. Be cast because of this kind of whole " fixed position piece " type clamping apparatus is material of bad news specific power consumption, its design, production cycle and cost are higher. Make as tool level and detect of the method rise, the fixed position translate into of automobile body fixture fixed position of fixed position board, board ply is in 16, 19, choose in 25 a few archives. Joint of solder of instead of noumenon of whole clamping apparatus, making, assemble went up to shorten periodic, reduced cost relatively. Each fixed position sells fixed position board and horny pedestal, horn pedestal and motherboard Kong Jun is used bore hole, kong Jian is apart from deviation to be, l ± 0.

02. This kind uses this means on treatment, measure of automobile body product is like to change somewhat in debug (like stamping workpiece) of constant some on size error, machine the dimension precision that in adding, assures was dropped with respect to waste. Want to make precision of automobile body geometry installs tone success last time in clamping apparatus, stamping workpiece cannot have bigger dimension error, and the quantity that fixed position orders is more also. Use right angle piece adjustable orientation way and photogenic with, it is fixed position board, pressure head uses right angle piece to add spacer to transfer only. Its advantage is the rehabilitate after fixed position board, pressure head uses caustic, outfit tone is more convenient; Form standardization more easily also design, make (divide press on fixed position piece, pressure head piece outside, the others spare parts all can make standard component) . But the relationship that design personnel wants to solve the fixed position that boring gives to sell aperture and spacer, cannot let fixed position board do not have tolerancepublic errand treatment. Also lengthened assemble cycle, arrive from fixed position face detect sell the dimension catenary increase such as aperture, accumulative total error rises. If crop automobile body is left / clamping apparatus of right side wall, only right angle piece has 900 or so. Can want to assemble those who adjust workload is big, it is changed in order to raise treatment precision for cost likewise. Clamping apparatus looks from integral appearance 0 have art of composition, but not beautiful. Use 3 cylinder to sell fixed position each 0, component, it locates above two kinds the law machines precision from, l ± 0.

02 fall, l ± 0.

05, the treatment in making clamping apparatus is used in production, assemble on make automobile body installed solder precision to get assuring. But designing, in assembling, want to consider the use condition of fixed position component, otherwise precision can walk along lose along with the undesirable element such as knock against. 5, car identity piece with fixed position fiducial choice automobile body solders assembly is general by motherboard, front wall, back wall, side wall and coping a few much are comprised, different model divides a means to differ, when option fixed position is standard, should accomplish commonly: 1, the assembly that assures door hole dimension solders to be divided without side wall when assembly piece when, door hole must serve as main fixed position fiducial, in dividing outfit clamping apparatus, the cent assembly that every and around pillar concern installs the rear column before solder must be used directly to locate, and locate to general assembly from cent outfit fiducial should unite; Solder when assembly have side wall when cent piece, criterion door hole should be formed on side wall fixture, with the door the hole reachs craft aperture to locate when general assembly solder, and locate to general assembly from cent outfit fiducial also should unite. 2, the punch like the Kong Yi hanging buy on the motherboard of positional accuracy automobile body of aperture of buy of the rear overhang before assuring strengthens bridge to go up in motherboard, when installing solder, should assure to hang the relative position of buy aperture, so that make automobile body successful,underground falls to frame. 3, the assembly that assures around wind window window of dimension around wind is general by outside enclothe and inside enclothe a composition, have a plenty of advanced back wall form on assembly, want to notice to solve its to locate on cent outfit clamping apparatus, some is formed on general assembly clamping apparatus, locate accurately to the window in special window tabulator commonly, in order to assure the assembly of windscreen. 6, the structure of automobile body fixture and characteristic of fixed position clamp 1, the solder of structural characteristic automobile body of clamping apparatus of outfit of automobile body solder holds clamping apparatus bulk giant, the structure is complex, make to facilitate, assemble, detect and maintain, must undertake decomposing to clamping apparatus structure, otherwise, cannot undertake metrical. Clamping apparatus of automobile body general assembly has 3 to assemble fiducial: Motherboard, left side wall and right side wall, machine on their plane have fiducial chamfer and coordinate line, unit of combination of fixed position clamp undertakes constructional by respective fiducial chamfer, detect, 3 much combination rises finally, become a complete fixture. 2, the solder of automobile body of fixed position characteristic of clamping apparatus of outfit of automobile body solder installs clamping apparatus mostly the curved surface exterior with stamping workpiece, platform that passes plastic on curved surface, pull the steps leading up to a house that delay and controls a turn to shape, the window through decorating a border and exterior brim, assemble with Kong He craft aperture locates, this decided appearance of its fixed position component is more special greatly, can use standard unit rarely. Should part to be made locate by solder workpiece to each on fixture, make its are not interfered each other, the interdependent relation that workpiece should make full use of to assemble when designing fixed position component regards natural fixed position as bearing. Some workpiece solder to close body, cannot install fixed position bearing, fixed position can regard as reference point to platform, flange beforehand when requirement products plan, anyhow, not strict to the requirement assemble, do not use fixture as far as possible. Automobile body solder installs clamping apparatus, board state fixed position is more, fixed position board uses board of name of A3, A5 commonly, ply is 12-20mm. Span of fixed position piece should assure fixed position precision already, want the convenient sex that makes sure solder clamp is extended again. Fixed position tag dimension by coordinate, do not note common difference. 3, after automobile body solder installs the stamping workpiece of clamp characteristic automobile body of clamping apparatus to assemble, use resistance welding more, workpiece does not suffer turn round pitching moment, when the gravity of workpiece and spot welding pressurization direction agrees, solder the flexibility that pressure enough overcomes workpiece is out of shape, the assembly that still can keep accurate the position and fixed position are standard joint, right now can orgnaization of leave out clamp. Solder to undertake between two workpiece normally, clamp dot is compared commonly much, resistance welding is a kind of efficient welder art, to reduce the auxiliary time of stevedore, clamp should use efficient and sudden fit and orgnaization of many bits of linkage. To laminose stamping workpiece, clamp master piece uses a dot to answer action is on bearing dot, inside the plane that just allows action to nod a composition in a few bearing to rigid and very good job only, lest clamping force makes,workpiece bends or break away from fixed position fiducial. Clamping force basically is used at holding the relative position that workpiece assembles, the flexibility that overcomes workpiece is out of shape, make its and fixed position bearing or electric electrode joint, to 1.

The armor plate under 2mm ply, joint clearance is more than 0.

8mm, the clamping force that every clamp orders is in commonly 300-750N.

Inside limits; To 1.


The stamping workpiece between 5mm, joint clearance is more than 1.

The clamping force of every clamp dot is in 5mm 500-3000N.

Inside limits. Clamp has 45 degrees of planar, perpendicular, clamp according to clamp direction; Have bolt clamp, fast clamp, handle helix clamp according to mode of operation; Still have manual, pneumatic or hydraulic pressure. Take compensatory helix clamp among them most commonly used. This kind of clamp added flexibility in cantilever adjustable, the side direction component of force when quits clamp, be out of shape and insert the clearance in the process of itself in order to compensate clamping apparatus, make sure clamping force is as perpendicular as face getting power. Clamp head is made by material of carbolic steel, stainless steel, nylon commonly, in order to fit different work requirement. If deploy at 2 o'clock, at 3 o'clock clamp bridge, can clamp is different at the same time the workpiece of two positions of height. Additional OK also according to clamp model the clamp head with face special treatment. 7, the standard of precision of precision control fixture of fixture is made by design unit, stipulated fiducial chamfer mixes motherboard among them sit the configuration of the line and precision requirement; Fixed position is sold and bearing of other fixed position dimension and form tolerancepublic errand requirement, bear make an unit undertake detecting by the requirement, judge hand-in-hand travel to adjust, fixed fixed position is sold after qualification. Rise as what the machine tool machines precision, to reduce fixed position error, raise treatment precision, taller to the production precision requirement of clamping apparatus. The precision of fixed position pitch of high accuracy clamping apparatus is as high as 0.

01mm/ ± 5um, the verticality of face of clamping apparatus bearing is achieved 0.

01mm/300mm, parallelism is as high as 0.

01mm/500mm. German Demmeler(wears beautiful happy) , the aperture series with long, broad 2m combines the 4m that the company makes fixture platform, the tall error such as its is ± 0.

03mm; The parallelism of accurate flat-nose pliers and verticality are in 5um less than; Clamping apparatus repeats the fixed position precision of installation to be as high as ± 5um; Swiss EROEA is flexible the repetition of clamping apparatus locates precision is as high as 2-5um. The precision of machine tool clamping apparatus already raised micron level, the world's well-known clamping apparatus production company is accurate machinery production company. Indeed, to get used to the demand of disparate industry and economy, clamping apparatus has different type, and the precision standard of different class offers an alternative. 8, component of module, built up fixture is modular it is the basis that implementation combination changes. Use modular component of clamping apparatus of the seriation of the design, standardization, assemble all sorts of clamping apparatus quickly, already made the base point that clamping apparatus technology develops. When saving labour, province, section material, energy-saving, reflect the innovation in systems of all sorts of advanced clamping apparatus in. Modular the CAD that the design is clamping apparatus and assemble next dozen of foundations, use CAD; technology, can build library of component library, typical clamping apparatus, standard and user to use record library, undertake clamping apparatus optimizes a design, for the user three-dimensional substance assembles clamping apparatus. Imitate emulates the cutting process of cutting tool, can offer correct, reasonable clamping apparatus and program of component form a complete set for the user already, can accumulate use experience again, understand market demand, be improved ceaselessly and perfect clamping apparatus system. Branch of built up fixture and university of Hua Zhongke ability cooperate, beginning to found website of technology of clamping apparatus major, offer product of information communication, clamping apparatus to seek advice from the communal platform with development for clamping apparatus industry, the generalization that scrambles design of implementation clamping apparatus and service, long-range informatization and management electron business affairs are changed. 9, the versatility of clamping apparatus of general, economy affects its economy directly. Use system of clamping apparatus of module, knockdown, one-time investment is larger, have clamping apparatus system only can recombine a gender, can reframe gender and but expansibility function is strong, applied range is wide, versatility is good, clamping apparatus utilization rate is high, disinvestment is fast, it is good that ability body reveals economy. German Demmeler(wears beautiful happy) , the aperture series of the company combines fixture, use the cell of form a complete set with breed, very few norms only, can assemble varied fixture namely. The function of component is strong, make the versatility of clamping apparatus good, component is fewer but better, the fare of form a complete set is low, economy is practical. Experts suggest industry of built up fixture is strengthened produce, learn, grind synergic strength, quicken the pace that uses new and high technical reformation and level of technology of promotion clamping apparatus, found website of technology of clamping apparatus major, make full use of contemporary information and network technology, with when all innovates into the ground and develop clamping apparatus technology. Contact actively with manufacturer of foreign clamping apparatus, strive for joint-stock with collaboration, introduce a technology, this is transform and expand trade of our country built up fixture relatively the way of effective. The design of fixture of automobile body of last word car and stamping workpiece, working procedure structure and precision relationship are very close, was full of rich characteristic, when the design, besides considering to follow general pattern, still must specific issue is specific treat. CNC Milling