Can squash mushy mud shapes technology

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Group of science and technology of eulogy of French amiable division (AXSON TECHNOLOGIES) develops a series of can squash colophony is mushy mud, be used technically at large size model and mould make, can help a car make an enterprise shorten the making time of car model, shorten effectively thereby car research and development is periodic, reduce cost. Below intense competitive situation, shorten cycle of research and development and it is to global auto industry more and more important to reduce cost of research and development. Who can choose newest model inside the shortest time to the market, who has larger competitive dominant position. Normally, the development process of a new model includes: Modelling design, build digital-to-analogue; Make scale model, show a model, will examine the engineering construction design of modelling effect, technology design; Make temporarily mould (colophony mould, medium mould of alloy of low melting point) , use at small lot trial-produce; Create permanent pattern (steel model) undertake batch is produced. A lot of commercialize what computation analyses software largely to appeared to shorten greatly the cycle that builds digital-to-analogue, because this is new,new to shortening model pushs the making cycle of car model the time to the market is crucial. Current, most car manufacturer and car design firm introduce a model mushy mud and can machine colophony plank (Dai Mu) these two kinds of data will make reveal a model reach advocate model. One of methods that with the model mushy mud makes car model are: Use bubble board to make an integral model that is less than real measure slightly be matrix framework first, next the model of double constituent mushy mud mixes according to scale even hind, go up in matrix framework with proper ply is enclothed equably, make its dimension is more than the dimension of practical car, await a model mushy mud is complete after solidify (about 1 ~ time of 2 days) , can be machined with CNC Milling. After CNC Machining is finished, repass blows be bored with child, the follow-up working procedure such as burnish, spray paint, of model of the last car that finish make. Using the order that can process colophony plank to make a model is: Want plank cut measure into place first, stick plank according to dimension requirement again next accept semifinished product, wait for adhesive CNC Machining undertakes to semifinished product after complete solidify. Although the model is mushy,mud and the adoption that can machine colophony plank make the making speed of car model was accelerated greatly, but time is longer still, especially the vehicle standard with older dimension. Because,this basically is, mushy mud needs the model two constituent according to scale one part mixes partly even, use artificial method next together stick to framework, often need much person a few days even the time ability of a week is finished. Additional, because mix to besmear with handiwork Fu, the surface can have drawback of shape of bleb, small pinprick, after CNC Machining is finished, still need to blow be bored with child, the follow-up working procedure such as burnish, spray paint, make whole cycle apparent lengthen. Although do not need to agitate mixes and besmear by hand,can machine colophony plank Fu, but the measure that the plank cutting of measure of need general standard needs into place, next felt makes semifinished product to, ability has final treatment. This respect increased workload and time, the waste that also creates board at the same time (leftover material, more than makings) . Additional, stick seamed existence to meet to shaping the surface causes an effect, exterior blemish can appear in machining a process even. Be aimed at above circumstance, group of science and technology of eulogy of French amiable division (AXSON TECHNOLOGIES) development went a series of can squash colophony is mushy mud, be used technically at large size model and mould make. Can squash colophony is mushy slimy character can squash colophony is mushy mud is to use resin (polyurethane colophony or epoxy resin) the mash with the proper viscosity that joins appropriate solid filling to be made, pack the mouth steel tub in the standard (have 50L and 200L two kinds of norms) in, squeeze two constituent through extruder piece, pass a static state or besmear Fu arrives on matrix framework directly, after waiting for colophony solidify, treatment becomes a model. Because used extruder to be squeezed directly,mix of blender continuously, can squash colophony is mushy mud shapes the technology has the following advantage: 1.

Quality of a material is close and even, without bleb, exterior quality is good, without blemish of shape of stythe eye of a needle, polish does not need after finish machining but direct spray paint; 2.

Product waste is small, economic benefits is good; 3.

With extruder construction, shape fast, apply to large size model, mould; 4.

Avoided the cut of plank, felt, shape saved time; 5.

Those who avoided juncture is inhomogenous the blemish with the exterior; 6.

Reaction exothermic is low, systole is small, dimension stability is good; 7.

The operation is convenient, need not contact colophony directly, those who take liner pack maintain environmental cleanness. Besides, this kind of mushy mud can felt arrives on the matrix of all sorts of material, for example PS bubble board, polyurethane foam board, gauze, wood and composite material, make the cost of matrix is reduced greatly. With Ai Kesong the SC167 colophony of the company is exemple, shape ply can amount to 40mm. Another characteristic of this kind of mushy mud is the machine after solidify in machining a process, treatment bits becomes a state, without dust, environmental protection (harmless to human body) . Can squash colophony is mushy of mud shape craft uses can squash mushy mud makes resin model mould includes the following and main course commonly: Make matrix structure from CAD digital-to-analogue; In mushy mud of Fu of the besmear on matrix; Undertake machine treatment and spray paint to the mushy mud after solidify. 1.

The division of the model that make of matrix structure makes matrix structure above all according to CAD or digital-to-analogue parameter. Its ask basically is weight light, cost is low, make convenient, and have particular strength. Commonly used method is to use metallic canal or angle iron to make a steel wear a structure first, spread next on bubble of light qualitative PU board or PS bubble board, the roughly treatment after securing compares actual model into dimension small the semifinished product of 15 ~ 25mm. 2.

In Fu of the besmear on matrix mushy mud uses extruder besmear Fu. This kind of machine basically squashs by low pressure the composition such as system, metric system and agitate system. Extruding system relies on the mushy mud in the bucket that pack low-pressure action to squash in pipeline, metric system controls his to deserve to compare according to the requirement of the product, send agitate the system colophony of double constituent liquid according to scale, through (trends or static state) beater mixes continuously after mix is even, it is OK that output is in charge of to plastic pressure besmear Fu. This kind of equipment looks not complex, but long-term since only a few manufacturer of European country can be produced, and the price is high. This also is one of main reasons that restrict this to the technology gains ground in China and apply. For this, the equipment with company of amiable division eulogy and famous international produces business -- joint development of MET JAPAN company a kind of extruding is mushy special device of mud (if pursue 1) . This kind of extruder besides have property stable, use convenient characteristic, and deserve to compare can be in 1: 1 ~ 1: 3 between random adjustment, mainer is a gender valence comparing is tall, fit the need of China and even Asian market especially. Graph 1 pair of constituent are mushy extrusion machine uses sludge extruder Tu Fushi, can use artificial besmear Fu or the machine controls automatic besmear Fu (if pursue 2) . The profit that uses artificial besmear Fu is an operation go to the lavatory neatly, can adjust the position of besmear Fu and ply at any time, but uniformity is a few poorer, efficiency is inferior also. So to large model, often be together a makings nozzle of extruder and CNC Machining equipment repeatedly, control automatic besmear Fu by the computer. Graph Fu of 2 manual besmear and machine besmear automatically Fu is additional special and important is, the jackknife that there should be 1/3 between the travel when besmear Fu and travel (if pursue 2) , have space in order to avoid with matrix felt place. To make sure ply is even and improve efficiency, often join in the exit of pipeline a nozzle, its form can be a circle, also can be a rectangle. 3.

After the machine treatment of the mushy mud after solidify and Fu of spray paint besmear are finished, can place solidify falls in normal temperature. Solidify time depends on the type of the ply of Fu of stock and environmental temperature, besmear, collective thermal conductivity and beater, generally speaking 1 ~ can have machine treatment after 2 days. Because adopt successive mixture mix, there is bleb after shaping, after passing rough machining and precision work, can obtain exquisite and slick surface directly, do not need to blow burnish of be bored with to be able to go up directly commonly priming paint spray paint. On the other hand, because used special filling, in machine treatment process drossy present a state, won't produce dust, special environmental protection (if pursue 3) . Graph the machine treatment above after 3 solidify introduced simply to be able to squash the application that mushy mud makes a field in car model, from which we can see it is OK to use this kind of technology shorten effectively car research and development is periodic, reduce cost. Actually, make besides car model outside, this kind of technology still applies those who provide at other and large model, mould and check to treat widely in making, for example wind-force generates electricity the mould of paddle, mould of large ship and large punch mould. CNC Milling