" process designing of numerical control machine tool " content introduction

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This book applies major for technology of numerical control of school of advanced profession technology " technology of numerical control process designing " curricular teaching material. Whole book cent is manual process designing and automatic process designing two parts, part of automatic process designing assists the concerned knowledge of process designing for exemple introduction computer with Mastercam software, the content such as the work out of the scale of the work out of cutter track of the scale that introduces figure of process designing of lathe of CNC Machining craft, numerical control, CNC Milling process designing, machining center process designing, 2 dimension respectively, 2 dimension, three-dimensional graph, three-dimensional cutter track. According to the main demand that advanced profession teachs, this book content is common, the structure is compact, successive, explain the profound things in a simple way, there is rich example in the book, teach easily, learn easily, use easily. The noun in the book. Term and definition are same use new national standard. This book readership target is high post tall only application of numerical control technology, mould is made, Electromechanical unifinication and mechanism kind professional student and personnel of concerned project technology. Write demonstrative preface the first numerical control machine tool summarizes program of CNC Machining of the first chapter and CNC Machining craft the sort of machine tool of the 2nd numerical control and apply the 3rd to program to think with the exercise process designing of lathe of numerical control of the 2nd regulation foundation of process designing of lathe of the first numerical control the 2nd CNC Milling