The newest development that advanced coating technology uses

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The aftertreatment craft of coating as rate of cutting tool cutting is higher and higher now, the client is right coating quality, performance demand is higher and higher also, ask coating is had not only exceed hardness, wearability, also be opposite at the same time cutting tool surface is bright and clean degree, be machined the surface of the product is bright and clean degree of demand is higher and higher also. Accordingly, the aftertreatment craft of coating begins to get the wide attention of people. This technology basically is after be aimed at coating of different cutting tool, repass is special equipment undertakes to surface of coating cutting tool abrade polish is handled, the life of coating cutting tool that treats through this kind can be on the foundation of life of common coating cutting tool raise 20%~100% left and right sides again. Pass this kind of aftertreatment, can solve electric arc completely to evaporate the small grain phenomenon of the generation in process. Well-known, electric arc evaporates craft can arise exceed strong energy, place cannot compare any other technology, evaporate through electric arc the energy radiation range that craft produces is extremely strong, can make ionization of target material height, form the plasma division of tall nicety, form thereby exceed the velar layer with strong adhesion, compact height. But also can arise in coating surface at the same time reach its little grain, although this kind of little grain is in only times taller the ability below microscope is OK observation arrives, if grind the exterior surface roughness that make with cutting tool itself,compare completely negligible not plan, and to common and normal machine treatment does not have any influences. But the ceaseless progress as science and technology, all sorts of new material, difficult treatment material is applied to the domain of all sorts of high-grade ceaselessly, the user is right cutting tool quality, durability and performance demand are higher and higher also, because this is right the exterior quality demand of coating product is higher and higher. Be aimed at this kind of circumstance, the coating aftertreatment technology that development of our PVT company gives solved electric arc to evaporate thoroughly the grain issue in craft. Especially the aftertreatment of layer of film of tall aluminous titanium of our PVT company: AlTiNPT (aluminous titanium scale is 70/30) , itself of this film layer is had exceed hard, wear-resisting, high temperature resistant character, after passing coating aftertreatment at the same time, height of velar layer surface is exquisite and smooth, make cutting tool reduces cutting resistance greatly in cutting process, enhance the function that discharge bits, improve the cooling result in cutting process thereby, huge prolonged the use effect of cutting tool and life. Current, our aftertreatment craft basically applies in round of groove milling cutter of turbine industry, of high speed dry cutting establish milling cutter, hard alloy but above the cutting tool of the requirement high quality such as dislocation razor blade. As the client approbate ceaselessly, we also expand this kind of craft application arrives gradually the tap of other requirement high quality, above reamer and aftertreatment of coating of of all kinds mould. Exceed thick coating the velar layer that forms in the craft of applied   PVD of aviation domain is general ply is very thin, the velar layer ply that applies on pattern of average worker worker is left and right sides of M of μ of 1 μ M~5 commonly, also do not exceed left and right sides of 10 μ M at most. But the requirement according to the client, PVT company experiments through research and development of 3 years, succeeded to give out the velar layer that M of μ of 10 μ M~50 controls eventually. Layer of this kind of film is gone to by application at present above the blade coating of aircraft engine, this film layer is had super- hard wear-resisting, fight oxidation, be able to bear or endure the character such as attrition and anticorrosion. Basically be the engine lamina on military helicopter, because often fly on desert, the lamina of engine should have wear-resisting corrode, be able to bear or endure function of percussive of sand blown by wind, the course exceeds the engine lamina of thick coating, life can be offerred 3 times the left and right sides, reduced the cost of production engine lamina greatly not only, also make at the same time the maintenance of the plane time was lengthened double, this kind maintains cost, the cost that the lamina of managing far outclass of time makes, accordingly, this film layer has extremely high gender price to compare. PVT company develops this kind exceeds thick coating, adoption coating temperature is microtherm coating, temperature is 300 ℃ ~ between 500 ℃ , won't affect by the function of besmear workpiece matrix, accordingly this technology also is being gone to by application ceaselessly above the wear-resisting component coating with a few high-powered need. PVT company rolled out PVTM4 of newest generation type this year.

2/ARC vacuum exceeds system of good plated film, main craft is deposit of gas phase of physics of PVD low temperature (coating temperature is 180 ℃ ~ between 500 ℃ ) , the dynamic magnetism that uses the world to precede accuses cathode electric arc to evaporate technology, use bedding face accumulates evaporate of rectangular electric arc to originate, and full automatic technology control. This system has productivity tall, compatibility, flexibility is strong wait for a characteristic. This system can provide a few kinds of compound pay such as TiN, TiCrN, AlTiN, AlCrN, AlTiCrN, CrN, CrC, ZrN at the same time rice coating. Basically be all sorts of cutting tool, mould and component offer coating to machine processing. The work life that passes processing can raise 3~5 commonly times the left and right sides. CNC Milling