3D Printing aircrew installs a guideline

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3D Printing regards a relatively new number science and technology as the product in China, caused the wide attention of lover of a lot of DIY. Many customer that there is preliminary knowledge to 3D Printing technology through media before this people proceed with of ground of too impatient to wait 3D Printing machine. But as a brand-new product, unwarrantable to its understanding can hold the three-dimensional unit that print smoothly, go on wheels print. The author will pass what use personally here machine of bright letter 3D Printing is each lover people tell about how to assemble new machine rise. 1.

Will squeeze a device to pursue as follows installation is in printer backside, two positions can be installed. 2.

Will print bad news material dish following plan move installation arrive on mounting frame of bad news material. (when just checking, disturbed outfit also does not have a problem, average bad news capable person put at the back, the test has been installed again sure) 3.

Following graphs wear bad news capable person extruder compose in, squeeze through sending makings canal to be connected odd the position. (the attention is that aperture in the center) 4.

The examination heats platform and the nozzle that print whether level (when leaving factory, already adjusted, because the likelihood carries collision to be able to produce change, can adjust by oneself) . Use 4 screw to adjust, if pursue. Adjust methodological hand to move will heat platform shift comes approach nozzle point, mobile Xy position observes whether nozzle is mixed heat platform distance keeps consistent (it is certain to can have 0.

2mm controls deviation) . 5.

Adjust heat platform origin position, printer will be automatic before print initialization, so we need to adjust heat platform origin position, nozzle of platform press close to heats after origin position is Z axis initialization, (when leaving factory, already adjusted, because the likelihood carries collision to be able to produce change, can issue graph screw height and sensor position proper motion to adjust through adjusting) . (be in the center that small screw adjusts be restricted tall, the attention has adjusted finally, heating board in the center of and on the side the place of a bit, nozzle and heat board should hold certain clearance, can carry a piece of calling card can, heat otherwise board withstand completely nozzle can not give silk) through above 5 measure, it is normal to can ensure the three-dimensional printer of everybody runs. CNC Milling