HL accuses computer of machine tool of 4 lines cut to control card

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System of machine tool of cut of initiate computer control line, the function is powerful, reliability is high, interference rejection capability is strong. Soft hardware and interface circuit are centered in to insert card to go up entirely. This system is divided advocate card and deputy card, one calorie controls a machine tool, installation wiring is simple. This system is not expensive to computer requirement, use 586 advocate board computer can, need not hard, floppy disk also can move. A computer can control mechanic of 4 lines cut to make at the same time. Taper four-axle / 5 axes linkage, fluctuation abnormity face is machined. Add man-hour to be able to show treatment graph and treatment data in real time. Can accept network system of the client, undertake data is exchanged. Can accept the network system of the user, surveillance machines a process each. But the process designing system with the user, have statement news report. Readable the DXF file that takes AUTOCAD. Chinese and English clew, the operation learns easily simply. Use at new machine form a complete set to reach old transform. High-grade price cheap, use convenient, first selection of form a complete set of line cut machine tool. Have common edition, network edition, electronic feet edition 3 kinds, supportive USB uses U dish. New edition V5.

18 increased a few functions. Roll out function of version of new edition HL-PCI more powerful! CNC Milling