CAE application hardens at the model compose is analysed

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The design with more important pattern plate of introductive and plastic machine is pattern plate tigidity and weight mainly. Parallelism of pattern plate of decision of pattern plate tigidity and shape quality quantity; And the element that decides pattern plate tigidity is the biggest is pattern plate ply, thicker pattern plate can have Yue Jia's tigidity, have relatively write heavier weight and costlier cost of material. Along with write the computer to assist a project (the progress of CAE) technology, through the computer imitate can undertake to pattern plate the structure is analysed, rigid change state is reached in the intensity that bears strength condition actually to fall with imitate pattern plate, be aimed at a structure weaker point gives fill strong; Do not get force part in the light of the structure, give move except, reach in order to amount to pattern plate tall tigidity light sexual design requirement. The index with the main parallelism of relation pattern plate of the intensity of pattern plate, tigidity and pattern plate ply is pattern plate tigidity, and pattern plate is rigid criterion with the interact between pattern plate intensity, tigidity and intensity have immediate concern with pattern plate ply. Pattern plate ply is thicker, rigid Yue Jia, weight is heavier and cost is higher. What pattern plate intensity points to is can susceptive is the biggest stress. The permission that is close to material itself when the greatest stress that pattern plate place bears when stress, regard as use time one long, the likelihood is begun to produce exhaustion by tall stress place, destroy then. Normally the greatest stress heals small, state pattern plate intensity heals beautiful, arise not easily more destroy. What pattern plate tigidity indicates is ability of metabolic of pattern plate resistance, tigidity has healed, state pattern plate deflection heals small. The intensity of pattern plate and tigidity suffer the effect of its itself ply, increase ply to be able to raise the intensity of pattern plate and tigidity effectively, opposite also raise pattern plate weight and cost of material, further effect 2 board the requirement that wants rapid movement. Because this wants to acquire a balance between intensity, tigidity and ply, the stress cost that after pattern plate gets power, produces namely is in permit stress range inside, and pattern plate deflection also should be inside reasonable range. The actor bad that CAE software hardens in the model compose analyses the intensity of applied pattern plate that go up and tigidity can be measured via real test and experiment and be informed. Consider the factor such as the cost, Cheng when trying style danger and design like that, the pattern plate that cannot be aimed at different specifications, different design has a test, because the means of this more significant increase is,undertake imitate with CAE software. Stress distributinging plan is main the purpose is whether judgement has the problem with initiative bad design. Have value of local tall stress when pattern plate, have on behalf of these place write stress to center a phenomenon, can increase round role moderately in the light of these place or change ply to be reached dispersedly guide gravitation flows, in order to get evener stress distributings. Be aimed at the limits with stress distributinging inferior value, represent these range and do not have bear stress (or bear lesser stress) , reason can move these parts except with reducing pattern plate weight further. Those who be out of shape chart appears is modular face be out of shape value. Bigger be out of shape value delegate writes the meeting between mould and modular face to produce bigger gap, clearance generation place cannot accept the power locking up a model that transmits by modular face on behalf of the mould, shape makings of the leakage in the process and the risk that produce Mao Bian promote consequently. Graph 1 head board stress distributings the graph is with developing 280 medium tons of double lubricious aircraft at present exemple. Graph 1 it is head board to be in bear the stress after the force that lock up a model distributings graph. By the graph 1 knowable, pawn board bears when the force that lock up a model, in modular face and mould contact place can produce tallish stress cost; Harden as to the model compose costal region is in, besides both wings stress largish outside reaching local stress to center, integral stress distributings to still calculate even. Graph 2 it is head board to be out of shape graph, by the graph 2 knowable, pawn board bears generation of the meeting when the force that lock up a model is transverse reach fore-and-aft structure to bend, because this arises,modular face is out of shape. Nextpage pursues 2 head board are out of shape the graph uses example at present inside the factory although be opposite of pattern plate of 280 tons of double lubricious machine be out of shape the value has not revise a criterion; Arise to prevent the situation of excessive design however, can consider by already the is out of shape the value decides new pattern plate as reference ply of organic stage pattern plate. E.g. , 280 tons nose board can use pair of color to already measured 250 tons of oil pressure that produce the deflection data of earning of nose board analysis is floor level; With 280 tons of oil pressure nose board analyses the deflection data of earning to be upper limit, as far as possible adjust ply of pattern plate of 280 tons of double lubricious machine, control of gangmaster board deflection is out of shape in this safety inside limits. Graph 3 it is to be in take no account of bear the weight of what the circumstance of frame falls is overall be out of shape graph. Narrate means needle before when us correct board, 2 board after making analysis, design modify technological process, join nut of Gelinzhu, end board, around, mould to wait finally, cooperate to write head board, 2 board undertake an analysis along with all the others with as final test and verify. Graph 3 overall be out of shape the branch is analysed to ever was aimed at machine of 250 tons of oil pressure to undertake pattern plate analysis and experiment measure inside picture works, show by the result in given measure a place, via analysing the pattern plate of earning to be out of shape value hasten is bordering on the modular range that measures income actually to be out of shape value. Conclusion is integrated above, pattern plate design develops a process, each pattern plate that can be aimed at initiative design first undertake an analysis, with the stress of earning of pattern plate analysis distributinging graph undertakes detail is revised. This purpose arrives to get power besides good outside even pattern plate, but further modification structure costal region in order to reduce pattern plate weight; When detail dimension decision, again with proper comparison machine kind via analysing earning be out of shape limit serves as reference, ply of tone renewing pattern plate makes modular face deflection falls within limit, get pattern plate the 2nd times, also be the most effective decrease heavy; Finally criterion with overall the analysis will do test and verify. Use CAE to undertake pattern plate structure is analysed, can understand design inadequacy to be in what go up in order to undertake pattern plate intensity and tigidity to fill strong; Appear what passing traveller watchs to compare a model, can fall to undertake to pattern plate in less risk and the circumstance that save cost of material light quantify a design. And in order to compare machine kind as referenced basis, the structure that can ensure new development machine is planted is designed increasingly aggrandizement, achieve excelsior result. CNC Milling