Inadvertently grinder sends makings unit automatically

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Round good work is processed on inadvertently grinder before, use a hand to move send makings, show a design to send makings unit automatically, reduced labor intensity of the worker, improved product quality, rose to machine efficiency. 1.

Working principle (1) seeing a picture pursues 1 send makings device principle automatically graph tractive electro-magnet 9, the attraction with the periodic generation after 10 electrify, because armature is secured,be by makings canister 12 on, appeal overcomes bearing bedspring armor plate the bearing force of 7 sucks makings canister, answer relatively with attraction, bedspring armor plate produces periodic power, bedspring armor plate tilts ground installation is in makings canister and on between base, its active force will produce the component of two direction: Perpendicular up active force F1, edge stuff canister is circumferential and tangential F2 of circular motion force. F1 produces vibration, overcome the attrition of workpiece and makings canister, f2 makes workpiece edge expects tube of circular motion, accordingly, after electrify of tractive electro-magnet coil, workpiece can be in makings canister along circumferential helix chamfer motion rises, lead to the splint of grinder through copper pipe, implementation sends automatically makings. 2.

The canister of the makings that make of makings canister chooses light qualitative metal commonly (like aluminium alloy) or metalloid (be like plastic) make, its diameter must satisfy workpiece length requirement, do not fall down in the motion inside groove with workpiece to allow. Structure of the chamfer inside makings canister sees a picture 2, pitch T can choose according to work measure, general T = (3 ~ 4)d, = of groovy wide A (1.

5 ~ 2)d, 10 ° of obliquitous α = are controlled. In the meantime, consummate of makings canister bottom is bulbiform, make workpiece won't stop in makings canister intermediate position. Graph   of structure of the chamfer inside 2 makings canister 3.

The canister of chooses tractive electro-magnet traction basis makings of tractive electro-magnet weight of self-prossessed, workpiece, the bearing power that still has bedspring board at the same time will choose. Traction and its counterforce must match, can lower its service life otherwise, produce bigger noise when the job at the same time, supply the breed of electro-magnet according to the market, be in to length the workpiece of 30mm, makings canister diameter is in 250 ~ of φ between φ 300mm, can choose the tractive electro-magnet of 80N; To bigger (long) workpiece, d of makings canister diameter is desirable  400mm left and right sides, choose the tractive electro-magnet of 150N at the same time. 4.

The force that the armor plate of the bedspring that make of bedspring armor plate moves the workpiece of force translate into of electro-magnet, because this must satisfy following requirement: What can overcome workpiece and makings canister is self-prossessed and the traction that balances electro-magnet; The stiffness of bedspring armor plate is too strong, electro-magnet cannot suck makings canister, stiffness is too weak, counterforce cannot introduce to makings canister, two kinds of circumstances all cannot make workpiece produces motion, because general plant did not measure equipment, can reach according to the experiment the optimal dimension of bedspring armor plate, to the electro-magnet of force of 80N, 150N, recommend bedspring board size wide 30 ~ 40mm, thick 4 ~ 5mm, length can be decided according to height. 5.

Inclined piece make reach through bedspring armor plate inclined piece analysis getting power, the dip of armor plate with 30 ° advisable, inclined piece use to secure armor plate, its dip also takes corresponding point of view. One group inclined piece in every angle and armor plate secure the position to all want to agree, the ability getting power of bedspring armor plate is even, the motion of workpiece keeps even and successive. 6.

Note   must be located in central position when 1) electro-magnet installation. 2) is inclined piece must agree with corresponding tangent direction, and notice even position is spent. The weight of 4 must be more than the base on 3) the weight of makings canister and workpiece, can reduce vibration so, be helpful for the motion of workpiece. The base on 4) and decrease with helix bedspring between next base brace up. Polar face distance must maintain the electro-magnet when 5) works consistent. The distance between polar face is changed to change traction when 6) is debugged, usually, the distance between polar with 2 ~ 5mm advisable, specific when debugging, receive electrify source, adjust adjust the position of nut, change polar distance, till the result that attains satisfaction continuously, be in usually, the athletic speed of workpiece can amount to 6m/min above, can undertake adjustment according to real need. CNC Milling