Cimatron line cut pulls hand AGIE

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On April 22, 2006 – the WireEDM of line cut software of Cimatron, by Metalcam S.

The tripartite software that L develops, announced to had signed cooperative agreement with AGIE SA, the advantage that this kind of collaboration is Cimatron line cut and Agie SA both sides is complementary. According to the agreement, the center of software of cut of tripartite line of Cimatron will develop Agiegeo and will compositive go up in new AgieVision CNC system. The user can be founded through this software, operating sequence and guide from inside other CAD software a future life becomes corresponding G code. Agiegeo is in Fikus (software of WireEDM design process designing) develop on the foundation. It can intelligence handles all WireEDM works efficiently, because it combined the intelligent sex of the efficient sex of Agie machine tool and Cimatron line cut,be, user general greatly the high quality of business of machine tool of benefit from benefit from, benefit from benefit from is efficient with agile new software. About Ajiajixiamier the group is the person above average that offers high-grade machine tool and systematic solution for domain of pattern of whole world industry, be subordinate to belongs to Swiss tall to control company of · Fisher group (GF company) . Group of Er of rice of A strange summer machines a machine tool with making electric spark (EDM) with high speed machining center (HSM) etc outstanding product is famed at the world. Tall treats company of · Fisher group to held water 1802, headquarters is located in Swiss Schaffhausen, it is the offer person of the world's banner industrial equipment system and partner. As a global company, GF group has the company of 150 many independent operation inside alive bound limits, employee 14000 much people. Year turnover is in above of franc of 3.5 billion Switzerland. The detail looks please: Www.


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