Numerical control technology applies mediumly in machining

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Summary: ?  of joke of Liang of  Piao border guides commonplace ぶ instrument flinchs τ confusing chews  of sea of clump anxious Zhui to remorse measure of method of mu of the process designing in Yu NC Machining, process designing did an analysis, analysed in detail through having representative example, the difficulty in process designing of car of analytic and whole numerical control and problem. Keyword: CProcess designing of NC Machining; numerical control pursues 1   shows the combination that adds whorl to match with awl for parabola 1 times like the graph design, this groups of spare partses are some labor department operate examination questions to attend technology of numerical control lathe to compare what the examinee of fierce appoints to start work greatly, reason is sheet production. The tool that its exam place uses, measure and cutting tool see subordinate list. The watch looks from exam angle, it is better to should combine a selection of subject, the structure is not complex, combine to numerical control lathe treatment has very much representative. Have the parabola that needs grand procedure treatment, also the mainest thread matchs, still the awl that needs certain technology matchs. The subject says to taking an examination of 4 hours finish natively difficulty is not little, but if arrangement of treatment work skill is reasonable, having certain operation competence again can be finished. I discover a few examinee start work ability needs to strengthen outside, major candidate for an entrance examination does not have thorough knowledge to the treatment craft of the spare parts, because working procedure appeared in this exam arrangement is unreasonable bring about workpiece precision to drop, examination time is protracted discard as useless even wait for phenomenal happening, inspect hereat, oneself try to be opposite the treatment craft of this groups of spare partses and treatment skill undertake a few analysises, in order to help examinee people the treatment method that masters similar spare parts better and skill. 1 working procedure arranges     1.

50 × of 1 makings ∮ 150mm, the makings when the exam already had had, reason this working procedure slightly.   of graph 2nextpage   1.

2 thick cars pursue 2 outside round, wide choice vehicle pursues the whorl inside Kong Ji of 2 inner cone, its install clip and labor situation to be as follows: (1) holds semifinished product one end from centering chuck clip with 3 claw, extend length 80mm. (2) holds a knife: 1Date knife lathe tool of the 90 circles outside spending, the Kong Dao inside 2 knives, knife of the whorl inside 3 knives, 4 knives cutting tool. (3) is used outside end panel of round knife car, it is Z with the node of end panel and axes to process designing at 0 o'clock. (4) is used outside the circle outside round knife test-drive, to X to. (20mm of 5) bore ∮ , deepness is 80mm. (6) is used inside the aperture inside aperture knife test-drive internally Kong Dao, whorl knife is mixed inside the Z of cutting tool left point of a knife to with X to. (7) process designing, the round program outside thick car can use G90, leave 1mm surplus. G71 and G70 can be used when the outline inside wide choice vehicle, g41 must be compensated with radius of point of a knife when the outline inside fine vehicle, ability assures the validity of taper and circular arc. G92 can be used when the whorl inside the car. (Round ∮ 44mm becomes ∮ 45mm outside 8) thick car, length 70mm.

The outline inside wide choice vehicle assures inside columnar aperture ∮ 25.

6mm, assure through measuring columnar hole size conic small end diametical ∮ 29.

6mm. × of M27 of the whorl inside wide choice vehicle 1.

5-6H, measure inside need to use whorl plug guage when whorl, should: notice when detect? Center of  of  of mystery of Bo of ⒁ of  of joyous ㄒ of uglying money of  of bud of  of Bo of Lue of hey of garden of You calumnying Yan Li of  of approach of Yan of kasaya of H of Liao Hui flesh calls out  of Lu of て of V of   Yi to shake serve badger shoot a glance at of Yan of heart of Lei of Xia of suddenly of  of approach of You of that a pavilion or house on a terrace. 1.


10 cut off with grooving knife, assure overall length 45mm.


3 cars pursue 1 left end, its install clip and labor situation to be as follows: (After 1) cuts next whorl to cover axial workpiece tune, part of 45mm of ∮ of the circle outside placing those who run thick already car, card claw withstands small step face. (2) car end panel assures overall length 98mm.

(Can hand motor-car, also can do) of small order car with G94. (3) will be original inside whorl knife debus, in 3 knives knife of the whorl outside mount. (4) is Z with the node of end panel and axes to process designing at 0 o'clock, afresh external the Z of round knife and cutting tool to, the X of knife of the whorl outside mixing to with Z to. (5) process designing, g71 and G70 can be used when the outline outside wide choice vehicle, be in parabola the circular arc that machines R10 first, g42 must be compensated with radius of point of a knife when the outline outside fine vehicle, ability assures circular arc the validity of 24, outline should be over car of the circle outside 44mm of the ∮ on the graph, machine parabola Z=X*X/10 next, difficulty should use grand program in the program of parabola (add grand program following) . What should notice to be opposite when grooving process designing is left point of a knife, when wanting to remember whorl ending pour wine cup. The turning of whorl uses G92 outside. Process the grand order of parabola: Parabola of O3;(fine vehicle) G99 G96 G40 M03 S200 T0202 F0 of   of   of     M08; .

G1 X[#3] Z[-#1] F0 of   of   of #3=2*#1; of   of   of N5 #2=#1*#1/10; of   of #1=0;   of   of   of G1 Z0; of   of   of X0; of   of   of G0 G42 X22 Z2; of   of 1;   .

#1=#1+0 of   of 08;   .

  of   of M30; of   of   of G0 X200 Z200; of   of   of IF[#1LT10] GOTO5; of   of 05;   (the outline outside vehicle of 6) wide choice (R10mm circular arc, the circle outside ∮ 20mm, ∮ 26.

The circle outside 8mm, r24mm circular arc, ) of the circle outside ∮ 44mm, use fine vehicle method 2 times to make sure the validity of dimension is OK, magnify radial dimension first before thick car surplus of vehicle of a fine, make wide choice car, car hind is measured, see measure mostly little, slant in the knife again in decrease how many redo fine vehicle can, best thick car and fine vehicle two programs part, so that make car of essence of life alone. Z=X*X/10 of fine vehicle parabola. Wide choice recessing 5 × 2 with 4 ± 0.

05. × of M27 of the whorl outside the car 1.

5-6h, measure with whorl ring gauge. 1.

Whorl of 4 fine vehicle is covered outside round, its install clip and labor situation following     (1) covers whorl come back on outer whorl. (2) process designing, g90 can be used when the circle outside fine vehicle. (Whorl of 3) fine vehicle is covered outside the circle assures dimension ∮ 44mm. (4) hand is employed outside whorl knife pours wine cup of the circle outside two end. 1.

Vehicle of 5 wide choice pursues outside 1 left end conic and inside aperture, its install clip and labor situation following     (1) will cover debus, axial tune, the skin that use copper fills up the circle outside 44mm of the ∮ on the axis, search, clamp. (2) car end panel, assure overall length 97mm. (3) is process designing with end panel and axes node at 0 o'clock, external round knife and inside Kong Dao's Z to can. (4) process designing, outside wide choice vehicle conic and G71 and G70 can be used when circular arc, g42 should be compensated to assure with circular arc of point of a knife when fine vehicle conic the validity with circular arc. Because the Kong Shi inside wide choice vehicle has horn to use G71 and G70 so. Also can use G90 of course, but final quarrel pouring aperture is more troublesome. (Outside vehicle of 5) wide choice conic C=1:5With circular arc should use when R6 already the car is covered well will distribute a car, measure A of clearance of the axial after cooperating, the value that gives X according to formulary X=a/5 computation does radial compensation. Just can assure awl of inside and outside and circular arc so cooperate, the overall length after ability assures to cooperate 120.

5 ± 0.

1mm. The aperture inside wide choice vehicle, assure ∮ 24mm and hole depth 20mm.

. The problem     of easy oversight in arrangement of 2 working procedure and process designing 2.

1 car parabola, circular arc of point of a knife must be added to compensate when circular arc and taper seat 41 with 42, otherwise the parabola that the car goes feels appearance to resemble but when detecting incorrect. And the interface when circular arc and taper seat cooperate also short of requirement. 2.

Treatment of 2 treatment Shi Yingxian covers kind of work, cannot process a rod first. Cover kind of work otherwise outside round ∮ 44mm cannot be machined more unwarrantable jumpy degree 0.

The requirement of 03mm. Having a lot of candidate for an entrance examination is the fault is here, so that cannot be machined. 2.

3 had better use G96 constant line when outline of fine vehicle inside and outside fast come car, such ability assure to machine the consistency of exterior surface roughness. But   of   of G50 speed limit needs before G96 2.

4 axle kind on workpiece outside conic =1:5The circular arc outside mixing 6 when, should use already the inner cone with good car and inside circular arc is measured, cannot odd the dimension of the awl outside relying on a machine tool to assure and circular arc, otherwise unwarrantable the area is contacted when cooperating, more unwarrantable the overall length after cooperating. 2.

5 although precision of numerical control lathe compares common lathe,nod high, but taller to dimension precision requirement each cannot sheet relies on a machine tool to assure, and the validity that should assure dimension through 2 fine vehicle or other measure. CNC Milling